Cancelling the “All My Babies Mamas” Mindset!


I got an early American History Month (my name for Black History Month) gift: news that rapper Shawty Lo’s reality TV show, “All My Babies Mamas ” has been cancelled!

Jubilant about this minor victory for home training and traditional values, the fact remains we must cancel the mindset which gave rise to this spectacle.

My sector of Pat Buchanan’s famed “Culture War “speech in 1992 doesn’t see many victories for the old school.

The battle flags of sagging jeans and soaring crime statistics often fly over the high ground in hoods nationwide.

Low life behavior in rap hasn’t faced real internal challenge since the epic 90s anti-gangsta rap crusade of noted Black liberal C. Deloris Tucker.

Her alliance with conservative William Bennett reminds me that the coalition opposing “All My Babies Mamas ” had a lot of liberal Black women who’d had enough.

I’m hard on Black liberals, but applaud these sisters for standing up to how that ideology tears our community down in popular culture.

“A nation can rise no higher than its woman “Nation of Islam founder Elijah Muhammad was fond of saying.

It’s true.

Mothers have unequalled authority in shaping children’s environments. Is it unkind to suppose that a baby mama mindset will produce like consciousness?

The same holds true for men who recklessly reproduce and abandon off spring fast as they can. I’m surprised a video game with this theme hasn’t yet surfaced.

If Black America attacked ghetto culture with the energy reserved for White Republicans, the Oxygen Network wouldn’t have dared float this spectacle.

Mitt Romney isn’t playing artful dodger with child support authorities concerning fatherless inner city kids.

Ann Coulter isn’t in the projects with children from numerous men who’ve now forgotten she exists.

This is our cultural Normandy Beach head. This invasion has blitzkrieged its way through Black America thanks to our embrace of “Anything Goes” liberalism.

If this bleak reality is unthinkable for Obama’s daughters, shouldn’t it be equally unthinkable for all Black girls and women.

Now that our protests have cancelled this show, when will we protest to cancel the “All My Babies Mamas ” mindset in real life?

Cap Black The Hood Conservative

Cap Black is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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