Gate Keeper: Not a Barbarian


American Black men are seduced into being shock troops for a very anti-social philosophy. For decades this anti-social philosophy used Black criminals, until recently, to force concessions from a majority White society. 

We were cast as modern barbarians at America’s gates, but America is no longer a majority White nation. 

Her president is a visibly Black, bi-racial man. 

His political party is mostly non-White and has attracted the largest minority, Latinos, as its new inclusion battle axe to swing at the pillars of the Republic. 

If I follow the anti-social narrative, I’m supposed to be a ticking, 400 year old human munition aimed by my task masters. 

Targets include the constitution; the Judeo-Christian ethic and anything else loved by the status quo. 

At 46, I’m supposed to be an “OG “(Original Gangster) initiating and supervising younger men into barbarian mode so we may avenge ourselves upon America. 

We’re supposed to hate Western civilization, of which America is a part. Our prime directive is to pay back the status quo for every slight, real and imagined, we’ve experienced. 

But, what happens if a Black man doesn’t buy the barbarian narrative? 

What if his read on America and the West reveals a strategic role in preserving a social order whose promise far outweighs its prejudices? 

What’s his duty, in a nation whose White former majority has been financially beaten to their knees, while a raucous rainbow coalition is managed by Whites long opposed to the constitution and the Judeo-Christian ethic? 

I choose to side with Crispus Attucks and an unbroken line including Booker T Washington; Frederick Douglass; World War One’s Harlem Hell fighters; the Tuskegee Airmen; the Freedom Riders; US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas; former Congressman Allen West and others who found something in our sojourn worth defending. 

Most brothers in my community don’t hate their American brothers from the shrinking majority population. But they have imbibed a hateful narrative which makes them an Amen corner for genuine haters in our midst. 

We act as a ” Black Citizens Council, ” like the White ones of the Jim Crow past, which won’t get their hands dirty but will rationalize and even jury nullify on behalf of thugs who do. 

The long rumored collision of Black and White haters promises to be a real life “Twilight of The Gods” worthy of Norse mythology. 

Like the Heimdall character portrayed by actor Idris Elba in the recent “Thor” movie, patriotic American Black men must be gate keepers against barbarians at America’s gates. 

When gate keepers break the stranglehold of this barbarian narrative downloaded into young minds and show them their citizenship instead is when America’s internal opposition loses a weapon they frankly take for granted. 

What good is our epic story of loss and advancement, if we don’t join other groups who’ve climbed uphill to ultimately help save America from destructive dissidents?

That’s why Idris Elba’s Heimdall is this article’s symbol:  his character chose to preserve a mythic land that, appearances aside, was his to protect, too. 

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

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