Obama Must Keep Americans Poor

by Jim Mullen

“It is in the interest of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves by arms and be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion.” – Aristotle 

Barack Obama’s and the New Democratic Party’s goal is more poverty, which breeds more government dependency, which endows government with more political and economic power over Americans. 

These tyrants must, above all else, do everything to prevent upward mobility. As people improve their station in life and become more and more independent, they are increasingly unlikely to vote for Democrats. Therefore, Barack Obama infamously segregates people with even a scintilla of American-freedom genes left in their bodies, and then makes them targets of his derision, scorn and ridicule. 

Obama and his “party of welfare and hopelessness” claim to work for our middleclass, then use every Marxist trick to destroy jobs and turn the country into a permanent “dependent state of poverty.” We’ve witnessed the greatest destruction of the middle class in our country’s history. Unemployment, food stamps, and disability numbers are growing at record, unheard-of rates as extreme left-wingers wield their idealistic, collectivist power. They’ve degraded much of our old middle class and greatly expanded a new welfare class. 

Gasoline prices under Obama doubled, food prices are up dramatically, and he admitted he wanted electricity costs to “skyrocket.” He’s increased the costs and regulations on business to such an extent that economic growth and job creation is non-existent. He keeps underprivileged citizens down and what’s left of the middleclass must claw and dig for survival. 

Deadly Economic Fire 

Democrats started this deadly economic fire in 2007 that still incinerates our country. And when Barack Obama came to power, he threw his explosive Marxist fuel into the mixture creating an inferno that continues to destroy every sound, free enterprise principle. 

During the combined reign of terror of Barack Obama’s progressive, lawless regime and the Democratic Party, American families lost over 40% of their median net worth. Median income for average, private sector Americans fell nearly 10%, and median value of their home equity plunged over 30%. There are over 8.8 million workers on federal disability and one worker receiving payments for each 15 people working. Just ten years ago, it was 1 in 33. 

In January 2007, when Democrats assumed the reins of Congress, unemployment was 4.6%. It’s now been over 8% for 42 consecutive months. A depression-like 25 million people are unemployed or underemployed and Obama’s policies drove millions more to drop out of the labor pool altogether and join the welfare rolls. Labor-force participation is at 63.5% – lowest since the last days of another thoroughly leftist President, Jimmy Carter in September 1981. 

We’re nearing 100 billion dollars a year spent on food stamps, and politicians armed this self-perpetuating program with an enormous advertising budget that begs people to join the welfare rolls. Obama’s redistributors nearly doubled the recipients and expenditures on food stamps. Clinton’s Welfare to Work legislation is now a “work to welfare and disability” plan. 

Over a million fewer people are working now than when Obama mockingly took his oath of office. Sweet promises of hope to America’s youth culminated in 5 trillion dollars of additional debt heaped on the backs of young people and double-digit unemployment for college graduates. 

Obama’s entire presidency is about making Americans wards of, or subservient to, an all-powerful federal government. Well over a hundred million people are on welfare, and Obama must continue the feeding frenzy and this meteoric increase. He must keep people comfortable in their poverty, voting for Democrats, and discouraging success. 

This President rails against our capitalistic, free-enterprise system and divides Americans by pitting one group against another. Yet, America’s system provides more benefits to more people and more diverse groups than any other system, anywhere else in the world. 

The American Dream … Perverted 

The American Dream promised by Lady Liberty’s “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” has been perverted by radical progressive liberals. Breathing freely in a socialist/Marxist society is an abomination to every principle of progressivism. The mighty woman with a torch, standing so proudly as a beacon to a hopeful world, must weep as ruthless, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats crush America’s spirit, and extinguish her flame of liberty. Barack Obama replaced American “can-do” attitude with a “you can’t do it without government” directive. 

For fifty years, socialists hammered the mantra of “programs for the poor.” After trillions of dollars and nearly three generations of failed policies, financial ruination, and millions of lost families, we can declare the experiment a wretched catastrophe. Our nation is a mass of interconnected command centers of liberalism; all answerable to Washington, and America is held in bondage by a despotism more likely seen in communist and third-world countries; not in the Land of the Free. 

Tens-of-millions of Americans exist in huddled masses of abject poverty in their government-issued hovels awaiting their next handout of taxpayers’ money. They experience few feelings of accomplishment or self-confidence, and never learn self-control or responsibility. Public education indoctrinates children from preschool to graduate school that the federal government is there to care for them. Worst of all, they never realize  America’s dream because they’ve been taught dependency is the new American dream, and that liberty is a luxury in which the government can no longer indulge its citizens. 

People subject themselves and their families to government degradation, and then blindly vote for the same Democratic Party that has controlled their lives for decades. It all clearly demonstrates how they’ve allowed left-wing politicians to enslave them to government. Strangely, any effort made to unshackle them from government subordination, ricochets into attacks on freedom fighters. 

Government dependency is an addiction as powerful as any drug, and it’s fed by the pushers of big-government standing on every political corner in America. As with any addict, his or her life can spiral totally out of control, but they will go to extraordinary lengths to keep supply lines open. These addicts can also count on their supply lines being guarded and protected by mainstream media and government-controlled public education. Of course, shameless politicians who ignore their sworn oath to uphold the Constitution, and then ignore human suffering caused by the welfare system, are primary purveyors of this evil. 

Over a third of the citizens are on welfare, and more than half of them live in fear of big government. Businesses must play Obama’s game of crony capitalism or operate in an atmosphere of paralyzing uncertainty. Job creators’ fear of what new Obama dictates will befall them next, shy away from expansion. Growth involves risks that they are unwilling to face during Barack Obama’s radical presidency. 

War on poverty programs intended to care for poor people are political conspiracies. They deliberately design them to keep enough Americans in an easily controlled, socioeconomically underprivileged class that enables Democrats to maintain an enormous, reliable, permanent voter base. Programs designed by politicians to care for the poor, breed more dependency and more poverty because that is their deliberate, intended purpose. 

Barack Obama knows that creating jobs and allowing poor people to care for themselves is a losing political proposition. Therefore, he is unwilling to create a business-friendly environment and get out of the Nanny State business. Shameful numbers of Americans trapped in poverty will continue to escalate because politicians need votes, and because Obama has a Marxist ideology to advance. 

It is, after all, in the interest of this tyrant to keep his people poor… 

Jim Mullen 

Jim Mullen is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit


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