Math and Marxism: Early Childhood Indoctrination

No, this isn’t a rightwing nutjob nightmare – it’s reality. The Progressive movement started inculcating our children to accept these ideologies many decades ago. Consider the influence and power wielded by the Teacher’s Union (for Obama) in the last election and the young Occupy Wall Street protestors –the progeny of Progressive/Marxist principles. We now have the Entitlement Generation: “where’s my free stuff … my obama phone!” 

The Left demonizes those who epitomize the America Dream: work hard, save, build and earn their wealth so they can provide a good or better life for their children, as well as create jobs for those who want have their own American Dream in mind.

Under the current administration, the wealthy are worried, the job creators aren’t hiring – in fact, they are laying off more employees, as evidenced by the monthly job reports since Obama took office. Now that Obamacare and new taxes are being foisted on our businesses, employers are cutting employee hours in order to avoid prohibitive penalties for not providing obamacare to their employees. 

The American Dream is slowly slipping away, thanks to those who voted for (or failed to vote for Gov. Romney) Obama. It’s as easy as adding 2 + 2. ~ Clio

Please click on this link to the Teacher Express Scholastic website where these forms are available:

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