Top Two Reasons I’m A Conservative American Black

By NADRA AKA CAP BLACK (Originally posted January 7, 2013. TBP thanks the author for permission to reprint ~ Clio)

Growing up in the late sixties and seventies I saw that era’s crazy clothes and crazier behavior and even as a child dismissed what I’d come to know as socialism.

I’ve always been old school, preferring dignity and civic duty over demonstrations and civil unrest. Old school brothers like Jackie Robinson and Jesse Owens have always been my idea of how Black men should navigate great issues of the day: passionately, but always with an eye on uplifting America instead of tearing her down.

New old school ones like US Senator Tim Scott are added as well.

Always a traditionalist, I’d like to share the top two reasons for old school American Blacks to call themselves the loaded C-word: conservative.  

1. Conservative American Blacks aren’t out here committing crime; joining gangs and making murder the number one public health hazard for young urban men. Our liberals hate to hear it, but their beloved moral relativism mass produces what I call ” chocolate Klansmen ” who rampage without remorse.

For this reason alone, self-respecting American Blacks should call themselves conservative.

2. Conservative American Black women are God-fearing; industrious and the exact opposite of Obama phone ladies and other female nightmares destroying our child development and public decorum.

Black conservative women aren’t the ones having babies randomly; abusing the welfare system nor parading around half-naked in public.

Conservative American Blacks aren’t the ones cornering the market on being thugs and baby mamas. We shouldn’t apologize for having dignity and shouldn’t cut any slack on those who don’t.

These top two reasons, critics will note, have nothing to do with White folks. Sorry to bring race in to it, but this is the Left’s favorite weapon.

One tired accusation liberal uncle toms use ( despite being being bought and paid for by a pale politburo ) is Black conservatives are economically controlled by racist Republicans.

It’s odd considering how liberal icons Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, alongside the NAACP; National Urban League; Rainbow Coalition and National Action Network are primarily funded by non-Black owned corporations.  

I don’t discriminate when it comes to the free market support, but since Black liberals color code conservative supporters, turn about now becomes fair play.

To my old school American Black sisters and brothers, calling yourselves conservative means divorcing yourselves away from the morally void; vulgar and violent vision of the Black Left.

Would you rather be a community where upright people like US Senator Tim Scott and former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice are the norm or modern minstrel show characters courtesy of devolved Hip Hop and the six o’clock news?

Lack of thugs and baby mamas are the top two reasons why I’m a conservative American Black. I prefer people of any pigmentation to have dignity.

If you’re really old school, you do too.

Cap Black, The Hood Conservative

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