“The Vote”

This morning, I heard some television pundits and Obama backers declare that there is ‘desperation’ in the Romney camp based on his multi-state push in the past 48 hours (which will include more rallies in Ohio and Pennsylvania tomorrow morning).

I don’t agree with these oracles of political prognostication, nor do I agree with Mr. Obama’s celebrity shills, surrogates or ‘desperate’ campaign staff.

If memory serves (because Google doesn’t), I recall Charles Krauthammer speaking on Fox News and one quote has stayed with me throughout this campaign, giving me hope on those gray days when the mainstream media ballyhooed Romney’s demise (over and over – yet, he’s still here and he’s tied in a close race):

‘Romney is in this to win’

He really is … he’s leaving no stone unturned or any potential vote unasked for or unwanted. Mitt Romney wants to win, he’s planned to win, and he’s worked tirelessly, but has always had a ‘plan.’


To those who criticized the former governor of Massachusetts for not being more aggressive during the primaries and General Election campaign – Romney has a plan: keep positive, stay focused on the economy and don’t be distracted by false narrative from the Left. To quote Gov. Romney:

“It’s still the economy and we’re not stupid.”

A year ago, many of you thought that Gov. Romney didn’t stand a chance. Now, he’s tied in a tight race with an incumbent. Internal polls show a slow, steady surge and strong numbers with independents – who may well decide tomorrow’s vote.


Romney hasn’t played it ‘safe,’ he’s played it smart. If he doesn’t win tomorrow, I’ll strongly suspect voter fraud (it’s widely reported now, so voters must OVERWHELM the polls tomorrow and VOTE for Romney/Ryan). If anyone isn’t voting because you don’t have time – MAKE IT! If you need a ride to the precincts, call your local Romney victory center, post a request on your Facebook page or tweet to your friends. Just ask … you’ll get a ride to the polls to vote.

Vote tomorrow for our future, for jobs, for military strength in a dangerous world and a Commander-in-Chief who will NOT deny security for our military or embassies. He will protect and support our men and women in uniform. He pledged to do so.

He will protect and support our friends and allies, most importantly: Israel.

Romney will defend American interests at home and throughout the world… and restore America to its former standing as a world power and economic force.

For the past four years, our ‘shining city on the hill’ that the late President Ronald Reagan mentioned in his speeches has been shrouded in dark, murky mists. The light that shined from within, as a beacon of hope and liberty, was extinguished by Mr. Obama’s ideological rhetoric, apology tours, political failures and cover-ups. It’s time to let go of the mythology of Obama and restore the light and let the beacon illuminate all corners of America and the world.

Governor Romney is the man who has the shoulders to bear Reagan’s mantle and reignite our bright heritage. He has the integrity for the job and will represent us honorably.

Perhaps America needs a YouTube video to spark a spontaneous reaction within patriots that prompts them to show up at the polls tomorrow, en masse, to vote for Governor Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan.

Let’s do this … for America, for our future.

Don’t be fooled – this one is for ‘all the marbles,’ friends, present and future.

~ Clio

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