The Poisonous Seeds Sown by Barack Obama

From the poisonous seeds of class warfare and race hustling, mighty dictatorships grow. These are the seeds Barack Obama sows in America’s garden. 

In any of his daily orations on class warfare, just substitute the word “Jew” for his favorite word “rich.” It’s eerily reminiscent of the wicked rhetoric from the National Socialist party that spewed their hatred around the world in the 1930s. There’s no difference in their class warfare message; rise up and “take the income and wealth from the greedy “haves” and give it to the rightful owners, “the government.” 

 Naturally, the promise of redistribution to the “have not’s” is paramount in all socialistic rhetoric. It is this pledge on which politicians depend to act as an accelerant to the parasites waiting to attach themselves to the back of a healthy society. 

This inglorious President dares not unleash the free-enterprise system, lest he loses Marxist control of industry and the American people. Therefore, this disastrous, Spartan economy is his life-long dream. It allows him to blame the “rich,” and all of his other strawmen. It also presents the opportunity to rule the country by dictating his will in the name of doing it for the greater good. 

Nearly every dictatorship begins with promises of equality and a classless society, and then ends in devastation. The People’s Republic of China and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics were both examples of wicked, humanitarian and economical calamities. They both began by sowing the seeds of class dissatisfaction and nurturing their growth with the vacant promise of making everyone equal. Surprisingly, even in this country, lowering everyone to the lowest common denominator strikes a pleasurable chord to a large segment of the population. 

A free-running economy is a catastrophe for every big-government advocate. Barack Obama is the most anti-business, anti-capitalist American President in history. He never gives a speech or issues a press release without stridently repeating every loser’s refrain. “It’s not my fault,” followed by the “rich” aren’t paying their fair share. It’s evident to even the most casual observer that Barack Obama abhors this country, its Constitution, and its free enterprise system. It’s painfully obvious every time he opens his mouth that he holds them in bitter contempt. 

Four years ago, the media fabricated a pristine aura around their all-time favorite progressive. That aura is gone and only the reek of ugly, corrupt, Chicago-style politics remain. Tabbed as the great uniter, he is the most divisive political figure – not to mention the most divisive President – in American narrative. 

Visionaries of the possible built our nation. The Founders believed in unleashing the free spirit, imaginative mind, and determination of the average American. Likewise, they knew that lashing the federal government securely to the confines of the Constitution would secure liberty and create the greatest nation in civilization. Entrepreneurs know that self-sacrifice, hard work, and determination in a free enterprise system will provide them the only chance at real success. 

This President is a left-wing ideologue and a fantasist who subscribes to the fool’s gold idea of success lying in government dependency and control, high taxes, and less personal freedom. He believes that restraining individual liberty allows the centralized government to operate in the best interest of the citizenry. He also preaches that success and fulfillment without the government’s patronage and guidance is impossible. 

Obama spent his entire presidential term dismantling everything that made this country the envy of the world. His outrageous diatribe against entrepreneurial businessmen that, “If you’ve got a business – you didn’t build that. Someone else made it happen,” is emblematic of his leftist, “collective” mindset. Only a true Karl Marx believer would utter such a contemptible remark. Knowing full well that this idea does not play in mainstream America, he spends his campaigning time culling special interest groups from the general electorate herd and making them outlandish, special promises of other peoples’ money. 

The media promised Obama would bring a new refinement to the presidency. Instead, he brought an indelible, crude coarseness seldom seen; even in the crass political arena. His highbrow friends from academia held his hand all the way into the White House in an all-out effort to give credibility and stature to his socialist ideology. They, in turn, brought an evil dogma of the most extraordinary kind. Their character and beliefs are, like Obama’s, devoid of any concept of freedom. 

The intellectual left considers being anti-American as the latest style in sophistication. This is the promised refinement and elegance Obama brought to the White House. Every member of this elitist administration exemplifies this hatred of everything constitutional, and everything traditionally American. 

During his term in office, Barack Obama soiled the economy, the presidency, the country, and indeed, himself. Now, he proclaims how badly everyone else smells. If elected for another term, the stench will permeate every corner of the government, segment of society, and institution in our Republic. 

Another four years of following Barack Obama down his liberal-progressive road and this country will pass through the gates of a collectivist hell. This presidency should go down in the history books as the “era of the great conversion”; the conversion of middleclass America into the great permanent welfare class. Excuses, blame, welfare, unemployment, food stamps, social justice, income redistribution, and race hustling are now part of the permanent vernacular of Barack Obama’s lexicon. 

This President and his Marxist comrades cannot abide any political system that allows freedom. Their power depends upon the peoples’ enslavement and they cater to the slugs and leeches in society because that’s where the votes are. 

Neither liberty nor a free enterprise system automatically lifts everyone. However, they enhance the opportunities for everyone to lift themselves. This is the concept for which so many great Americans fought and died; and the concept so despised by the political charlatan, Barack Obama. 

Jim Mullen, Parkersburg, WV


Jim Mullen is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

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