Palinistas’ Time of Choosing

Over a full year has passed since former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced that she would not be running for President in the 2012 election cycle. During the primaries, as she spoke at CPAC, Gov. Palin said,

“Together, we must stand as conservatives with common-sense, with a servant’s heart for the good of our party, but more importantly for the sake of our country, we must stand united. Whoever the nominee is – whoever the nominee is, we must work together to get him elected.”

Since then, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney went on to win the majority of delegates in the primaries, carrying all the states from April through June by super-majorities. On April 25, 2012, GOP Chairman Reince Preibus announced that the RNC considered Romney to be its nominee and “the party was merging with his campaign.” Romney was formally nominated at the RNC Convention in Tampa. As this goes to press, the election is less than three weeks away.

Gov. Palin has said the following about Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan during Fox News interviews in June and August, to wit:

This go around, if you don’t know who you dislike more: Romney or Obama – this go around, give Romney a shot. OK? We don’t want to repeat the failed policies of President Obama. That’s insanity to just repeat the same failures over and over again and expect a different result….Obama had his chance…this go around, let’s give Romney that chance.

-Gov. Palin, August 25, 2012

As I’ve repeatedly said, I support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their efforts to replace President Obama at the ballot box, and I intend to focus on grassroots efforts to rally Independents and the GOP base to elect Senate and House members so a wise Congress is ready to work with our new President to get our country back on the right path. This is imperative.

-Gov. Palin, August 12, 2012

“…I would vote for Romney in a heartbeat over Obama…”

-Gov. Palin, June 19, 2012

This is Bigger than Gov. Palin. It’s About Our Country.

The foregoing is not subject to interpretation and no Palinista has any excuse or rationalization away from it. Palinistas are to support Romney/Ryan as the GOP nominees for POTUS and VPOTUS. This means at a bare minimum not posting negativity about them. It means voting for them. Better still is to help this ticket boot Obama out of office through activities oriented toward Getting Out the Vote (GOTV), and yes volunteering for the campaign.

This is much more than about loyalty to Gov. Palin. That’s actually the least of it – and none other than Gov. Palin herself would agree. She understands fully that this is not about her. Gov. Palin woman’ed up and supported this ticket, even though some Romney’s operatives tried to politically destroy her. She understands that saving this country from Obama, Reid, Pelosi and other big government leftists is much more important than her ego. She stepped aside from a prime-time speaking role at the RNC – because she wanted to help, not hurt – and give other voices the front stage there. Instead, she went to Arizona and stumped for three down-ticket candidates in 110-degree desert heat.

As Palinistas, this should be more than good enough for us. Following Gov. Palin’s lead on this matter is not about loyalty or allegiance to her or anyone else. It’s about saving our country from the disaster of an Obama reelection.

The State of Obama’s Union

Since Obama took office, our national debt has skyrocketed to over $16 trillion. Gas prices have more than doubled; real estate values have declined; we are now on our third round of quantitative easing; official unemployment numbers are just under 8% – which really means it’s 16% or more, because the actual number of people out of work is usually double that of those collecting unemployment insurance. More Americans are in poverty, not less. Our nation suffered its second credit downgrade. We are well on the way to joining the ranks of collapsed economies such as the failed socialist states in the Eurozone like Greece.

His administration has brought about the largest tax increase in history via ObamaCare and ushered in a federal mandate that consumers buy a product.

Obama’s foreign policy is nothing short of an unmitigated disgrace. He apologizes to our enemies and shuns our allies. He has a disturbing affinity to the Muslim world as evidenced in his response to acts of war committed in Libya and Egypt upon our embassies and ambassadors.

On the domestic front, he has suborned, fostered and fomented class and race warfare. Innocent people were brutalized and killed to “avenge” the shooting of Trayvon Martin, a matter in which Obama interfered. He gave aid and comfort to the Occupy movement, which is founded upon class warfare and thrives on vandalism, rape, and drug use.

He changed positions on gay marriage for political expediency. He stood silent as a major donor made misogynistic remarks about Gov. Palin and as deranged activists rained death threats upon her daughter Bristol for simply saying that marriage is between a man and a woman.

