Obama: Selling out America – Literally

by Erik Rush

Before he enter on the execution of his office, he shall take the following oath or affirmation: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

– U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1

Like a young burglar I once saw featured in a documentary who enrolled in technical college so that he could learn how to thwart any alarm system, Barack Obama studied Constitutional Law. Whether he holds any degrees as a result of having done so is unclear, since his academic records remain sealed; what’s clear is that he has masterfully circumvented countless constitutional provisions to date.

We know that there have been varying degrees of unconstitutionality on Obama’s part across such activities as the Fast and Furious gunrunning operation, Obamacare, the war in Libya, campaigning from the White House and recess appointments. President Obama has now demanded – yes, demanded – that he be allowed to raise the debt ceiling unilaterally, eschewing negotiations with Congress (money appropriations being the purview of the House), which is blatantly unconstitutional.

Last week, using Vice President Joe Biden as proxy, he floated the trial balloon of his unilateral action toward neutralizing the Second Amendment. Bear in mind that this is a man who asserted years ago that he didn’t think people should own guns at all.

Far more dangerous and terrifying than Obama’s utter disregard for the Constitution is the abject treason of this president; this also remains largely unknown due to the mass media. While Americans have been encouraged to perceive Obama as just another president muddling through during a challenging period (apart from his historic First Black President status), it doesn’t take much digging to determine the direction in which he is taking us.

Throw in the testimony of proven, reliable sources some highly suspicious phenomena, and the situation becomes truly petrifying.

It has already been reported in WND and in Jihad Watch that jihadis are training on U.S. soil. If this is the case, why have they not been eradicated with extreme prejudice? Leaving aside the fact that Obama’s allegiance to the United States ought to supersede his soft spot for Muslims, perhaps the administration’s laxity here stems from something other than that affinity.

Let me share that which was related to me via one international business interest with strong ties to the nations highlighted in the following scenario:

According to this source, President Obama had a mid-level U.S. official meet with a Chinese officer in 2011 to find out if the Chinese were open to a land and resource swap for debt forgiveness. The upshot of this is that the Chinese are now engaging in experimental “farming” and “scientific” studies in several locations in the U.S. (in various states). The personnel involved are all Chinese military, and the plan is to use these as the base for the expansion of “land settlements” in payment of the U.S. debt to China.

Also in 2011, the Bank of China reportedly sent a team to the U.S. to do land analysis and valuations based on resources that have been identified on federally held lands. The group was tasked to visit various preselected sites, including some on the Gulf of Mexico, and arrive at resource-based values between $2 trillion and $5 trillion (enough to satisfy America’s debt to China). According to this scenario, the issuing of new drilling licenses in the U.S. have been stopped on federally held land until the Chinese can be in position to take over new oil production.

As reported on Jan. 14, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke urged U.S. lawmakers to lift the country’s borrowing limit, citing scant weeks until a potentially disastrous debt default. According to my source, the United Nations and the World Bank have been given signals that they will be called upon to broker the deal with America defaulting on debt that it cannot satisfy. This is not to be a fire sale, but is to appear as the great economic rescue plan for the U.S. Thus, it will be eagerly accepted by media-addled Americans and Obama supporters.

So Obama has sold America out – literally – which will come as little surprise to many readers, this plan apparently being the brainchild of Obama’s senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, and members of China’s Politburo Standing Committee. Thus, the under-reported but long-standing goals of Jarrett, Obama, David Axelrod and a host of communist Obama cronies to bring America under communist sway will finally come to fruition.

Such activities have been rumored over the last couple of years, but had not been substantiated. However, this data has been verified by sources I know to be reliable; in fact, I have reported on their information previously, much to the consternation of the Chinese government.

It is the Chinese who are pushing for the disarming of the American populace. They do not want to bear the brunt of the backlash from the American public when their work and aspirations are exposed. Three weeks ago, I was told that “this will happen in weeks, not months,” and it is now occurring.

