Weak-kneed Republicans must learn to fight or surely, they will perish

by Jim Mullen 

Radicals of the country, and indeed, the world, united to give Barack Obama nearly unfettered supremacy over Americans’ lives. The country’s march to fascism quickened on that fatal 2012 Election Day. 

Obama will be even more dangerous to liberty and a free economy in his next four years since he spent one out of three days in office during his first term on fundraising. Now he is virtually unencumbered to enslave this nation and convert our economy into a Marxist state. 

Nearly 60 million Americans lost their lust for liberty when they succumbed to Barack Obama’s Marxist tyranny. They sold the country’s soul for his promise of stealing money from the producers, visionaries, and job creators, and then giving it to the bitter, envious, and slothful. 

Misinformed and misguided Republicans immediately joined the liberals after the election to declare that Republicans must make policy changes to align the Party more with the winning Democratic Party strategies. In other words, they must retreat even further from Constitutional government, free enterprise, Capitalism, and teaching personal responsibility. 

One such shortsighted rant coming from the left side of the Republican Party endorses amnesty for the tens of millions of illegal aliens and their families. 

Ronald Reagan fell for that Democratic Party bait-and-switch in 1986. After Reagan granted amnesty for their customary lying promise of border security, Democrats showed him the backside of their mascot and said, “Thanks sucker!” Subsequently, Republicans were rewarded for their gullibility by losing 7% of the Hispanic vote in the next presidential election. Self-destructive Republicans now propose to give Democrats another 20 million votes. 

Rather than explaining how illegal aliens take jobs from low and middle-class Americans and drain precious resources and taxpayers’ money to maintain the welfare system for illegals, Republicans are ready once again to cave in to liberal intimidation. 

There is a deafening silence from politicians illuminating the lethal consequences awaiting our country from assassins crossing our nearly unguarded border. Their deadly formation of terrorist cells and attacks on the American people will make 9-11 seem like amateur play. 

Additionally, we never hear either political party talking about the drug gangs and cartels that have inundated and captured the inner cities of the United States. These people cross the border at will with guns, drugs, and human trafficking. 

Democrats learned long ago to use race baiting, immigration, and class warfare like strafing fire; they conditioned Republicans to duck, run for cover, and cower in fear. 

Republicans mistakenly believe this post-election ploy will endear them to millions of Hispanic voters. They feel that by joining the Democrats in kowtowing to political correctness and emotional blackmail, they can tap into the fastest growing demographic in America – people who should not be here. 

American citizenship is the world’s greatest and most sought-after treasure. It should never be trivialized to a point that its crown jewel is granted to those who breach our national wall, break into our society, raid the country’s treasury, steal American jobs, and then demand the bestowal of citizenship. There should be no right for any such group to change the entire political dynamics and culture of America. 

To validate illegals and equate them with natural-born Americans and those who followed the legal highway to citizenship, in the name of political correctness and humanity, is patently un-American and offensive. Yet, here we have prominent Republicans and their minions in the media advocating acceptance and glorification of illegal aliens. Indeed, they’re preparing an honored place at America’s table where people who have no respect for our laws, customs, or Constitution may partake of freedom’s bounty. 

Reagan also fell for another democratic fraud when they promised spending cuts if he agreed to raise taxes. As is their mode of operation, they tell any lie, make any promise, and attack the opposition unmercifully to win every fight. They know full well that welfare is a winner for Democrats, and that’s why they spent fifty years building their voting base around indoctrination and dependence. The strategy of creating an economical and governmental climate designed to keep people poor and enslaved to government, is in chapter one of every dictator’s book. 

To keep the votes coming, the radical left requires more and more taxpayers’ money to feed the welfare beast. Therefore, they will never agree to reduce spending and chance losing this formidable political dynasty – the most sought-after group in the electorate. They amassed the powerful voting bloc in our country’s history, well over 100 million to the welfare rolls. These numbers do not count the state, local, and charitable contributions. Adding to the misery index and maintaining a dominant welfare state of politically active poor has paid off for the Democrats. 

