“Federal Government Taking the Place of Parents and Destroying the Country

In these critical times of collapsing American culture, near-total corruption of the political system, and Jim Mullenacceptance of “government assistance on speed dial,” it becomes obvious we are a nation hell-bent on self-destruction.

Most of the problems in today’s society are the direct results of an out-of-control centralized federal government power grab that has reached tsunami proportions. It washes its destructive forces across America with wave after catastrophic wave of dictatorial control cleansing what’s left of our nation’s pride, initiative, and self-reliance. Pounding relentlessly, it seeks its own level, raging uncontrollably, then seeping into every crevice and wreaking total devastation in every sector of our country.

One of the truly tragic consequences of the last several decades is the government bullying its way into the role of parenting and the crowding out of positive parental guidance. Liberal progressives ignore the critical importance of parents and promote instead, the teaching of an all-powerful, paternalistic government.

Once upon a time in America, there was an unwritten partnership between parents and teachers who prepared children for the challenges of life. Now, both are left in the vacuum fashioned by an authoritarian conglomerate designed to replace parenting and reprogram teachers and children. The consequences of this corrupt arrangement between politicians and teachers’ unions are enormous and tragic.

Politicians, teachers’ unions, and bureaucrats formed a cabal at the Department of Education’s inception, and decided that the educational system would never again be about teaching young people; rather it would be about money, votes, and power.

Over the last several decades, the federal government extorted control from the state and local school boards, and from parents. It brought its overwhelming power to bear on the Public Education System and produced its own indoctrination arm. From the Head Start Program through graduate school, the government commands a captive audience and pounds children and young adults relentlessly with the precept that the federal government’s job is to take care of people.

Through the free or reduced breakfast and lunch program, food stamps, free clothing, school supplies, cell phones, and hundreds of other so-called “free” government programs they entice more victims to take the bait. They moralize that it’s not only acceptable but desirous to institutionalize young people and make them life-long parasites.

Every totalitarian government very quickly learns, that creating loyalty and obedience to the state, requires that indoctrination of children begin at a very young age. As part of that programming, it’s essential to diminish parental control and influence and monopolize the educational system.

The Marxist teaching of income redistribution, capitalism-bashing, and separating people by encouraging class warfare, created a finished product that demands respect, but does nothing to earn respect; then demands riches but does nothing to earn riches. Very simply, we are creating a society full of bitterness and resentment. We have another generation with a large percentage of ill-informed and misinformed young people – many of which cannot function in a world without benevolent, fatherly government.

It is a well-known fact that the lack of positive parental influences in young people’s lives contributes profoundly to their susceptibility of running afoul of the law. It creates a culture institutionalized either behind prison walls, or on the government plantation chained to the failed collectivist idea of equality and social justice.

Government can no more be a Father to a child than it can teach a wolf how to hunt, and government can no more be a Mother to a child than it can teach a bird to nest and fly south for the winter. Increasingly, government forces young people to accept government as paternal and maternal replacements.

The nurturing of a mother or another positive female influence, and a father’s guidance or another positive male influence in the lives of children, stand out as essential in every successful society. For most of our country’s existence, parents and teachers provided this guidance. Now, our prisons grow full of men who grow up without this necessary council but never have a shortage of government’s poisonous promise of “something for nothing.”

Today, because of federal power and liberal-progressive ideology, too many schools teach political correctness, social engineering, social justice, and multiculturalism. Math, reading/ language, and writing skills are secondary.

When the federal government commandeered the public educational system, it reduced teachers and teaching to the lowest common denominators. They conceived a monstrous system whereby inspirational teachers became victims of a bland and unmotivated purpose, full of uninspired instructional directives.

The once-noble profession of teaching has devolved into one “program” after another, each one designed to correct the flaws of the previous “program.” They enrich the companies that sell these fool’s gold ideas, but anesthetize good, dedicated, teachers. They are little more than puppets dancing to the whims of their masters from Washington.

The federal government’s meddling in the educational system has not only been a colossal failure educationally, but socially and culturally, as well.

Freedom is “natures love for humanity.” The antithesis of freedom is government. Remaining free requires that we reject the evils of governmental control and influence, and return to relying on the founding principles of our country. It begins with taking back our government, our educational system, and our natural independence.

An uninformed, whining, demanding, society awaiting their next handout can never be free and will never experience exhilaration as liberty’s winds push them to achieve the greatness once so well-known to a free America. Neither should lolling around the government trough awaiting the next handout be considered receiving an education.

If we purged the educational system of federal government and teacher union control, it would go a long way toward restoring our schools to actual learning institutions.

It takes dedicated and inspirational parents and teachers to train children in that fine art of pointing their moral compasses in the right direction and properly make adjustments when straying off the acceptable path. Government and unions need not apply!

Jim Mullen

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