Congressman Defends Obama, His Muslim Brother

by Cap Black 

This unequaled display of rudeness by US Representative Keith Ellison (D-MN) on the Sean Hannity show wasn’t just bad manners. 

He’s a Muslim and citing his religion is instructive for this reason: his pugilistic attitude is expected when one Muslim brother feels he’s defending another Muslim brother, in this case, Obama.

While the president says he’s a Christian, many American Black Muslims still see him as a brother Muslim and zealously defend him. 

One American Black Muslim proudly told me he feels Obama secretly uses a prayer rug in the privacy of the Oval Office. 

This view isn’t unique. 

Ellison’s performance was light years beyond normal Obama frenzy because there was a crusading religious dimension to it. 

In the Congressman’s mind, Hannity was an unbeliever unfit to utter even a single word against a brother Muslim (Obama). 

Viewers can’t help but note the jihadi swagger on full display in this episode. Ellison gleefully interrupted the host at every juncture in the interview, if it can be called one. 

Representative Ellison has inadvertently answered what the president’s true faith is in many skeptical minds.  

This wasn’t yet another Black Obama supporter genuflecting before his political image. This was a Muslim defending a brother Muslim by literally taking over the Sean Hannity show! 

I’ve studied the Black experience within Islam my entire adult life and know when someone is waving his verbal scimitar (rhetorical sword) around at an unbeliever. 

How sad the Congressman doesn’t see himself as an American somewhere within this inflamed identity displayed on Fox news. 

While he will get high fives at radical mosques, he actually harmed the American Muslim community by acting more like an Al Qaeda mouth piece than a Congressman! 

Cap Black The Hood Conservative 

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Toure: Drum Major for Urban Death

by Cap Black 

MSNBC commentator Toure likes abortion and dislikes private gun ownership. 

This gruesome platform credentials him as a premiere liberal drum major for urban death. 

On his watch, average Americans, especially Black babies and inner city residents, are cannon fodder fit for callous punchlines and worse, extinction. 

“Urban death culture” is what I call this genocidal menu he promotes. Black America in particular has embraced self-inflicted disregard for innocent life and he’s its latest malicious mouth piece. 

Who can forget his grotesque gratitude expressed to God for a career and family “saving” abortion?

On an inhumanity scale of 1-10, it ranked a billion! Black life is so cheap that perverse pundits openly dismiss it while liberals applaud. 

On gun control, he’s no less callous.

His latest tweet on the subject says it all: 

Touré ✔  @Toure

Data shows that for the avg person the chance to use a gun against a criminal is a once in a lifetime event.

I can only infer being empty handed for this “once in a life time event” is fine by him. After all, the average American, especially Black ones, can’t afford armed guards and gated communities like Toure can. 

Merely brandishing a weapon an estimated minimum 400,000 times annually sends suspects fleeing. Second Amendment squeamish liberals like Toure should trumpet this fact, but it runs counter to the narrative. 

This glib ghoul is hell-bent on promoting urban death culture not only to the Hood, but to the Heartland, too.

As a drum major for urban death, Toure out-does any conservative boogeyman the Left can conjure, in the race to devalue American lives. 

They should bronze his marching shoes, once blood stains are removed. 

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative 

 Editor’s Note: Cap Black was interviewed on Defending The Republic Round Table, February 26, 2013. You can access his interview via the blog talk radio archives. 


Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit



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American Exceptionalism

Guest blog:

by Alex Burwasser

What is American Exceptionalism? Is it some flawed concept based on naiveté, hubris, or a misplaced sense of patriotism? Or does it have factual basis that all Americans need to understand?

This issue received prominence not long ago when Barack was asked whether or not he believed in American Exceptionalism. As those readers who remember this encounter will recall, he was clearly uncomfortable with the question and evaded it by saying that he believes in American Exceptionalism in the same fashion that Britons believe in British Exceptionalism or that Greeks believe in Greek Exceptionalism. 

I had to laugh at this revealing exchange. Given Barack’s wild and reckless spending and incompetent leadership, this country is facing the prospects of a big dose of “Greek Exceptionalism” where, like Greece, we are on the cusp of permanently high unemployment, exploding debt, long term economic decline, and social unrest. 

