Barack Obama Struggles to Defeat a Felon in West Virginia Primary Election

by Jim Mullen 

Pundits are apoplectic, Democratic Party officials flabbergasted, and giggles still echo over the nations’Jim Mullen airways over last Tuesday’s Democratic Presidential primary in West Virginia. 

It looks as if 41% of all the Democrats voting in the West Virginia presidential primary election preferred a man as their President, who is currently serving a 17-year sentence in a federal prison in Texas, over; you guessed it, Barack Obama. 

Some wail this is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the people and the State of West Virginia. They lament that it feeds the stereotypical view of West Virginians as back woodsy, ill-informed, and unsophisticated. To which Mountaineers should reply, Balderdash! 

It’s about time that Democrats from around the nation awaken from the nightmarish hijacking of their Fathers’ and Grandfathers’ Democratic Party by the Marxist, Barack Obama, and his far-left extremists. 

The Mountain State became fed up watching their coal-fired economy being systematically dismantled by a President claiming to represent middleclass Americans. We have a President so determined to feed his leftist base that he is keeping his promise to destroy coal and every other form of carbon-based fuel and drive the cost of energy to levels that will make his dreams of “green energy” seem cheap by comparison. 

West Virginians’ from the hills of the dying coal mines to the already dead steel mills, and the farmland in between, are in full retaliatory mode to the declaration of war declared by Barack Obama and the leaders of the Democratic Party. Two of those party leaders are U.S. Senators Jay Rockefeller and Joe Manchin. Rockefeller is overtly abetting Obama in his war on coal while lying about his treachery to the voters. Now a Senator, Joe Manchin was such a disciple of Obama’s Cap-and-Trade scheme that he led the passage of his own version when he was the Governor. He apparently believed the lies of the left, and began his process of betrayal for the double-dealing promises of billions of dollars in federal money for clean coal technologies.  

One must wonder was Manchin really duped by the slick-talking “Barack” as he called him while openly endorsing him for President, or whether he actually believed a war on coal would be good for West Virginians. Either way, it was an amazing transformation from a “We need Barack” Governor to an “I’m not sure if I’ll vote for Obama” Senator in a little over three years. One thing is sure, Obama’s war on coal is a war on all Americans – not just West Virginians. 

West Virginia Secretary of State, Natalie Tennant, another Democrat, is catching much of the criticism for allowing Keith Judd, the felon that gave Obama a good fight for President from behind bars, on the ballot. She explained that Judd met the federal qualifications, and she had no authority to exclude him from the ballot. Others point out that she could have denied his application and forced him to take his complaint to court. The point would be; I assume, to accuse Tennant of incompetence, which is an easy case to make considering her abysmal record. Nonetheless, for a state official to deny a federally qualified person a spot on the ballot for a federal office is legally questionable. 

Accusations, blame, and angst naturally abound in West Virginia and the media, when a state that’s been perennially and steadfastly in the Democratic Party’s pocket, holds such utter contempt for the party chief and President of the United States. A convicted felon incarcerated in a Texas prison polling 41% of the Democratic vote against Obama leaves  an eerie pall hanging over the Democratic Party, the Obama administration, and the entire far-left culture. 

One must also remember; political theater is never lasting but political chicanery is everlasting. The huffing and puffing promises of most politicians are nearly always overridden by their lying, deceitful, nature. 

However, Obama did announce his intentions in off-the-cuff remarks without the benefit of his Tele Prompter. His proclamations about bankrupting anyone trying to build a coal-fired power plant, and making electricity prices skyrocket were plainly understood by some but ignored by most. People were either not paying attention, or used the old “I know what you said, but I thought what you really meant was…” excuse.     

Perhaps the great state of West Virginia is a harbinger of grand things to come and not merely the protestation of a tyrant. The people could be living up to their state motto, Montani semper liberi (Mountaineers are always free). The other 49 states should take notice and send the oppressor back to community organizing in Chicago. 

Jim Mullen

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