Romney: I Will Repeal Obamacare


Now just yesterday, the President said something else that shows just how much out of touch he is.

He said he didn’t understand that Obamacare was hurting small business—doesn’t understand that Obamacare impacts small business. And you have to scratch your head about that because about a year ago the Chamber of Commerce did a survey of some 1,500 small businesses and of those small businesses, three quarters, 75 percent, said Obamacare made it less likely for them to hire people.

It is having an impact on middle income families that want to have good jobs. We also found out that 30 percent of employers in this country plan on dropping people once Obamacare’s put in place, dropping them from their healthcare plan. And then there were some other revelations about Obamacare, instead of costing a trillion dollars, it’s going to cost $2 trillion.

It’s not only bad policy and bad for middle income families and bad for small business, it’s simply unaffordable. And so the right course for us, is to make sure that the next President of the United States repeals Obamacare and replaces Obamacare.

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