So much for our curiosity as to why in the midst of our economic woes, Obama is so vigorously capitalizing on the Sandy Hook massacre to advance what will certainly be draconian and unconstitutional measures relative to firearms. Obama’s gun-control plan includes at least 23 different executive actions – bypassing Congress and prompting at least one GOP lawmaker to suggest impeachment proceedings if Obama acts in this manner.

At this juncture, I think that impeachment is incredibly unlikely despite his treason, given what he has succeeded in getting away with under the noses of the Republican leadership. As I have been informed, there are key Republican leaders who are aware of what is transpiring between China and the Obama administration. These have been sold the notion that America is bankrupt, but that they can work with our debtors to see that an equitable settlement is reached.

The question to which this gives rise, of course, is: Equitable for whom?

Is this the precursor to the Second American Revolution, or have gun sales gone through the roof for no apparent reason and toward no apparent objective (such as “to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution”)? Are heretofore sane, sober citizens of this republic taking leave of their senses en masse, or are they quietly and methodically preparing to stop our Union, to which thousands have given their lives, from being torn asunder?

I lean toward the latter. God help us all, and God bless America.

Reprinted with Permission



Erik Rush is a New York-born columnist, author and speaker. Erik writes sociopolitical commentary for WorldNetDaily, The Daily Pledge, and other online and print publications. His latest book, “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal ~ America’s Racial Obsession,” examines the racist policies by which the political left keeps black Americans in thralldom, white Americans guilt-ridden and yielding, and maintains the fallacy that America remains an institutionally racist nation.

Is Your American Hero Late Or Great?


I tell American Black men that they are AMERICANS! NOT “refugees,” “political prisoners,” and other outcast outlooks downloaded like malware.

I remind brothers (of ALL colors) that we MUST be MORE than our circumstances!

This Not-So-Great Recession is breaking spirits from one end of America to the other. My “Make Peace with America” message is needed NOW more than EVER.

American Heroes within each of us are needed now more than ever! Big faces in high places don’t have us at the top of their To Do lists!

Hard as things are presently, it’s up to us!

Was the first winter the pilgrims had hard? YOU BET! No central heat nor high-tech thermal clothing was available, so guess what? People died, cold and miserable.


Was it hard being an African slave or an American one for that matter? YOU BET! As much as we gripe about (VERY) high taxes and liberty, no one owns us outright— not yet at least.


I’m not giving you some pie-in-the-sky rap where everything is gonna be fine if we hold hands and sing an old Negro spiritual.

I AM SAYING we’ve got to look to our history (ALL OF IT and not just our portion) for inspiration— and information!

People who had it MUCH WORSE than many of us made it. We need to study their stories deeply.

Everyone reading this has an American Hero inside him or herself. This American Hero may already be active, helping others with little more than good intentions to keep him going.

Other American Heroes may lurk under the surface, struggling against doubt or depression. I’m saying you NEED to be a Hero for yourself first!

You’ve got to slay dragons in your life; and with that strength, you can help others do the same. There are men, women, and children who draw strength from strong men in their midst.

The American Hero within can either be late (as in dead), or great (as in larger-than-life).

Your move, boss man!

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit


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‘Be Your OWN Superhero! “

Cancelling the “All My Babies Mamas” Mindset!


I got an early American History Month (my name for Black History Month) gift: news that rapper Shawty Lo’s reality TV show, “All My Babies Mamas ” has been cancelled!

Jubilant about this minor victory for home training and traditional values, the fact remains we must cancel the mindset which gave rise to this spectacle.

My sector of Pat Buchanan’s famed “Culture War “speech in 1992 doesn’t see many victories for the old school.

The battle flags of sagging jeans and soaring crime statistics often fly over the high ground in hoods nationwide.

Low life behavior in rap hasn’t faced real internal challenge since the epic 90s anti-gangsta rap crusade of noted Black liberal C. Deloris Tucker.

