Guns Don’t Kill, Government Kills

by Donald Hank, Guest Contributor

Throughout the 1990s, Washington, D.C. had more of its residents killed by police officers than any other city in the United States. Now the D.C. metropolitan police department has ordered 500 AR-15 assault rifles, which they will begin issuing to inner-city patrol cops to start carrying on the streets this summer.

Obama gave heavy weapons to Al Qaeda in his zeal to get rid of West-friendly Ghadaffi and evidence shows he may be doing the same thing in Syria. US ambassador Chris Stevens was killed in an attack that involved shoulder fired missiles, more deadly and powerful than an assault weapon. These may have been supplied by the US but attempts by Congress to investigate have been thwarted by stonewalling and frequent changes in the government’s accounts of the attack.

(Obama did not cry on national TV when Ambassador Stevens and three other government agents were killed).

Under Operation Fast and Furious, Obama’s ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives), part of Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, sold firearms to known Mexican drug dealers under the pretext of tracking the weapons, which they promptly lost from view. These were assault weapons in many cases. One of these lost weapons turned up at the murder scene of border patrol agent Brian Terry and in the murder scenes of dozens of slain Mexicans:

(Obama did not cry on national TV when agent Brian Terry was killed).

Other things that are never mentioned in the gun debate:

Police all over the US are using the AK15, but when THEY use it, the press kindly refers to it as a ‘tactical rifle.’ When citizens use it, they call it an assault rifle. Words used by reporters are propaganda to make you accept the official viewpoint.

The Fort Hood killer Nidal Hasan was aided and abetted by the Obama administration, which refused to heed his wild threats to kill Americans. Despite his mental instability and terrorist sympathies, he was promoted to Major and killed military personnel with a weapon issued by the US government.

(Obama did not cry on national TV on this occasion).

Half of the citizens killed by police every year are mentally ill:

Police shot 1,146 people in 2011.

Quote: In 1971, police officers in New York City shot 314 people, killing 93. (In California, the state with the most police involved shootings in 2011, the police shot 183, killing 102.) In 2010, New York City police shot 24, killing eight. Last year, in the nation’s largest city, the police shot 16, killing six. In Columbus, Ohio, a city one eighth the size of New York, the police shot 14, killing eight. Statistical diversities like this suggest that in the cities with the highest per capita shooting rates, better people ought to be hired, or the existing forces need a lot more training in the use of deadly force.

In other words, in some areas police would seem to be killing people they would not have to kill. Why isn’t this part of the gun debate? It doesn’t fit the agenda.

London vs NY:

Quote: A new report has found that Londoners are six times more likely to be robbed or assaulted than New Yorkers, that their cost of living is nearly 40% higher.

So the cost of disarming citizens is a net loss of security and safety and not a net gain.

Illegal aliens kill about 12 people a day: (Obama has not shed any dry tears over these deaths, though many are children).

These people are here because the federal government encourages them to enter and now wants amnesty under the Dream Act, which would encourage even more unvetted people to enter the US, many with criminal background. Where are these killers in the gun debate?

The Obama administration released 19 illegal alien felons who subsequently committed murders:

Further on violence by illegal aliens:–anarcho-tyranny

If you add to this the lives lost defending ‘democracy’ in Middle East nations that, as a result of our intervention, have since gone over to anarchy or Islamic sharia regimes with no respect for the rights of women or minorities (especially Christians but also minority branches of Islam), it is clear that the big killer is not guns but government. 

Don Hank 

Further reading:

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