Republicans never learn that under no circumstance will they outbid the left in buying votes by stealing taxpayers’ money. Neither do they learn that their plaintful attempts garnered them nothing but decades of scorn and hatred, but no votes from any of the leeches in society.  

The conservative message is difficult to impart because most hardcore welfare recipients have no interest in unemployment numbers, economic growth, national debt, or the annual deficit. Likewise, adhering to Constitutional principles of less government is detrimental to their cause. They define freedom as living a carefree, uninspired, and unproductive life at the expense of others. 

Media and the government-controlled educational system successfully distort facts, promote propaganda, and indoctrinate the citizenry into believing that every tenet that built this country is racist or designed to keep the common class down. They preach that Marxism is the only fair system, when, in reality; Marxism is inherently evil and invariably lowers people to the lowest common denominator. Its design is to disallow upward mobility, and inevitably demeans humanity. 

American education devolved into teaching children from Head Start to graduate school, that the federal government is there to provide for your every need, and that Capitalism is evil and a destroyer of people. 

Obama must exert enormous pressure on Republicans for their assistance in using taxation to punish success and redistribute income. He must get massive tax increases from Republicans and demand the Federal Reserve print more money if he is to be successful at redistributing income. Even with all this, he will load trillions of dollars more debt to the backs of American youth. 

Republicans must come to realize that to return to any semblance of political power, they must return to constitutional doctrine, free enterprise, personal responsibility, and liberty. They are obliged to realign their efforts toward educating Americans to the fact that these principles built this country into the greatest land on earth, and it is only with the American spirit we grow and thrive. They must expose the failed Marxist philosophies of Obama and the New Democratic Party, and reveal to everyone how their policies have wrought devastation to our country. 

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney was another Republican who shied away from ruffling feathers and therefore, cannot be held blameless in the loss to a President with the most despicable four-year record in the history of our nation. Obama’s openly Marxist policies were barely challenged, and the Republican contender had numerous opportunities to connect with knockout blows during the debates and on nearly a daily basis. 

Romney, of course, chose to cower in fear when challenged, whimpered when called rich-boy, and let Obama, the media, and the far left define him and his message. In other words, he tried to win a fight without being confrontational. Remarkably, he used the identical losing strategy employed by the war hero, John McCain, so it’s fairly obvious that the problem was not a wimp image projected by Romney. Rather, it was the same wimpy strategy employed by Republicans. 

We should remember that over 3 million more Republicans voted for John McCain than voted for Mitt Romney. Evidently, they couldn’t discern enough difference between Obama’s disastrous Marxist policies and Romney’s free enterprise, Capitalist policies. If they did, it wasn’t enough to rouse them from their comfort zone to cast a vote. 

Republicans are slow studies in the Democratic Party’s no-holds-bar, win-at-any-cost tactics. They faint at the sight of the opponent’s blood, so they fight in the middle of the ring using the very sporting, Marquess of Queensberry Rules, while Democrats take off the gloves and use baseball bats and billy clubs to beat them into submission. 

To conservatives, government is about protecting freedom. To liberals, government is all about control and total destruction of freedom. If Republicans go weak-kneed and waver from conservative values, the Party will self-destruct. 

If they don’t stand and fight, and if they try appealing to the sensibilities of liberal thieves and far left politicians by going along to get along, the Republican Party may disappear into the vapor of eternity. 

The twinkle in the eye of a free America and the lust for freedom in the soul of the enslaved has waned. The American spirit is laden with an unmanageable burden of a society satisfied with an existence in the government welfare line. Too many have resigned themselves to self-failure and have an overwhelming need to be coddled, nurtured, and institutionalized by government. Americans’ lust for freedom turned to envy, resentment, greed, and destructive behavior. 

Love of liberty is the only defense against tyranny. Americans have fallen out of love with liberty and in love with their new beau – dependency. This once powerful land of the free is becoming a hotbed of parasites that are devouring their hosts. When the hosts are depleted, our Republic will perish. 

Jim Mullen, Parkersburg, WV 




Jim Mullen is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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