The Real Obama is — NOBODY

by Robert Arvay

Many people have been intrigued by the mystery of who, and what, Barack Obama really is. And the reference here is not to the disputed facts about his birth place, nor to speculations about his parentage, nor to the many other unresolved ambiguities in his background.

Instead, the important mystery concerns who Barack Obama is right now. For when one delves into the undisputed facts, such as the routinely missed meetings with top level staff, the unseemly number of golf outings, and the numerous, lavish, taxpayer-paid vacations, it becomes clear that Barak Obama is a president in title only. He does not actually function as one. Which is why, if Obama is a mystery, he is a mystery without a solution. For if one asks, who is Barack Obama, the practical answer is that he is nobody.

Even during his first presidential campaign, the question was repeatedly asked, what are the qualifications of this man to be the leader of the world’s only superpower? The answers were merely that he ran a campaign that others actually ran for him, and that he edited the Harvard Law Review without ever having edited any of the articles in it, much less written one, and that . . . well, that pretty much completes the list. And so the mystery is not solved, but rather deepens.

The only thing that Obama brought to the political table is the fact that he was the most liberal senator in the congress. This, and only this, qualified him to become the most leftist president the nation has ever had. Indeed, he is so far to the left that the Marxist/Leninist parties of America support him full throttle. See

So who is the Barack Obama that sits at a desk in the oval office? Doesn’t just being there prove that he is the president? Alas, Obama is only a figurehead. While he may hold the title of presidency, he does not hold the power. Besides being the most radical leftist person ever to occupy the oval office, he is also the laziest and most incompetent. He has never run so much as a lemonade stand, and would not know how to begin.

Obama is like an actor on a TV series. He plays the role of president. But that’s all he does. The script writers, directors and producers tell him what to do. Obama would not know how to construct and implement a national policy if his life depended on it.

Who are these script writers? George Soros, with his billions of dollars and mastery of world market forces, is undoubtedly a potent power in the shadows. Politically, Valerie Jarrett also seems to be one of the most influential and controlling people pulling the strings. See But there are certainly others as well. Obama has appointed more so-called policy czars (thirty-four of them!) than all previous presidents combined.

This overwhelming dependence on constitutionally questionable authority has alarmed not only Republicans, but leading Democrats as well. According to Feb. 25, 2009, Sen. Robert Byrd, the longest-serving senator in history wrote a letter to Obama, detailing his (Byrd’s) concern about the number of “czars” . . . Obama has appointed. None have been confirmed by the Senate.”

Obama needs these unaccountable “commissars,” for they have something that Obama cannot fake, not even with an array of teleprompters. They have expertise. Obama does not. And while in theory, it is Obama who calls the shots, it is implausible that anyone with no expertise could issue competent orders to those who thoroughly know what they are doing.

To be sure, the policies Obama is instructed to promote are those with which he agrees. As was noted, he is the most radical leftist ever to hold the office. But agreeing with a policy is not the same as understanding its nuts and bolts. Nor is it the same as understanding how to operate the levers of power.

For, presidential power does not come pre-packaged. If it did, you or I could fly a 747 jet airliner by merely putting on a pilot’s uniform. As Nixon aide John Ehrlichman (or was it H.R. Haldeman?) said in a televised interview, the president does not simply open a desk drawer and find his power in an envelope. Real power requires years of intense, active involvement, as preparation for obtaining and wielding it.

Obama’s qualifications to lead a nation are exactly the same as his qualifications to fly Air Force One — nothing. His years of preparation went up in smoke, be it tobacco smoke or otherwise.

But give credit where credit is due. Obama does understand some basic elements of power — if by power you mean brute force, thuggery and fraud. He’s got that down pat.

However, he has not the slightest clue how to enlist voluntary support from people who disagree with him — even when he desperately needs those people. Lyndon Johnson demonstrated his mastery of this skill, by calling in to the oval office, one by one, congressmen who could potentially help him. Johnson would ask each one, name one favor that you realistically think I can do for you. If they did, then Johnson would say, in return, this is what I want from you. Deal or no deal?

For Obama, by contrast, there is no such finesse. For him, enlisting support means deceiving people, threatening them, and taking advantage of those who have good will. He is the penultimate con artist, but nothing more.

These tactics work for a time. But eventually, the realities of power will overtake Obama.

His downfall may come in one single form, or in many forms at one time. He may be done in by his complicity in the murders of four Americans in Libya. Or it may take the kind of multiple storm system that was Hurricane Sandy — opposite economic forces colliding in a destructive whirlwind of rain and sea water.

But the day will come when Obama’s usefulness to his handlers will come to an end. Once there is no longer a need for well delivered speeches authored by others— once the charming smile fades— when events overwhelm the ability of any policy to mask failure— sooner or later, probably sooner, Barak Obama will become more of a liability than an asset to those who wield the real power of the presidency.

When that happens, Obama will be cast aside, and he will have no clue as to what happened. He will, more likely figuratively than literally, find himself on the sidewalk, wondering where went the adoring crowds, the perquisites and privileges, and the mentoring that once dominated his life. His next biography will likely be titled, A Greco-Amer
ican Tragedy
, complete with the fatal flaw and the inevitable consequence.

So then, who is this mysterious figure who came out of nowhere, with not the slightest achievement on his resume, and somehow became seated at the desk in the oval office? There is no answer. Obama was a nobody before he became well known, he will be a nobody again, and the irony is this: underneath all the pretense, he is a nobody now.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad.

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