America is Both Broke and Broken

by Robert Arvay

For the past few evenings, I have been watching Greta van Susteren interview congressmen about various government scandals. The attitudes of these congressmen, even the Republicans, is atrocious.

The congressmen have done a good job of uncovering fiscal “improprieties” by those who administer (or mismanage) our tax dollars. But uncovering them should be only the first step. Crimes have been committed. Documents have been deliberately altered to cover up the crimes. Where are the arrests? Where are the prosecutions?

If a bank teller steals $100 from the till, he goes to jail. If you or I forge a check, we go to jail.

But government agents routinely steal millions upon millions of tax dollars, lie about it, forge papers, and the worst that happens to them, if caught, is that they resign and go on to other careers. Some even retire with full pensions!

I could sense Greta mentally tearing her hair out as she interviewed these congressmen. She asks them to name names, and they won’t. She asks them why no one is being prosecuted, and they babble on about, well, they were fired.

Where is the fire in the belly?

I believe that part of the problem is because everybody in Washington DC is connected to everybody else. No matter whom you might choose to prosecute, he is the brother-in-law or uncle of someone you work with, and well, let’s not cause hard feelings.

Unless we clean out the government top to bottom and get all NEW people running things, then things will not change.

The criminals need to be prosecuted. Those government agents who replace them— and who might consider doing similar crimes— need to see their predecessors on a chain gang, where they will spend the rest of their lives. And in the case of crimes that got people killed, there needs to be the death penalty. That might deter future crimes.

Look at me. I’ve become an extremist.

But I am nowhere near as extreme as the people who are looting our tax dollars while demanding that we raise MORE taxes from hard working honest Americans.

America needs “sudden and relentless reform.” Our national survival depends on it.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad.

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