Barack has plenty of company, however, as most Leftists are uncomfortable with the concept of American Exceptionalism. Many Leftists I speak with say it does not exist. I then respond with this question: “Do you believe it is unexceptional for a nation having only 4% of the world’s landmass and 5% of the world’s population to produce 25% of world GDP?” 

This question invariably catches Leftists off-guard. After considering this for a moment or two, Leftists will often retort that this has happened only because America has exploited the rest of the world and stepped on the necks of “people of color.” In other words, our success was achieved illegitimately. 

My response to this absurd claim is as follows: “When I first listened to Radio Moscow and other communist propaganda shortwave stations in 1963, this was exactly the rhetoric I heard. When I listened to these stations in 1973, nothing had changed. Ditto 1983. In 1993, after the fall of the communist bloc, this rhetoric had disappeared. Is it possible that these former communists learned a hard lesson that you modern Leftists have somehow missed?” 

So back to our original question – what is American Exceptionalism and what has been responsible for it? Is it caused by something in the air we breathe, or in the food we eat and the water we drink? Did it come about as a result of the luck of the draw, or because our number just happened to come up? 

Obviously not. Actually, the answer is far less subtle. All nations that became great by means other than violence and conquest and remained great over time did so because they granted their citizens liberties. This concept was pioneered mostly by Western civilizations. Greece and Rome became great by prioritizing individual liberties and democratic values. Britain became great in the same fashion, beginning with the Magna Carta. 

Although these liberties were very modest by today’s standards, their enormity was stunning for those times and gave those nations great advantages over nations with less freedom. 

Interestingly, these nations lost their greatness when the abandoned their original values and embraced statism by persuading their citizens that they could trade off their liberties for security (i.e., socialism). This was the essence of the Roman “bread and circuses.” 

America’s rise to greatness is grounded in the same roots as those nations that preceded us. Our rise was more spectacular than that of our predecessors, however, because we more fully-embraced these Western civilization concepts and multiplied their effectiveness through a political system that better emphasized limited government and rule of law. 

We were also very fortunate in having the benefit of the wisdom and efforts of our Founding Fathers. Although much maligned by the Left (they were white, they were males, and some were even slave holders) and had some very human flaws, they had the rare experience of living both under tyranny immediately before and in liberty immediately following the American Revolution in a short period of time. As a result of this defining experience and their collective brilliance and wisdom, they had a collective understanding of the relationship between the government and the governed in a free society that has never been matched. 

The unparalleled success of this country was thus achieved by a very enlightened and carefully thought out paradigm of balance between individual liberty and rule of law as codified in the Constitution. Individual liberty is always the key ingredient for a successful society.

 Free people work harder, take more risks, are more innovative, are more generous, and are more self-fulfilled than those who live under tyranny. To put this in plainer language, slave labor can never compete with free labor. 

This freedom must be balanced, however, by transparent rule of law under limited government. Otherwise, “might makes right” and anarchy results. Anarchy is far worse than even the most repressive form of government. 

As conservatives, we understand that freedom has two essential and inseparable components, one being political liberties and the other being economic liberties. Statists, on the other hand, believe that political liberties can survive even if economic liberties are curtailed through over-taxation, over-regulation, wealth redistribution, and all the other economic infringements necessary to build the welfare state. This, of course, is untrue – without economic liberties, the power of the state becomes too expansive with the inevitable result that political liberties also become curtailed. 

I argue that this country began to run off the track when this balance began shifting in favor of excessive and more corrupt rule of law (i.e., bigger and more intrusive government) at the expense of individual liberty. More specifically, political leaders have encouraged Americans to demand more government services, which in turn can be provided only by expanding government at the expense of individual liberty. This process has been facilitated by expansive and creative “interpretations” of the Constitution that are clearly exercises in double-speak. The truth is that unlike most modern-day politicians, the Founding Fathers were true statesmen who wrote the Constitution in a manner to clarify rather than obfuscate the relevant issues. The Constitution is written in plain English, not Mandarin, and it requires very little “interpretation” (other than by those who dislike its provisions and want to subvert them). 