Obama does not believe in American Exceptionalism but rather believes that our nation must be “chastened” and reduced to be on parity with others. He has governed accordingly.

Clint Eastwood with his empty chair skit was spot on, but Obama’s absence, aloofness, and utter lack of leadership were known issues long before he was elected, as Karen Beyer, a Pennsylvania state representative said on October 8, 2008 at a McCain-Palin rally.

As a leader, Obama has been absent, spending more time on the golf course than in either economic or national security briefings.

Obama’s reelection and his being a lame duck in a second term could destroy our country, probably through economic collapse. Voting this man out of office is the priority, along with re-taking the Senate and keeping the House. Quibbling that Romney is “not a true conservative” and refusing to vote for him is not merely asinine. It’s suicidal.

Obama vs. Romney

Some say that “Romney and Obama are the same.” That statement is absolute baloney. I should know. You see, I trafficked in that meme shortly after Gov. Palin announced she was not running. I held Romney in disdain and I pushed for an Open Convention until I realized it was mathematically impossible – all the way till mid-April. My reaction was typical of what happens when you think with a broken heart. But, hearts are built for pumping blood, not making reasoned decisions. There comes a point when you have to put emotion aside and use your head.

Ray of Essex and Orange, which manufactures American Grizzlies United (AGU) graphic T shirts and posters came to the same conclusion. So did his partner, Susan, who wrote: Getting Past Palin (don’t let the headline mislead you – she’s not disavowing Gov. Palin in the least), Romney/Ryan 2012, and Clear Eyes and Full Heart – My Change of Heart Regarding Mitt Romney.

Shelly Dankert, who was a major player in the Earthquake movement is voting for Romney and minces no words about those who are staying home or playing third party ballot games. Yes, I vehemently disagreed with some of the tactics of the Earthquake movement. But I respect Dankert tremendously. She woman’ed up, got over it and got over herself. Dankert is one earthquaker who accepted reality and she’s working to get Obama out of office.

Within a month of Gov. Palin’s no-run announcement, I had written an entire series for AGU on vetting candidates (see pages 6 – 16), and began tracking delegate counts. I watched as Romney started growing stronger. I finally vetted and learned about him. It did take me some time, but I did it. When Nancy Reagan endorsed him, that motivated me to take a closer look. When I learned that he replaced a supporter’s destroyed pickup truck without even being asked, his stock jumped 1,000 points on my exchange – not that the Devito Stock Exchange is worth much, but forget it. I’m rolling. I would later learn that Romney is a generous man who has given millions of dollars to charity and spent many years working without pay in public service, neither of which he boasts about.

There are many significant differences between Romney and Obama, and only those blinded by emotion fail to see them.

Romney believes in American Exceptionalism as is exemplified in his convention acceptance speech. Obama wants to “knock us down a few pegs” to “level the playing field.”

Romney believes in a strong military and national defense, and you can hear this in his VFW speech.

You can also hear it in his Virginia Military Institute speech.

Obama has cut defense budgets, including missile interceptors in Alaska and even threatened to not pay our troops unless a budget proposal of his passed.

Romney has pledged to appoint judges who will interpret the Constitution as it was written. Obama has already appointed two activist judges to the Supreme Court.

Romney wants to cut spending so that it is no more than 20% of the GDP, among many other items in a comprehensive plan to restore fiscal sanity. Obama will lead us to economic collapse and ruin.

Romney wants to cut taxes, including repealing the death tax, the Alternative Minimum Tax, and cutting corporate taxes. He wants to repeal and replace ObamaCare (the parts that he supposedly likes can be addressed with market-based solutions). Obama will continue to expand the size and scope of the federal government and taxes will continue to increase to support the ever-expanding bureaucracy.

Romney is staunchly pro-Israel. Obama is anti-Israel and the most recent news reports of tensions between Bibi Netanyahu and Obama bear this statement out. Romney understands the threat a nuclear Iran poses and is willing to use military strikes to neutralize it. Obama does not appear to have an issue with Iran obtaining nuclear weapons.

