My Letter to the American People From Just another Veteran

I may be just another veteran, and while I am not the only veteran with a story to share, I’m going to share my story now, because I may not ever get another chance to do so. The reason is, I am dying of cancer.

DNC Chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz claims she needs ObamaCare because she is a cancerJudith Rustin survivor. Interestingly enough, ObamaCare happens to be the reason I won’t be a cancer survivor. At age 61, I am facing my own impending death, a fate I wouldn’t wish on anyone, especially any of the men or women who so unselfishly put their lives on hold to serve with pride in the preservation of this great country of ours.

There are two facts you should know about me. First, I have always been a fighter and a survivor. Second, the first 55 years of my life were fulfilling and productive. Though I was faced with many difficult challenges, I fought to overcome them, and was usually successful.

One of my first successes occurred in the early eighties. Through no fault of my own, I was involved in a horrific fall from a two-story building. As a result, I was told by several doctors that I would never walk again. Even so, I refused to give up. Seven years later, after some experimental surgeries and a great deal of physical therapy, I not only walked again, but I returned to the work force. I went on to continue my education and finish raising my children. None of those tasks were easy to accomplish, but I simply refused to give up. That’s just who I am.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The doctors were able to remove it, and thanks to the VA’s exceptional care and treatment, I was on my way to a full recovery. It was at this point where things began to change drastically in my life. While undergoing a routine check-up in October 2010, the doctors discovered cerebral matter in my sinuses.

I was sent immediately for an MRI, but for unknown reasons, the results of the scan were not revealed to me until February 2011, four months later. When I asked why, the reasons were rather shocking. First, they claimed that there were no neurosurgeons available at the local VA hospital. Second, they told me that President Obama had halted all outsourcing to other doctors or facilities for services which were not currently available at the VA Hospital. That meant that even though a second tumor had been discovered, and this time there was a bleeding cyst growing on the tumor, their hands were tied by this new policy. The doctors treating me made numerous attempts to get approval to have me treated outside the VA system, and each time it was denied.

Four months had passed since the discovery of the second tumor, and the many resulting symptoms were being treated as separate issues. Since it was apparent the VA was not going to help me, I was forced to take matters into my own hands. Because I live on a small pension of less than $900 a month, there was no way I could afford any additional medical insurance, even if it had been available. I applied to the state of Arizona for assistance, hoping that would give me access to a neurological surgeon. The state denied my application three times because my pension, while small, still put me over the maximum income levels to qualify for assistance. Additionally, because of a federal mandate requiring the state to provide medical assistance to illegal immigrants, the state medical system was stressed to the breaking point. Even so, I continued to fight.

I worked with a VA Oncology doctor who had been involved in my treatment from the beginning to make a special appeal to the Governor of Arizona. I got temporary approval for assistance, but by then, six months had passed since the second tumor had turned up. I could now go outside the VA system for care, but there was still a lot of red tape involved. I saw two surgeons, both of whom were approved to treat me,but they no longer provided the services I needed. Another month passed before I was able to see the Surgeon the VA recommended, but after taking one look at my films, he told me there was nothing further he could do.

There was no insurance for surgery and the tumor had grown to the point where, even if surgery had been possible, the cancer could not be contained. I was referred to a cancer specialist for possible treatment, but once again, I found myself faced with insurmountable obstacles. (Thank you, Mr. Obama.) Neither the temporary assistance from the state of Arizona, nor the VA would pay for the consultation or the necessary treatment.

Nine months after the discovery of the second tumor, I was finally granted an opportunity to see a VA doctor in another state. Unfortunately, that doctor told me it was too late. They offered me morphine to ease the pain but I was told there wasn’t anything more that could be done at this late stage. If I had just been seen earlier, I may have had a chance.

Today, almost a full year since the discovery of the second tumor, all treatment has ceased. Nothing can be done, other than monitoring the situation. My cancer is now in the third stage, and it has literally taken over my lymphatic system and invaded other critical systems in my body.

I live one day at a time, with and through the grace of God. If it were not for the assistance I receive daily from the wonderful people in my church, even this would not have been be a possibility. The effects this has had on my children and their young families, no family should have to go through.

Now, let me explain why now is the time for my story to be heard. President Obama wants four more years in office, which will enable him to destroy even more lives than he already has. ObamaCare may end up being ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, but the damage already done to me and people like me cannot be reversed. His horrific policies are literally killing people – people like me.

I am begging you to help put a stop to this, now. Don’t let President Obama ruin more lives. The next person they do this to may be you, or someone you hold dear. Please… do not give President Obama another four years to undermine our health care system, snuff out the lives of our veterans, and destroy this great country of ours.

I will fight until I take my last breath, and I am asking you to join me in this fight.

I Believe In America.


Judith Rustin

Publisher’s Note: The Bold Pursuit wishes to thank Judi Rustin for sharing her story with our readers. In addition to her valiant battle against cancer, Judi, a veteran, continues her selfless devotion to our nation by bringing her personal experience and hope for America together in support of Governor Mitt Romney for President – for the nation she loves and has served in uniform.

Judi is also a founding member and administrator for Mitt’s Chicks, a Facebook group that endorses Governor Romney for President of the United States.

One thought on “My Letter to the American People From Just another Veteran

  1. Allow me to preface this post with my resounding praise of your strength and resilience, Judith, in confronting impossible odds. Your courage and bravery are valiant. I will do all that I possibly can to share your encounter with our medical institutions. It is almost impossible to believe that a system of health care, purported to be the very best is nothing but a sham. The regulations and policies established to provide medical services and facilities are nothing more than lip service and motherhood. We cannot depend on the treatment promised by our Government. It is imperative that we continue to expose the inequities and injustices inherent in our system of health care. As we watch millions of taxpayer dollars thrown at frivolous improprieties, squandering and wastefulness, is it any wonder that our health care system is totally inadequate.

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