Obama-Wama-Ding-Dong ~ a Review

by Clio

I am a great fan of dry wit, which author/cartoonist Jake Aurelian deftly wields while slicing and dicing media collusion, double standards and the collective political charade that is Obama & Company in his book, Obama-Wama-Ding-Dong.

Illustrated with Aurelian’s political satire cartoons, Obama-Wama-Ding-Dong readers are drawn to correct conclusions about Obama’s White House rule while enjoying a politically incorrect giggle. The author hits every salient point about this administration’s follies and deceits, while holding the media accountable for their drooling patronage of “the messiah.”

Cleverly written as a “Children’s Book for Adults,” Obama-Wama-Ding-Dong is an easy, compelling read and a great gift for those still waiting for Mr. Obama to part the seas and heal the earth. Conservatives will appreciate the humor, as well as the factual, ‘tell it like it is’ nature of the book (fairy dust and unicorns – not included).

A suggestion: don’t wait for Christmas to purchase Obama-Wama-Ding-Dong for your ‘hopey/changey’ friends. Make this a priority purchase before November 6th! (to purchase, click here a link to Amazon)

Kudos to the author: Obama-Wama-Ding-Dong really sent a tingle up our leg!

Back coverAbout Jake Aurelian: Obama-Wama-Ding-Dong is his third book. In 2009, Aurelian co-authored Too Politically Sensitive, a true crime/political book discussing the depths of corruption in Illinois which spawned from a double murder in a rural town; CBS’ 48 Hours aired three different episodes based on this case, and the investigation was the focus of an episode of On the Case with Paula Zahn (2010). His second book, Dead Wrestlers, Broken Necks & The Women Who Screwed Me Over: A Main Event of Photography and Fiction (2011) was recently the recipient of two literary awards: Finalist Award (short fiction) in the 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards (considered the “Sundance of book awards”) and Second Place/Runner Up (general fiction) at the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival. Website: http://pinfalls.com/Obamapics.html

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