2013 … Bold and Fearless

It may be difficult for some of us to cheerily embrace the holiday celebrations. Many of us had great hopes for 2013 and watched those hopes and expectations dashed on November 6, 2012. We won’t have the pleasure of anticipating, with joy and relief, the inauguration of a new president. We know that the policies, deceits and abuses of our Constitution of the past four years are likely, without impeachment or divine intervention, to continue for another four years. We expect that this administration feels emboldened by their snatched victory and we can envisage an exponential increase of the aforementioned. Recognition of what lies ahead for this nation provides no cause for celebration.

I began The Bold Pursuit several years ago as a neophyte blogger who wished to share her views and concerns about the new administration. I invited other bloggers, artists, musicians and poets to join me and add their own perspectives to this forum for patriotic expression. Together, we sought to warn and inform, with objectivity, courtesy and intelligent thought, our readers and visitors.

After November 6, I questioned the purpose of continuing The Bold Pursuit; if we weren’t able to make a difference and substantiate, with fact and logic, the true threat the current administration poses to the country, as well as to future elections, perhaps we haven’t served our purpose.

While taking note of the posthumous evaluations of the election, it is clear to me that triumphing over the present regime would require formidable citizen action, as well as adopting the same corrupt and malicious tactics that the ‘winning’ campaign employed. That’s not an acceptable stratagem for those of us who consider honesty and fair play as part of our ethical DNA.

So where do we go from here? In considering TBP’s future, I looked to the quote by Thomas Jefferson in which I found our site’s name: “I was bold in the pursuit of knowledge, never fearing to follow truth or reason to whatever results they led, and bearding every authority which stood in their way.”

Boldly pursue knowledge … never fear to follow truth … These words will continue to be our guideposts in our efforts to warn and inform. We welcome the challenges that 2013 brings our way and will face them … boldly. ~ Clio

We wish to thank and acknowledge the writers, staff and contributors who supported The Bold Pursuit: our Senior Editor, Genevieve; columnist John Wayne Tucker, contributing and guest writers Jim Mullen, Robert Arvay, Dhaval Sheth, Cam Vallee, Don Hank, Sandy Stringfellow, Hartley Atkins, Victor Lundquist (MittRomneyCentral); political cartoonist, Noel Alcoba – The RightHanded Cartoonist, MittFitts, LMAObama.com (are congrats in order for another four years? Keep making us laugh, friends!), Bruce O’H (our banner artist and supporter), Bill (EVP-at-large) and Ron Devito, publisher of US4Palin and our syndicate partner. Wishing all of you a happy, healthy (don’t get sick under obamacare!) and prosperous (avoid becoming part of the 2% … or 3%. We know that target group is a fluid number) 2013. Happy New Year.

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