Obama’s Radicalization of the American Presidency: The Radicals, Part 2

by Jim MullenJim Mullen

In part 1, this writer looked at a few of the radicals who surround and influence the President, and at his words, asking people to judge him by the people with whom he surrounds himself.  Part 2 looks more deeply into the shadowy world of Barack Obama and his extremist, radical comrades.

Radical immigration reformists fervently believe in Open Borders and amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens and in permitting the importation and legalization of their remaining family members. They believe just as fanatically that American citizens owe these invaders a job, healthcare, education, food stamps, welfare, and voting privileges even before an amnesty. Obama is so entrenched in his radical immigration stance that he ordered his Justice Department to sue states that require photo ID to prevent illegal aliens from voting.

In his latest act of blatant, lawless, tyranny, Barack Obama shredded the Constitution by culling another group of illegals from the alien herd and magically declaring them as legal. Obama and the leftists’ cry for comprehensive immigration reform means giving complete legal status and legitimacy to these illegal and illegitimate squatters. All of which is against federal law and most state laws. Nevertheless, Barack Obama has barefaced disregard for the Constitution and the laws of the United States.

Strain on the already overburdened education, healthcare, penal, and welfare systems of the states led several to take actions of self-defense to enforce the law. Obama then opened up another front in his war declaration upon the people of those states by suing law-abiding Americans in federal court. Rationalizations that illegal aliens do the work Americans will not do is as ludicrous as the claim they pay more than enough in taxes to pay their own way. The fact is that it costs American taxpayers tens of billions of dollars a year to provide a few businesses with this cheap labor.  

Illegal aliens take jobs from lower-income Americans, especially young inner-city blacks and poor whites already struggling to live without taxpayer funding. Liberals take college tuition from Americans by giving instate tuition rates to those here illegally, while American citizens in other states go wanting by paying higher tuition and in fact, subsidize foreigners.

Barack Obama is the most radical anti-gun rights President in history. In a 2008 debate, he said, “…just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or local government can’t constrain the exercise of that right…”

He voted to allow lawsuits designed to bankrupt the firearms industry, called for the renewal of the failed Clinton gun ban, categorically opposes your right to carry for self-defense, and includes as “sensible regulation” prosecuting people who use a handgun in their own home for self-defense. He also believes that “what works” in Chicago is a complete ban on handgun ownership. He will interpret another term in office as a mandate to order his own version of Americans’ gun rights.   What Obama says

Obama’s radical, Marxist economists and their agendas of anti-capitalism, income redistribution, and social justice, are unmistakably reinforced with his every speech and policy. His ignorance and naïveté of the failed Marxist/ socialist states that became authoritarian police states is appalling and fraught with peril for all Americans. Moreover, every economy using his philosophy has failed miserably at enriching anyone but the elites like Obama and his comrades.

He and his Radical economists believe all commerce must filter through the federal government, allowing complete and total control and regulation by the state; including determining profits and picking winners and losers. This President has turned a bad economy into a complete and unmitigated disaster with his leftist ideas.

Radical anti-American globalists love Barack Obama with a passion unseen by any previous group favoring World Government. Among his first official acts as Commander-in-Chief was to set off on a series of apology tours in which he insulted our friends and begged forgiveness from our enemies. He made it plain to the world that American interests would be secondary to the interests of the U.N., NATO, and other world organizations. Iran, North Korea, and other despotic nations immediately had a clear understanding that they were now dealing with a weak, ineffective American leader in Barack Obama.

The United Nations is a world body seeking One-world Government. Their agendas are totally anti-American, and they seek more and more control over our internal policies, national defense, finances, and commerce. Every UN treaty, pact, charter, or consensus unhinges our sovereignty and weakens every constitutional right of our people.  Their goal is to systemically usurp American independence and make the United States part of, and subservient to, a world government.

In the bowels of the UN there connives an evil organization detrimental to the very survival of our constitutional Republic. If Americans were truly informed by the media or our political leaders of the undertakings and plots of the authoritarian members and missions of the entire body, they would overwhelmingly demand our immediate withdrawal and their member nations and its complete organization expelled from our shores.

Two more radical, leftwing Supreme Court Justices now sit on the nation’s highest court, appointed by this President.  Another four years in office will likely result in at least two more appointments and shift the court to an unheard of bastardization, and rewriting of the Constitution. The appointing of Justices during the next four years could very well determine the lifespan of the entire package of liberal, progressive, Marxist, and socialist legislation passed in the last few decades. Likewise, it could determine if we live our future as free Americans or merely exist under the chains of a totalitarian regime.

Radical union bosses are in control of much of the Democratic Party’s base and Barack Obama. These bosses owe their souls to Obama, the Democrats, and their henchmen. The Public-Sector Unions rule these politicians with an ironfisted death-grip. Obama owes his presidency to the top dogs of the unions, and they will never let him forget this allegiance.

The public-sector unions, to which Obama bows, have bankrupted every state that allowed politicians and unions to conspire against the taxpayers. A conspiracy that saddled generations of taxpayers with overwhelming, longtime liabilities for salaries and benefits in the public-sector that far surpassed anything available for similar work in private business. When the bills came due, they hired Obama to raid the national treasury and pay for their political deals and corruption. The “Stimulus Package” was largely designed as payback to the unions.

The mainstream media, academia, and Hollywood, all look at America through a distorted prism of radical, leftwing ideology. Their philosophies are the same revolutionary, transformative, liberty-crushing schemes in which Barack Obama places his misguided beliefs. These three groups contain the vast majority of the far-left militants and extremist groups in the country.  Unfortunately, they are also the groups that control most of the news and information, and administer the indoctrination of our people.

The country’s most radical leftists are the people to whom Barack Obama owes not just his allegiance, but his very existence. So by all means, let’s judge Barack Obama by the people with whom he surrounds himself. And when we do, should we really wonder about security leaks coming from this White House? The entire Obama administration and everyone around him is a security leak!

The country is in an age of incomprehensible collusion between the progressive-leftwing media, a tax-and-spend Congress, and a collectivist administration. Together, they rule the American people with iron-fisted oppression using unelected bureaucrats and presidential edicts.  Indeed, America is in an age of tyranny with a government disregarding the laws that they find inconvenient, and simply writing new ones with the stroke of Obama’s pen.

Seemingly, every week Obama opens up a new front in his war against the American people. He considers healthcare, financial institutions, religious freedom, immigration, and voter ID laws all part of his personal crusade to impose his unconstitutional will upon all Americans.

Four years of no concerns about another election will result in unchecked oppression by this authoritarian President and will assure unfettered domination of the American people, their institutions, and their culture. His unconstitutional tyranny will be uncontrollable. Just think how many more fronts he can open up in his war on Americans with four more years.

“Radicals of the World Unite – Reelect Barack Obama.” How’s that for a Presidential campaign slogan for 2012?   

This is our country, our freedom, our money, and our property that Obama craves. Stopping this radical is an essential pro-American endeavor. The destructive forces unleashed by four more years are inconceivable.

Jim Mullen


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