“American History” Month, February 2013


American History Month is my suggestion for re-naming the liberal Black History Month, as balm in the cultural Gilead of ethnic tensions at the dawn of Obama 2.0.

Observers will note the redundancy of American Blacks citing our color before every occasion or organization naming given its self-evidence for anyone with eyes.

Conservatives have argued this double standard over the years. Simply uttering thought balloons labeled, ” White History Month ” enrages liberals.

As founder of the American History Month alternative to Black History Month, I extend this offer to collegiate conservative and libertarian organizations:

I will be your February White History Month speaker under the titillating title, “Why This Black Conservative Promotes White History Month!”

My goal is exposing out dated, even divisive practices among Americans of all backgrounds. The flip side of my Black History Month alternative is assisting those challenging the same, by hosting White History observances to challenge this double standard.

While provocative, both proposals aim to shift focus away from ethnic cheer leading and onto a comprehensive American history uniting all segments.

Socialist, sixties era ethnic enclaves ill serve a 21st century America which has slain most of her dragons of overt discrimination except, ironically, in government and higher education.

My American History Month alternative to Black History Month is an olive branch to traditionalist countrymen feeling demonized at precisely the time when their values should be lauded.

Americans anxious to celebrate one accounting of all contributions to our country should consider my American History Month alternative to what’s become to many a divisive Black History Month.

Conservative or libertarian college organizations who desire a non-White supporter for February White History Month, anti-reverse discrimination events have my open invitation.

Celebrating Black folks as Americans, not outcasts and challenging reverse discrimination are two of the best ways I know to use the month of February.

We have another long four years of ethnic tension to navigate and working to unite traditional values citizens of all colors is the best path to take!

Cap Black The Hood Conservative


” Be your OWN Superhero!”

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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