SCOTUS Ruling: Another Day Which Will Rule in Infamy

With the passage of Obamacare, we witnessed the raping of America and the burning of our Constitution. When the majority of Americans screamed no, no, no, to government-run healthcare, Congress ignored the protestations. Obama and the Democrats forced the nation to submit to an all-powerful government hell-bent on having its way with the American people because it could. Obama and the Democrats tried everything to silence the cries: demonization, intimidation, scorn, and finally, dismissal by cooing, “Just relax and try it… you’ll love it.” Ultimately, they did the only thing at which the federal government is proficient— exercising dominance over the citizens of our Republic.

On another day which will live in infamy, there rained down upon a staggering nation, a devastating decree from the United States Supreme Court. They gave their official sanction for “the raping of America and the burning of our Constitution” by ruling this brutal act was, officially and legally; permitted and authorized.

Let the declaration go forth across this land that the idiocy of Nancy Pelosi, the malevolence of Harry Reid, and the pretentious arrogance of Barack Obama now hold sway over our constitutional Republic. From this day on, the federal government has complete and total control over every aspect of every American’ life. They decide what we eat, our every activity, the medicine we receive, pain we must endure, and every decision your doctor makes concerning our healthcare. In short, the Federal government now controls who lives and who dies. 

Politicians took from us a country with the best medical care in the world and gave us a system reduced to the lowest common denominator. A country with the highest cancer survival rates in the world is now a European or third-world system where people die for want of drugs, doctors, and state-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities.

Panels, commissions, and boards will form, convene and perform their voodoo-magic medicine. Bureaucrats will spring up from the fertile socialist soil and multiply like noxious weeds. Tens of thousands of new, specialized IRS agents will sharpen their intimidation skills and practice the EPA’s fine art of crucifixion. Attitudes of the bureaucrats will need readjusted; therefore, classes in “Obama Arrogance” will necessarily be implemented.

Government bureaucracies have long been politicians’ favorite weapons against American freedom. They’re created for the distinct purpose of controlling and regulating the masses, and to spend taxpayers’ money. Americans never find themselves rejoicing over new-found personal freedom when politicians enact new legislation and create new bureaucrats to administer their unconstitutional boondoggles.

Barack Obama is a new-breed, big-government tyrant and proficient at harnessing the political winds to power his Socialist agenda. With his trusted left-wing faction of Congress, he refined the whole notion of using bureaucratic panels, commissions, and boards to repress constitutional rights and oppress Americans.

This is all-out war against the American people, so bribery, threats and lies are acceptable in the implementation of their goal; a complete Socialist State. Obama and the Progressive-Democrats lie with impunity, steal without remorse, cheat with abandonment, and shred the Constitution without shame. Using the healthcare model, they laid the foundation for a total federal government takeover of business, healthcare, education, banking, and commerce.

Regardless of the shape into which Obamacare morphs, it is another government program that will go broke, just as all federal programs eventually go broke. Obama declared early on that his real goal was a single-payer, totally government-run healthcare system; however, ‘it had to be done in steps.’ Obamacare is an uncontrollable monstrosity designed to fail and give cover for a complete government takeover by blaming insurance companies for the big cost and inefficiency.

Promises of keeping your own doctor and insurance plan, lower costs, higher efficiency, more coverage, and better medical care, were Obama’s cock-and-bull stories. His pompous drivel about excluding illegal aliens and abortions from the law, and the penalties for failure to purchase insurance coverage not being a tax, was, likewise, an incomprehensible, brazen lie.

The travesties of this “healthcare” bill are sinister and profound. It will result in shortages of doctors, hospitals, medical equipment and everything associated with healthcare. Job losses and massive tax increases – overt and covert – will result in higher prices for everything. We will endure long lines and waiting times to receive services, which will result in unnecessary suffering and death for hundreds of thousands of Americans.

The Obama-ites are singing their collectivist, celebratory song. If this legislation is left to run its course, their song will quickly become a dirge.

Jim Mullen

Jim Mullen is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit®

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