In general, great nations decline and fall as a consequence of abandoning those core values that made them great. Unfortunately, American Exceptionalism is neither unconditional or permanent. It will exist only as long as we embrace our core values. 

The statists have been very successful over the past 100 years in persuading many Americans that we can trade off our liberties for increased security. Unfortunately, history is not at all subtle about the trajectory of this path – people who give up liberty for security ultimately end up having neither, and also suffer economic decline and lower standards of living as a result. Anyone with historical perspective will understand that the existing welfare state is nothing more than the modern version of the old Roman “bread and circuses.” 

Our political leaders have repudiated the ideals of the American Revolution. It is now evident that in the fullness of time and the benefit of hindsight, rather than shedding the yoke of tyranny we have instead simply traded masters – rather than the states being colonies of the Crown in London, they have instead become colonies of the statists in Washington.

When The Tea ( Party ) Is Too Sweet! Talk

– A Talk with Cap Black, The Hood Conservative 

“Notice the cup is blue- ’cause that’s how the republican establishment leaves me and you; 

Sad! Over higher taxes!

Sad! Over lower liberty

Sad! About integrated misery!

If establishment Republicans vote like Democrats, patriots need to sweeten the pot… With liberty: 

Support liberty loving candidates and groups

Or leave the GOP, if need be, for new liberty loving political parties!”

Quick Cap Black facts:

He’s a contributor to western journalism;, Tea Party Nation and numerous other liberty loving web sites.

He’s a native of Justice Clarence Thomas’ home town of Savannah, Georgia; and is inspired by the liberating message of the Judeo-Christian ethic, classical civilization, the Constitution and America’s comic book art form, which is where his creative patriot name, “Cap Black , The Hood Conservative” comes from.

A citizen on patrol, he assists urban people in need through his make peace with America outreach.

Google, Cap Black The Hood Conservative or give him a call:

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“Be your OWN Superhero!”

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We Need More Americans Like Chesty Puller!

Exclusive To The Bold Pursuit

by Cap Black trying times demand heroes. By heroes, I don’t mean folks in costumes, though some Americans I know are doing just that.

The heroes I mean are “values heroes,’ people propelled by civic and spiritual virtues to new heights against greater odds.

USMC Lt. General Lewis Burwell “Chesty” Puller is such a hero. His story inspires generations of Marines and does the same for grateful civilians too.

He earned the Navy Cross, America’s second highest decoration for combat valor, a staggering five times over his career.

He’s also a recipient of the Army’s Distinguished Service Cross, their second highest valor decoration,  for leadership under famed General Douglas MacArthur, during the Korean conflict.

Puller is beloved for always working to improve quality of life for enlisted personnel. This egalitarianism resonates with advocates for workers and those trying to free markets from restrictions so more Americans can enrich themselves.

Chesty Puller represents the kind of larger-than life potential our culture stirs in citizens who seize opportunities, instead of hoping they appear by osmosis.

In celebrating him, we celebrate the dogged, courageous best within Americans who face incredible odds by remembering they are even more incredible!

The more values heroes we have like Chesty Puller, the better tomorrow’s headlines will read.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

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Division in the Republican Party

by Jim Davis 

The media has made much-to-do about the challenges within the Republican Party after the Presidential election. While left-leaning pundits are giddy that the dastardly conservatives are working through their identity crisis, they fail to remember that the Democrat Party went through the same process prior to, and after the Clinton Presidency. Clinton managed to navigate that divide by talking like a liberal, while sulking down the sidewalk to balanced budgets and conservatism like a wayward child being escorted to the principal’s office in elementary school. 

There are indeed divisions in the Republican Party, but it’s been a big tent party with differing ideas and priorities since 1980. The challenge now is to restrain the factions who feel they can “take over” because the party was weakened in 2005. The Party was weakened because Rockefeller Republicans rejected the principles of the 1994 Contract with America. Principles which had sustained majorities in the House and Senate: and made the GOP the party of Main Street America for a decade. They did in fact, rejected those conservative principles AND the balanced budgets because they succumbed to the Beltway mentality; political junkies say “they developed Potomac Fever.” This caused the loss of the 2006 mid-term elections, along with the trust, and the respect of working class Main Street voters. 