Romney is pro-life, against embryonic stem cell research, and against gay marriage. Obama is pro-abortion, including partial-birth abortion, and allowing babies from botched abortions to die. As noted prior, he changed his position on gay marriage to gin up donations from a small but vocal and well-financed group of donors.

Romney supports the Second Amendment and the NRA is pleased with his performance on this front. The Obama administration is chomping at the bit to introduce more gun regulations and has made political hay out of mass murders carried out by deranged lunatics to support its anti-gun agenda. Obama made clear in the second debate that his intention is to reinstate the federal “assault weapons” ban. Subsequently, he indicated that he is seeking more controls on pistols. Romney made clear he is against new gun laws. If you cherish the Second Amendment, your choice is clear.

Romney has a comprehensive plan that will put us on the road to energy independence including streamlining licensing procedures and removing carbon dioxide from the purview of the Clean Air Act. Obama has placed moratoriums on off-shore drilling after the BP Gulf disaster – yet another incident in which Obama was absent as a leader – and scuttled the Keystone XL Pipeline. Obama loves high gas prices because he believes they will force Americans to drive less, buy smaller vehicles, and use mass transit. He’s so much as said so.

Some say “Mormons aren’t real Christians.” If that’s why you won’t vote for Romney, you really need to reassess your priorities. This little walk down memory lane should help:

Who can forget the “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright screaming “God Damn America!” at the top of his lungs? Romney did not spend 20 years of his life listening to hateful Black Liberation Theology as delivered by Wright. But, Obama did. Mormons don’t preach the crap that Obama listened to for nearly half his life in the Church of the Poisoned Mind.

Romney did not launch his career in the basement of Bill Ayers, an unrepentant domestic terrorist with the Weather Underground. Obama did. And, Obama spent his entire life training under Marxists.

Our Time of Choosing

This is about Conflicting Visions for our country and this is about removing Obama from office.

To those of you who plan to stay home – you only have three valid excuses for not voting: you’re sick, dead, or in jail. Our soldiers did not die in various hellholes for you to sit on your butt, complaining on Facebook or where ever else you post your gripes.

We are not going to accomplish anything by writing in “Sarah Palin,” voting fringe third party candidates, or under-voting. If you pull those ballot shenanigans, you are voting for Obama, because every vote you take away from Romney you’re giving to Obama. This is not rocket science or brain surgery. It’s common sense. It’s how our two-party system works.

This election is not about the GOPe. Yes, they need to be dealt with and Rule 12 needs to be sent straight to the incinerator. But, that is not today’s battle. We fight Rule 12 after Election Day. Today’s battle is to boot Obama out of the White House and send him back to Chicago or Hawaii, making sure the door does not hit him on the way out.

Living in a blue state is not an excuse to stay home or play electoral games. New York has a population of over 19 million. Some 5.6 million New Yorkers are Democrats and 2.8 million are Republicans. So that leaves about 10.6 million people. How many are not registered in any party? If I had to take a wild guess, I’d call it between 3 and 5 million. Consider too, that many people in New York register Democrat so they can vote in the primaries, because that party wields such power here. So, New York has a lot of conservatives who happen to have a “D” after their names. I’ve met them campaigning for Michael Grimm in 2010. Can a blue state like New York be flipped red? Yes, if we vote Romney/Ryan, and we each can get three or more independents and/or disgusted Democrats to vote this ticket. Don’t believe the polls. Blue states all over the country are flipping and you can either be part of the solution or part of the problem.

You can hold on to your beefs, grudges, and hatreds and by so doing, reelect Obama. That will continue us on the path to economic ruin, civil unrest, nukes in the hands of Islamists, more terrorist attacks, loss of our freedoms, and “fundamental transformation” from our free-market economy to a centrally planned socialist train wreck.

Your other choice is to man up or woman up, put your emotions aside, and vote for a man who does believe in American Exceptionalism, believes that opportunities should be available to all her citizens; believes in a strong national defense, sane spending practices, market-based economy; and understands separation of powers.

Election Day is your Time of Choosing and you have only two choices:

  • Romney
  • Obama


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