AMERICA did not lose on November 6 – Free Speech and the Ability to Find the Truth for Yourself LOST

by Cam Vallee

This was brought to my mind when I was censored on an uber-liberal site for calling Rachel Maddow a ‘moron.’ To be fair, I am not a fan of your American talking heads. I really like Greta Van Susteren because she tries to represent both sides fairly, but the rest of them? I think they are all moronic. I would never rely on them as a true information source but at one time, I was a HUGE fan of Glen Beck. I learned a lot from him but got tired of the mantra. I think he was far more effective on Fox than he is now and am sad that he left. 

But the thing is that in America I get to say that and you get to tell me you like them and we are off to the races debating our sides! We do not have to engage in name calling at all, because we are not the object of the opinion. 

When I first showed up at that site, I saw Americans taking each other’s heads off for opposing views. Not all but most. Civil conversation and disagreement did not seem to exist and people were being censored and kicked out daily for what they said about each other. When we conservatives flagged stories about Sarah Palin that were derogatory, we were told it was all about free speech. People could say anything they wanted to about her, even lie about her because she was a public figure. 

So it seems to go in America. People on the right can be demonized but people on the left protected by your lying media and liberal groups. There is only a one size fits all rule to lies and name calling and it always swings in favour of the left wing media or the liberal moderator. 

Where do Conservatives go for fairness? A lot of us are working underground. Forced there by a bias that we are too tired and too discouraged to stand up to. But you know what happens when we don’t poke our heads out of our hiding places once in a while? People like Barack Obama and his cronies win and we lose. 

In that liberal site I mentioned, a few determined conservatives fought the hard fight for Mitt Romney. They let us. We battled and we won every day we were allowed to post the truth. Then I called a liberal talk show host a moron and everything changed. 

If you want things to change in the way people think then consider this: it is not the political arena on which you should focus. It is the American lame stream media. It is the Hollywood elite who abuse their positions to brainwash the youth of America. It is the liberals who get away with promoting lies about good people and then try to censor you for disagreeing with their views on what makes the world go round. 

The only way to get off this merry-go-round of corrupt media is by sending non-stop letters of complaints to those outlets. Boycott movies. Write letters to every Hollywood elitist TELLING THEM you are doing that because they abuse the power of their station in America when they brainwash youth and the naïve. I have not gone to a theater in four years and I am not an American. Fight back with truth and look for that truth outside of your media, America. Let the doubters argue, but never argue with them. Do not return fire. Just keep spreading the truth. 

Support sites like this one. The Bold Pursuit started by a little patriot who I know has put her whole heart and soul into it. In this way, we help create sites that will give us the truths we need to find. 

Stand together. Stand proud. Stand up…. Speak out and never give up for what you know is the right thing to do. 

I can see 2014 just around the corner and the fight begins TODAY! 

Cam Vallee

Your Northern Neighbour

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