Her alliance with conservative William Bennett reminds me that the coalition opposing “All My Babies Mamas ” had a lot of liberal Black women who’d had enough.

I’m hard on Black liberals, but applaud these sisters for standing up to how that ideology tears our community down in popular culture.

“A nation can rise no higher than its woman “Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad was fond of saying.

It’s true.

Mothers have unequalled authority in shaping children’s environments. Is it unkind to suppose that a baby mama mindset will produce like consciousness?

The same holds true for men who recklessly reproduce and abandon off spring fast as they can. I’m surprised a video game with this theme hasn’t yet surfaced.

If Black America attacked ghetto culture with the energy reserved for White Republicans, the Oxygen Network wouldn’t have dared float this spectacle.

Mitt Romney isn’t playing artful dodger with child support authorities concerning fatherless inner city kids.

Ann Coulter isn’t in the projects with children from numerous men who’ve now forgotten she exists.

This is our cultural Normandy Beach head. This invasion has blitzkrieged its way through Black America thanks to our embrace of “Anything Goes” liberalism.

If this bleak reality is unthinkable for Obama’s daughters, shouldn’t it be equally unthinkable for all Black girls and women.

Now that our protests have cancelled this show, when will we protest to cancel the “All My Babies Mamas ” mindset in real life?

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

The Perfect Socio-Economic Storm

by Don Hank

There is a perfect socio-economic storm coming and part of it is here now. Items 1-8 below are some of its components, which can be described as:

Government-incited unrest, the rush to snatch our protection, government aid to the enemy, encouragement of unlimited illegal immigration (both parties), crime rising and about to spin out of control (thanks to the above and economic factors), and unprecedented fiscal irresponsibility that led to the demise of Detroit and a half-dozen cities in CA, and heading for a potentially cataclysmic downgrade of US debt.

Here is an impartial list of the signs of the perfect storm:

1–Obama shed tears over the death of thug Trayvon Martin, suggesting that whites are mean to blacks. Now blacks are playing knockout games and vandalizing and terrorizing even posh neighborhoods to get revenge against us for this false portrayal of whites as brutal meanies. It is escalating slowly but wait until the food stamps and welfare checks stop…

2–Obama shed a crocodile tear over the dead at Sandy Hook but no tears over his dead ambassador whom he refused to help and no tears over Brian Terry, the border agent killed by a gun ‘walked’ by government agents to the cartels as part of Fast and Furious. The phony tear was the first sly step in a gun control effort, which will appear harmless at first.

3–Obama sent billions of dollars’ worth of fighter planes to Egypt (see below), which is a virtual Islamic dictatorship.

4–Obama refuses to deport all but the worst illegal alien criminals and has made no effort to protect the border. We are headed in the same direction as Greece and Spain, once arguably the most immigrant friendly nations in Europe. Today, immigrants are being abused now that no one can afford to feed them. The increasingly popular fascist party Golden Dawn wants all of them deported.

5–There are over a million illegal alien gang bangers in US cities thanks to our lax enforcement. (We are told the illegal aliens are harmless old grannies).

6–Obama has racked up a debt we will never pay down and has made it clear he wants to increase it. The rating agencies like Moody’s, S&P and Fitch have hinted at a reduction in US bond ratings, which would increase interest rates on money we already can’t pay. One percentage point higher and we are toast.

7–Detroit and about a half-dozen cities in CA (the tip of the iceberg) are either bankrupt or on the brink. Vallejo is an example: There is no longer any police protection there.

These cities are a microcosm reflecting America in the not too distant future. So are Greece and Spain, which depend on the EU to prop them up.

No one will prop us up. It is mathematically impossible. Worse, we are the prop holding up much of the rest of the world.

8–A first in what will be a series of moves toward gun control. It’s incremental. No, they do NOT advertise it that way.

