The Bureaucratic War Against Americans

by Jim Mullen Jim Mullen

…a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we’ll ever see on this earth.

~ Ronald Reagan

Our federal government came into existence with a unique, unfamiliar model in which its powers were expressly limited by the Constitution and reserved for the people. 

Since Americans’ freedom originates from the founding principles of limited federal government with absolute power left in the hands of the people and the states, it’s a very simple concept that less government means more personal liberty. It is also a simple notion for politicians to retain their power they must overpower the populace and extract their wealth. 

To accomplish these nefarious deeds in the war against the people and the states of the American Republic, politicians use an army of governmental, civilian soldiers commanded by an established tyrannical power. The United States government’s supremacy advances by using the most sophisticated, well-organized, and powerful force in the history of our country; the federal bureaucracy. Bureaucracies have long been politicians’ favorite weapons against American freedom. They’re created for the distinct purpose of controlling and regulating the masses – and for the extraction and spending of taxpayers’ money. 

Bureaucrats are the civilian soldiers in the federal government’s all-out war against the people and the states. Historically, Congress and the President demonstrated dismissive disregard for the constitutional limits to federal power. Over the years, they deliberately instilled a sense of paralyzing fear into the American Citizenry. Fear of their own government by Americans was the worst case scenario envisioned by the Founders. They warned in dramatic fashion of the disaster to befall the people if they allowed the governmental reins to slacken and release the wild, natural spirit of politicians and public administrators. They understood the instinctive course would trample the Constitution and run roughshod over this great nation established with such enormous pride and extraordinary vision. 

Using their army of bureaucrats, typically equipped with Legislative or Executive-powered edicts and Judicial writs, they wield dictatorial power over every man, woman, and child in our nation. Their ever-growing legions dwarf the uniformed forces of our nation’s Military serving to protect and preserve our freedom from foreign powers. While our Military fights America’s enemies abroad, the home front politicians and their soldiers, the bureaucrats, usurp the constitutional power of the people and enslave the nation. 

Congress uses so many lawyers and disjointed lobbyists to write legislation it results in cryptic legalese so obscure and incomprehensible that no one reads or understands a bill before enacted into law. Likewise, they incorporate into nearly every law sweeping, all-encompassing provisions for creating panels, commissions, bureaus, agencies, boards, or entire departments. Enforcement of their unconstitutional mandates depends on these evil strokes of the political pen, and provides the means by which tyranny overwhelms liberty. 

Likewise, it’s from here, behind their self-made bureaucracies where politicians take up their defensive positions. When citizens become enraged at the loss of their liberty and fortunes as pen pushing officials unleash the latest congressional monster upon America, the elected cowards hunker down and point accusatory fingers of blame at the Frankenstein they created. Meanwhile, Americans surrender their liberty and have their fortunes confiscated.

The federal government is the nation’s largest employer; therefore, American lives and fortunes unquestionably serve the demands and dictates of the bureaucrats. There is always an army of government officials at the ready to apply their unlimited power to oppress the people by stripping them of their dignity, their constitutional rights, and their legally accumulated wealth. 

Once born, bureaucracies live forever and they forever erode the constitutional principles of freedom. They take on lives of their own, and politicians cry that they are unable to control or eliminate the very beasts they created. 

The spirit of American exceptionalism lies shattered and our once proud people reduced to waiting in governments’ bureaucratic inferno for the next magnanimous program that promises nirvana and delivers despair. 

Ronald Reagan had it right. Today, decades later, the weight of liberal-progressive government continues unabated to crush liberty. 

Jim Mullen 

Jim Mullen is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit


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