Stop & Frisk: Giving Arabs a Pass on Pat-Downs?


New York’s “Stop & Frisk” program has liberals and center-right libertarians up in arms. Millions of street searches of American Black and Latino men incense these advocates.

“Stop & Frisk” is a forceful reminder to certain crime surplus populations that they can’t continue carrying illegal guns and using them with impunity.

Lest we forget, most Black and Latino criminal’s victims are other Blacks and Latinos. Aren’t their lives worth extra scrutiny?

It’s a civil rights question I’d love to hear liberals try to answer.

I’m fully-briefed on police racism, but I’m also just as fully-briefed on American Black and Latino urban culture promoting violent, felonious behavior.

On a homeland security note, I wonder whether “Stop & Frisk’s” deterrent value shouldn’t be applied to another population: Arabs, as a street-level, counter-terrorism effort?

If New York police, politicians and prosecutors defend this technique for use upon populations who don’t mount concerted terrorist attacks, would they oppose deploying it against terrorist surplus populations whose members fill headlines?

Imagine “Stop & Frisk” in majority-immigrant Muslim neighborhoods, complete with dogs trained to detect explosive residue?

While terror lobbyists like the Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) would lead the opposing chorus, alongside center-right civil libertarians, it would be very interesting to see what would be uncovered.

Political correctness has Americans with zero criminal or terrorist ties subjected to ridiculous online, camera, HUMINT (human intelligence) and personal scrutiny, while more likely subjects go unmolested.

A White grandma on a walker might be an Al Qaeda sleeper agent, but it’s more likely she’s a Christian or Jewish American senior with arthritis – not asymmetrical anti-Americanism.

Is foreign oil and domestic appeasement worth our liberty? Apparently, especially if you’re an American Black or Latino in an airport.

Our White sisters and brothers get ridiculously hassled too, all in the name of “fairness?”

Here’s another slap in the face members of Obama’s most loyal voting block receive at airports: natural hair pat downs.

I kid you not, Black travelers with natural hair styles (curls; dreads etc) are subjected to extra searches as if “Afro bombs” were a real threat?

TSA staff laughably state thick Black hair somehow blocks x-ray scanners trusted to detect weapons hidden beneath layers of clothing???

It even has its own search engine phase, “Natural hair pat downs.”

Hmm … does alot of Black hair equal a homeland security threat in Obama’s Amerika? I’d love to see how long this lasts if Obama’s family were abused like this.

Despite American Blacks being overwhelming Christian, with little organized terrorist activity (outside of against ourselves!), they are profiled by an Obama-era TSA, to the exclusion of more likely subjects, i.e,. Arabs.

Including Arabs on the NYPD (and other departments) “Stop & Frisk” schedules would remind would-be terrorists America hasn’t forgotten what the majority of Islamist suspects look like.

Can New York, scene of two major terrorist attacks, afford not stopping and frisking Arabs and other terrorist surplus populations?

“Things that make you go, ‘Hmmm?’ ” to quote returning talk show host Arsenio Hall.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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