So it would appear the perfect storm is brewing:

Default on US debt and failure to pay food stamps and resulting riots all over the US. But the economic failure that led to the riots also has led to inability to afford police protection.

People in well-to-do neighborhoods who have been denied guns for protection will be at the mercy of mobs, who will steal everything they have, burn their homes, and if they are lucky, kill them.

This is the worst case scenario, but the scariest part is that the US public is now so dumbed down that it looks like they don’t see any of this happening.

Churchill said fear was the worst enemy. No, my friends, ignorance – leading to fearlessness – is by far the worst enemy.

If we had enough sense to fear the treacherous government, we would be able to defend ourselves.

But instead, we continue to trust it and are sitting ducks.

Anyone who wants any form of gun control at this point in time is, well, to put it diplomatically, suicidal. As for those living in high cost housing, you are only safe until the rioters target your area. And then only if you have a scary looking gun. They sometimes refer to this kind of gun as an assault weapon.

Don Hank

Reprinted with permission

Russell Simmons Wants Peace Keepers in Schools: Not Armed Guards


Peace Keepers is a mostly Black male violence mediation group founded by Mr. Dennis Muhammad in 2008, a member of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam.

Unarmed, they squash “beefs” (disputes) between urban men before triggers are pulled. Here in New Orleans and elsewhere, they have hotlines people can call when tempers flare.

Media mogul Russell Simmons recently called for Peace Keepers to be deployed as opposed to armed guards or more police in America’s schools.

As a citizen on patrol, I support the Peace Keepers concept since urban men are best positioned to address the homicide exploding in our ranks.

When Russell Simmons said they should be placed in schools instead of armed guards or more police, it raises a question:

“Will school systems fund an organization whose heroic mediation includes close ties to Louis Farrakhan, considered racist and anti-Semitic by many in the mainstream?”

Active in 25 US cities and the United Kingdom, if the Farrakhan question can be successfully resolved, the Peace Keepers will mediate disputes beyond their inner city beat.

“I Am Present for Peace!” is their motto.

More peace is what we need and where possible, it should be privately provided instead of relying on government.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=610BKThUhPw Dennis Muhammad video

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

The Bold Pursuit is delighted to announce that NADRA AKA CAP BLACK will join us as Contributing Writer. CAP BLACK brings a unique and expertly-expressed point of view to The Bold Pursuit; we look forward to sharing his insights with our readers. ~ Clio

Gate Keeper: Not a Barbarian


American Black men are seduced into being shock troops for a very anti-social philosophy. For decades this anti-social philosophy used Black criminals, until recently, to force concessions from a majority White society. 

We were cast as modern barbarians at America’s gates, but America is no longer a majority White nation. 

Her president is a visibly Black, bi-racial man. 

His political party is mostly non-White and has attracted the largest minority, Latinos, as its new inclusion battle axe to swing at the pillars of the Republic. 

If I follow the anti-social narrative, I’m supposed to be a ticking, 400 year old human munition aimed by my task masters. 

Targets include the constitution; the Judeo-Christian ethic and anything else loved by the status quo. 

At 46, I’m supposed to be an “OG “(Original Gangster) initiating and supervising younger men into barbarian mode so we may avenge ourselves upon America. 

We’re supposed to hate Western civilization, of which America is a part. Our prime directive is to pay back the status quo for every slight, real and imagined, we’ve experienced. 

But, what happens if a Black man doesn’t buy the barbarian narrative? 

What if his read on America and the West reveals a strategic role in preserving a social order whose promise far outweighs its prejudices? 

What’s his duty, in a nation whose White former majority has been financially beaten to their knees, while a raucous rainbow coalition is managed by Whites long opposed to the constitution and the Judeo-Christian ethic? 

I choose to side with Crispus Attucks and an unbroken line including Booker T Washington; Frederick Douglass; World War One’s Harlem Hell fighters; the Tuskegee Airmen; the Freedom Riders; US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; former Congressman Allen West and others who found something in our sojourn worth defending. 

Most brothers in my community don’t hate their American brothers from the shrinking majority population. But they have imbibed a hateful narrative which makes them an Amen corner for genuine haters in our midst. 

We act as a ” Black Citizens Council, ” like the White ones of the Jim Crow past, which won’t get their hands dirty but will rationalize and even jury nullify on behalf of thugs who do. 

The long rumored collision of Black and White haters promises to be a real life “Twilight of The Gods” worthy of Norse mythology. 

Like the Heimdall character portrayed by actor Idris Elba in the recent “Thor” movie, patriotic American Black men must be gate keepers against barbarians at America’s gates. 

When gate keepers break the stranglehold of this barbarian narrative downloaded into young minds and show them their citizenship instead is when America’s internal opposition loses a weapon they frankly take for granted. 

What good is our epic story of loss and advancement, if we don’t join other groups who’ve climbed uphill to ultimately help save America from destructive dissidents?

That’s why Idris Elba’s Heimdall is this article’s symbol:  his character chose to preserve a mythic land that, appearances aside, was his to protect, too. 

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

Acts of Madmen Must Never Result in Loss of Liberty for Freemen

by Jim Mullen 

Predictably, after the last appalling act of an evil lunatic on children and unarmed citizens, the media and left-wing politicians have been ablaze with emotional fear mongering, anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment rhetoric designed to divert attention from the facts. 

Every tragic shooting brings the radical left and their media minions swooping in and circling the scene like vultures laying siege to the latest unfortunates. They never miss an opportunity to gain an advantage by picking the bones of victims and furthering their cause for total disarmament of Americans. 

Rather than eliciting a responsible reaction of providing more protection for the defenseless, liberals’ knee-jerk response is always to disarm the innocent and make them more vulnerable to lunatics. 

Joe Manchin, Senate Democrat from West Virginia was just one of the politicians circling the latest mass murders by an evil or mentally ill man. He needed a 1468 word nonsensical diatribe full of hyperbole to espouse his politicization of this tragedy. Being from a pro-gun state, he submitted this political hypothesis to Newspapers in West Virginia in an obvious attempt to cleanse his previous anti-gun statements to the national media. Baffling people with BS is a longtime ploy used by the former governor. 

Mr. Manchin joined many of his ilk making it sound as if the Second Amendment of the Constitution grants Americans the right to hunt. One of his ill-conceived statements was concerning large-capacity magazines, opining that they were unnecessary because he only needed two or three shells for hunting. 

This Senator was one of the Democrats about whom this writer warned the NRA of its shortsightedness and gross error in judgment when they endorsed and funded him for U.S. Senate; another was Harry Reid. As I explained, the New Democratic Party is the American gun owner’s worst enemy. When the NRA contributes money and support to Democrats, they add to their ranks in Congress, and further compromise our Second Amendment rights. 

Additionally, the New Democratic Party’s inherent belief is that the Second Amendment – like the rest of the Constitution – is an outmoded, living, changing document subject to progressive-liberal interpretation and alteration. 

Politicians like Joe Manchin who profess a staunch defense of the First Amendment are the most dangerous politicians to gun-rights’ advocates because they’re like the traitor who stands among the patriots and speechifies magnificently for the cause while secretly working with the enemy. As usual, the enemy from within will deliver the final blow to every liberty this country holds dear. 

The Founding Fathers intended that government never infringe upon a citizen’s natural right to self-defense by bearing arms. Having the ability to defend themselves against all enemies and predators – including their own government – was paramount, and their intentions were unmistakably clear in other writings and letters on the meaning of the Second amendment. 

One never hears a word from the anti-gun crowd about the revolving-door “injustice” system, liberal courts, building more prisons, early release, soft sentencing, or plea bargains. Likewise, liberals are mute about self-defense rights, but rail against “Stand-Your-Ground” laws and conceal permits that allow people to repel or stop brutal attacks on innocent citizens. 

Liberals believing in disarming Americans are the same liberals flooding our streets with scum-of-the-earth, lawless hoodlums and hardened criminals who make life in this country perilous at best, and in some places, death-defying, which necessitates a populace of heavily armed citizens. 

There are very good reasons why the wicked attack, rape, assault, and murder the defenseless. That’s where they find the easy victims and where they encounter the least resistance. They will continue to attack children in schools, people in theaters, malls and other soft targets because government disarms the citizens and then turns the criminals out on the streets to stalk their prey. As government disarms the citizenry, more faultless Americans will perish. More guns in the hands of the American people, makes for a safer society. Most villains are unlikely to confront armed people in the streets or in homes. 

Anti-gun fanatics believe they can cleanse demons from the hearts and minds of the evil by attacking the rights of the good and the lawful. Their tactics only increase lawlessness by encouraging the criminal element and assuring them that malevolence will have no foe in this country. 

The media blame the Second Amendment for mass murderers, but never make the same assumptions for the First Amendment when they hype up the wicked minds in society. They sensationalize violence by keeping score of body counts and use that as a rating system. They give the greatest attention to mass-murderers with dazzling, gruesome, grisly details filling the airways and splashing newspaper headlines after every murderous outrage. They correctly point out that it’s all part of the freedom of the First Amendment. If it inspires copycat killers, that’s the cost of freedom. Nevertheless, media never make the same argument for the Second Amendment. 

Regardless of what they write, or what they say, liberals do NOT want a debate on guns; they want a monologue! They never win any debate on merits or on facts. They use diffusion, emotions, lies, hyperbole, ridicule, and scorn. Their “commonsense, reasonable solutions” will dissolve American gun rights. The media repeat the same anti-constitutional arguments tirelessly while dismissing Second Amendment rights as antiquated and then threatening gun owners with violence, imprisonment, fines, punishing taxes, and weapon confiscation. 

The anti-gun zealots try to make the case for disarming Americans with the ludicrous claim that it’s the job of police to carry guns and defend the people, making private ownership unnecessary. Tens of thousands of Americans and tens of millions of people around the world are dead because they bought into this nonsense. Most of the mental giants ascribing to this theory are wealthy enough to afford armed guards for their own protection, or are politicians protected by armed guards at taxpayers’ expense. If Barack Obama really believed this, he could put it to the test by dismissing his Secret Service protection and simply using his phone to call the police if needed. 

We must fight these people at every turn. Every small inroad erodes our constitutionally protected rights to bear arms. This process played out in countries around the world, and they found themselves unarmed and defenseless – even in their own homes. 

The founders wanted us to have the ability to defend ourselves against the standard weapons of the day. They knew the weapons of choice would not remain the same. Whatever weapons criminals use, Americans have the right to possess equal or superior firepower to defend our homes. 

Foes of gun rights say people don’t need an AK-47 or an AR-15 to target shoot, hunt or defend themselves and/or their family. They completely ignore the thousands of home invasions involving armed-to-the-teeth violent, drug-addled criminals with enough firepower to fight a small war. They totally ignore the fact that the Second Amendment mentions nothing about hunting. If people hunting with Ak-47’s and AR-15’s become a problem, write finely tuned legislation to amend that situation and leave lawful Americans in peace to enjoy their constitutional liberties and protect themselves and their families. 

The anti-constitutionalists argue that guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans make the country less safe. To the idiots who believe this, let them place signs in their yards announcing their home is undefended by firearms. 

To those who believe weapons are unnecessary for protection from the government, they obviously weren’t paying attention to Ruby Ridge, Waco, the Fast and Furious gun running operation, and dozens of other government power plays leaving American victims in the wake of out-of-control, tyrannical  big government. Obama is still stonewalling Congress on Fast and Furious. Likewise, remember that returning U.S. Veterans are on Obama’s watch list for possible terrorist activity. 

Americans should keep in mind the ominous testimony in 1995, by the FBI’s Director, Louis J. Freeh. He underwhelmed the obvious when he said, ”Ruby Ridge was a series of terribly flawed law-enforcement operations in which the F.B.I. did not perform at the level which the American people expect or deserve.” That’s government-speak for “we took our agency out for a power walk, and it got a little out of hand; we didn’t mean to kill anybody.” 

Disarming this nation is the stated goal of Barack Obama and most of the New Democratic Party. It has been the goal of the left-wing for decades, and they have admitted it cannot be accomplished all at once. One law, one regulation, and one court ruling at a time will finally shred the most important of our Bill of Rights. Without the Second Amendment, no other constitutional right is secure. 

Armchair liberalism works perfectly in the theoretical, immature, progressive mind. They sit safely at their computers or behind their camera lens spewing hatred toward gun owners, but when reality comes-a-knocking at their door with the slightest threat, they reach for the checkbook and hire armed men to protect their sorry butts. Witness the reaction of The (Westchester, N.Y.) Journal News. They’re the brave souls that published and mapped the names and addresses of local citizens who hold legal gun permits, and when they began receiving angry responses, it was a bonanza for a group of armed guards. 

Pity we all can’t afford to hire personal protectors. Perhaps Obama and his left-wingers will allow us tax deductions for the purchase of our personal security in the form of Smith & Wesson, Colt, or North American Arms. 

Peddling fear is the mother’s milk of liberalism. Without fear of the rich, the Constitutionalists, Republicans, gun owners, and indeed, freedom, liberal-progressives would vanish into rancid, billows of smoke. We must not allow them to reap the fruits of their hatred and fear. The despicable acts of madmen must never result in loss of liberty for freemen. 

We never know what future tyranny lies in our government, but when our guns are gone, the evidence is clear; as Jefferson said, “When government fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” 

Jim Mullen

Parkersburg, WV 


Follow on Twitter at https://twitter.com/freedomforusnow

All My Babies Mamas: Tombstone For Black Families



I like rapper Shawty Lo. His take on rap’s current Murder/Drugs/Hoes mantra caught my attention years ago. As a Georgian, his tales of Atlanta’s high risk Bankhead area held added gravitas. 

That said, I 100% oppose his upcoming reality TV show on the Oxygen Network.

Its infamous title is, “All My Babies Mamas.”  Pardon me while I exhale a ragged sigh.


As a champion of  old school values, I see this show as a tombstone landing atop the fractured carcass of the defunct American Black family unit. 
Lo has 11 children with ten different women???
Dear God, this is liberal moral relativism writ large in the lives of one man; nearly a dozen women and millions like them.
A family “unit” this fractured shouldn’t be celebrated. We are drowning in children with no home training (google it if the term’s too old school for you).
Seventy two percent of Black babies are born to unwed mothers
Let that sink in. 
Nearly 80% of future American Black adults have no father around in their formative years. Instead of reality TV shows celebrating this horror,  programs lauding marriage; responsible fatherhood and mentorship seem a better bet.
Extinction should trump entertainment in sane minds- and not just Black ones. I know the Oxygen Network isn’t Black owned, but the threat of a 72% fatherless; poor population endangers everyone.
Producers; Shawty Lo and the women involved have the First Amendment-recognized right to do this show.
An equal First Amendment-recognized right to oppose it is also underway.
I leave it up to each reader to decide whether this show should air.
When Shawty Lo recorded his song, ” Dunn Dunn” as in he’d “done it all, ” I guess he wasn’t kidding when it came to reckless reproduction.
Look at it for some insight into his world:
Sadly, this mindset isn’t confined to just one rapper or urban male.
That’s why ” All My Babies’ Mamas ” may well be the tombstone some have smashed atop the nearly non-existent American Black family unit. 
Other American demographics are catching up with us by the way.
Cap Black, The Hood Conservative
” Be your OWN Superhero!