MLK Day 2013: Beyond Celebrations


MLK Day is an occasion for all Americans to reflect and measure national progress on ethnic and general quality of life issues.

His efforts materially impacted the market I grew up in. His liberalism, based upon a more intact Black family unit and Judeo-Christian ethic, differs from conservative American nationalism of my era.

Liberalism ceased having value for my generation the day it was fully co-opted by socialists. Their infiltration of civil rights organizations, churches and Black politics left them a shadow of their former selves.

His liberal legacy has even been embraced by a contrite Right anxious to shed its violently racist past. Given ongoing opposition to liberalism, this is awkward to say the least.

Integration, with expansive use of government programs, opened long closed doors to our bluecollar workers and professionals.

it also swept aside Black businesses like a tidal wave, leaving us integrating once-denied majority institutions empty pocketed.

The self-help, mutual aid fabric of American Blacks lies tattered, shot full of holes by a liberalism that made us more wards of the state, than fully enfranchised Americans. Whether this was intentional is debatable.

A world class institution builder like Booker T Washington offered American Blacks a practical program where our infrastructure sustained us long before integration happened.

Visionary conservative patriots like Jay Parker promoted an anti-communist, civil rights activism often eclipsed by liberal dominated media and academics.

MLK Day always finds me assessing the deadly gulf between his anti-Jim Crow (later anti-Vietnam & anti-capitalist) liberalism, with today’s anti-traditional values Left.

Today in New Orleans, five young Black men were shot at the parade held in Dr. King’s honor. Neither liberal school of thought I examine on this day adequately addresses the war within our ranks.

Even the second inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama was insufficient to stay the shooter’s hand.

Mere symbolism has reached its apparent limit and not even beloved progressive icons can inspire inner city cease fires.

Today’s Black liberal overlooks such daily outrages in favor of venting his spleen again distant White conservatives and the Republican Party,

The fact that these distant persons aren’t the ones killing and impregnating their way through the inner city is lost in transmission.

Black progressivism past and present seems overflowing with negatives: no businesses; no fathers, no peace, no political independence and no hope it seems.

Unless one notes the placebo in DC where desperately poor, unsafe American Blacks can look at the First Family and daydream.

is this King’s legacy: no Black infrastructure, too much government interference, a disinterested president and, now, too little respect for Black lives, pre-born and otherwise?

This is the bitter harvest of efforts infected by communism in any of its forms. This Eastern European plague freezes self-sufficiency; patriotism and traditional values among its clients.

It spawns angry peasants who eventually strangle economies with incessant grasping for more social programs.

MLK Day 2013 finds me looking beyond celebrations and flowery rhetoric to ugly realities which liberalism, past and present, creates.

If our “dream” doesn’t incorporate two parent (male/female) families; institution building and loving free markets then America, from the Hood to the Heartland, becomes nightmarish.

On MLK Day 2013, too many Americans are living a national nightmare.

Is that liberalism’s real definition of integration?


Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Also posted in Move-On-Up.Org

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit


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