To clarify; a “Rockefeller Republican” is an old-style Republican that represents the specific interest of the well-to-do. That model worked for them mid-twentieth century because, at that time, Democrats agreed that America’s well-being and liberties were positives. The old-style Republicans were comfortable in their minority status until radical elements in the Democrat Party began taking advantage of their genteel inclinations. It was the Barry Goldwater element that found the voice to vociferously disagree with the robbing of America’s future to finance the imprudence of today. Except for the election of George W. Bush, (who was elected because he reiterated the conservatism of the Contract with America- and was reelected because of his strong national defense stance in the face of Muslim extremism and violence): Rockefeller Republicans have lost every election they’ve lead. Those losses include majorities in both Houses on Capitol Hill, and five of the past ten Presidential elections since 1976. After Reagan, George HW Bush won one election on Reagan’s coattails, afterwards only George W. Bush has won the Presidency- specifically because he was more Reaganesque than Rockefeller. 

Because old-style Republicans may have more in common with pre-Marxist Democrats, they aren’t as willing to take the bold stands that made the GOP the party of Main Street. The Rockefeller Republicans wring their hands with aversion to confrontation. That aversion is predicated on an incorrect notion that they will somehow sway enough Democrat votes to win an election by homogenizing political issues. 

Rockefeller Republicans see Reagan Republicans as rubes and unsophisticated. They will use their resources to viciously batter other Republicans who insist they adhere to the party’s platform. The Democrats successfully worked to exacerbate that schism to win reelection for Obama in 2012. Advisor to Obama, David Axelrod told NBC that Democrats will help to “Liberate the Republican Party” from those who insist on conservative principles and Constitutional loyalty. Rockefeller Republicans agreed more with Obama than they did their own base. This would explain the hushed-demagoguery at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. The demagoguery that in all likelihood cost the GOP the White House in an election that should have been a slam dunk for them. 

In fairness to the “Rocky Reps,” they are looking at demographic changes in America and are attempting to mirror them. What they fail to understand is no amount of compromise is going to attract those who don’t think critically. The Republican Party is the party of maturity and prudence. Young Democrat voters will find themselves aligning with the GOP as they mature, and as they take their turn raising families. The opportunity today, is to convince middle class and middle aged minorities that America has been good to them; and that their children and grandchildren can prosper as they have- but only if traditional American values are preserved. 

The future of the Republican Party lies in celebrating their strengths: fiscal and social conservatism, family values, the compassion to work with others to be self-sufficient, strong defense, prudence and maturity. The Party’s challenge is to get the buy-in of like-minded minorities, and the old guard Republicans that have created a string of election failures since 1976.

Jim Davis, Jacksonville Grassroots Politics Examiner


Jim Davis is a political pundit from Jacksonville Florida. He has been identified as “Mr. Grassroots” by political leaders in Northeast Florida for his neighborhood work. He meets with, and listens to the ideas and perspectives of the citizens of Jacksonville- often confounding the politicians.

First published on, reprinted with permission.

American Heroes: Clayton Moore, The Lone Ranger

by Cap Black

Lone_ranger_silver_1965Kids used to have entertainment heroes who carried on their roles after show time. The late Clayton Moore was such a person.

He was TVs Lone Ranger during its Golden Age, with the Cold War as a back drop; his crusade inspired millions, at home and abroad.

Long after the show finished airing, Mr. Moore still inspired fans with decades-long personal appearances as the Western hero.

A lot of my promotion of patriotism as an urban solution draws inspiration from this amazing man. His example touched lives across all dividing lines. I was too young to see his series when it debuted, but its impact upon my grandfather and mother was enough.

Their eyes twinkled at the recollection and invited me to explore a time when Good versus Evil was unquestioned, instead of something to be debated. I want today’s youth to have heroes beyond vulgar rappers and asinine athletes. Good parenting, good choices, plus good role models produce good people.

On the eve of a new Lone Ranger movie, I wanted to pay homage to someone who will always be THE Lone Ranger!

America needs wholesome icons who embody her at her best, on screen and more importantly, in real life.

Here lies a great man, who showed Americans regardless of color or zip code, how to mount up and ride for what’s right!




Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit