TANTORUM: Full Video of Rick Santorum’s Profane [and Unpresidential] Tantrum

Adding to David Parker’s earlier coverage of Rick Santorum’s meltdown, here is the full video. I think my favorite part might be watching the embarrassment of Rick’s daughter — biting her fingernails [at 1:09 mark] as daddy throws his political future down the drain.



“Profanity is the sign of a weak mind trying to forcefully express itself.”


Reprinted with permission



A Canadian’s Conversation with an American Neighbour

by Cam Vallee 

I belong to a left wing site known as Care 2. Run some groups there and belong too many. Talk to anyone who will talk to me respectfully. Believe me when I say I have the war wounds to show I can take on Alinsky tactics and fight to win. But I have made a lot of friends there as well, on both sides of the aisle. The Obama supporters in 2008 were rabid, to put it nicely. They are pretty quiet right now and a lot of them have jumped off the turnip truck. Turned off the ear that followed Obama’s pied piper act because they now realize he plays that pipe as badly as he looks in green leggings. 

Recently a friend of mine posted the following and I answered. Americans are confused, they are angry and they are hurting. The truth is at the keyboards of all Conservatives who want to jump into the deep end of the pool and have a frank conversation with the doubters. This is mine. This is my view. 

Nancy in Indiana asked: 

“WHY are the Republicans out there to get Obama? 

Why do they oppose everything they do even when he changes his mind and takes their original position? 

Why do they want to cut taxes when we have so much deficit and debt? 

Why do they work SO DAMN HARD to see Obama FAIL? 

Why do they call Obama a socialist when he is more to the right than Clinton was? 

Why do they blame him for everything when all he has done is mainly stick with Bush’s policies? (It took a LONG TIME to create this mess) 

Why are Republicans now so EVIL?” 

My mother, an 85 year old life-long Republican now HATES them and will never vote for another Republican again. 

Now, I am a soon to be 69-year-old Canadian who joined your fight in 2008 and has stayed the course. I am, personally, a fiscal Conservative but do hold a lot of liberal views. I am a proud member of your Tea Party movement and the wife and I started a group here a couple of years ago that is now over 160 members strong. In just a few months, we forced our Premier (Governor) to resign because he stopped listening to us and organized across Canada to elect a majority Conservative government that is now turning us off the road of socialism we have been on. I have learned a lot about your American politics and have much more to learn but this was my reply to Nancy in Indiana… 

WHY are the Republicans out there to get Obama? … Because he is a Democrat and they are the opposition. It would be no different the other way around. 

Why do they oppose everything they do even when he changes his mind and takes their original position? … When has this ever happened? The Dems make it look that way but I have never found one example of this. 

Why do they want to cut taxes when we have so much deficit and debt? For one thing, Obama had incurred more debt than all the administrations before him. So blame him for the gross increase for it and ask yourself what you have gained from what he has done? The answer would be a bigger share of your national debt and it is growing astronomically. American companies are now moving to CANADA because my government has slashed taxes for corporations. That says a lot because we are personally-taxed to bloody death up here, Nancy. Everyone. No way do we have fifty percent of Canadians who contribute nothing to the coffers, as you do in America. We cannot afford it and are one of the highest personally-taxed nations in the world. 

Bringing in more companies will help us in the long run, but it is hurting Americans when they leave. Lowering taxes will help companies grow and expand which then helps your nation as a whole by new jobs and industries popping up. It is the way our economies work, Nancy – have always worked. 

Why do they work SO DAMN HARD to see Obama FAIL? … 

Why do you think this? Congress has been working hard. It passed all kinds of bills and ideas on up to the Senate where Harry REID stops everything. He will not allow anything from the Republicans to be brought up for a vote. Period. So, nothing makes it up to the White House and the Republicans are blamed. Works for the Dems, I suppose, because I think you are a really smart person yet you blame the Repubs for what the Dems are not doing. God forbid something should pass and get put in front of Obama and then he has to veto it.  God forbid that he should be forced to actually work at getting the Congress and Senate to work together – but it is to his advantage that they do not because then he can blame it on the Republicans. Why does this Canadian know this – see this – and Americans do not? Why do you buy the lies? 

Why do they call Obama a socialist when he is more to the right than Clinton was? … 

Obama is a socialist. He believes in hand outs and not hand ups. There is no other definition for the kind of policies he believes will help America. His policies ARE socialist policies. That alone does not make him evil, but he presents to you similar policies and ideas we have here in Canada and they do not work! So, he presents and suggests to you failing ideology instead of staying with the tried and true. Believe me when I tell you that if our Canadian health care system was all that and a bag of chips, I would tell you the truth, Nancy, but it is not. It is a failing system and my conservative government is moving us OFF the path our “Obama” put us on the late 1960’s, early 1970’s. It is the direction we must move in if we are to save my country and it is working. Obama wants you to go the other way. The wrong way. 

Why do they blame him for everything when all he has done is mainly stick with Bush’s policies? (It took a LONG TIME to create this mess) … 

Speaking for myself, I do not see that Obama is sticking with the Bush policies. Obama is very weak on foreign policy and the way he has handled rogue nations. He is very weak when it comes to standing up for your military and in negotiations with other countries. Take Korea for instance. North Korea got a crapload of food and goods in exchange for a promise to stop their missile tests/advancements. Last time America did that to help those in need in North Korea was when Bush was in office. Everything that was sent was given to the military – and the people starved. North Korea continued to do what it wanted to so Congress (which was Democrat at the time) decreed no more trades like that with North Korea. Obama did it anyway. Egypt laughs at him, Iran mocks him –rogue nations –terrorist nations – are not afraid of him because he says one thing and does another. You can hate Israel all you want (if you are a Palestinian supporter – not speaking of you directly) but Israel is only as strong as the support America gives it. Obama has turned his back on Israel which emboldens the terrorists – more Palestinians have died because of his administration’s failed policies. Negotiating from a position of strength is always better than trying to do so from a position of weakness. Obama is weak and the whole world is now on edge because of him. 

If you think that not closing Gitmo was sticking with the Bush policies, consider this: there was no place for those terrorists to go. If those detainees were brought into America, they would have been tried under your laws and they would have been released – IN AMERICA. That’s why the Repubs fought so hard to keep them where they were, at Gitmo. Many Dems joined in on that fight against closing, Gitmo, too. He could not fix what Bush had done and Bush did a hell of a lot wrong, but he kept America safe after 9/11. The whole world felt safer because of the aggressive action Bush took and he surprised many! Feel safer now under Obama? No … and the terrorists mock him. 

“Why are Republicans now so EVIL?” 

It is not just Republicans – your whole political arena in America is corrupted. The White House has been for sale for a long time. He with the most money gets to buy it. Too much money is spent tearing people down instead of building America up. You have had a lot of good people on both sides of the aisle put their necks on the line for the American people and they get ripped apart like dead meat. Because they are you. Honest, hardworking people who want to see good things happen for the American people. 

You have criminals in your government, for cripes sakes. People who are there who should have been retired years and years ago. You have a ‘black caucus’ that keeps your arena divided via colour instead of uniting under flag. It is wrong. Should never be allowed in a political arena because it creates special interest groups. EVERY American citizen is special. Every single one of you. 

As a people, you kept voting for the same old thing and look what has happened. Change is good, but you have to do your homework and make sure that change knows his ass from a hole in the ground. Is someone who did the work, put in the time and is willing to make the government work by working with it – not against it. Obama has never done anything to reach out to the Republicans to get them working with the Dems. Vice versa, perhaps, but the new groups of Republicans who came in 2010 are there on a mission. 

They want the growth in your debt halted and start getting it paid down. They want smaller government and the federal government reigned in over the states. Your state knows what you need better than the Feds ever could. They went there with a plan but the left has demonized them for that. The propaganda machine on the left is well oiled and with all the shills in the news media to help them – Americans buy the lies. 

Blue Dog Democrats are known to be fiscally conservative and lost in 2010 because they were expendable to the Progressive arm of the Democratic Party. Progressive ideology IS SOCIALISM. All you have to do is start researching and you will find I am right. Blue dog Dems need to be elected back so that work between the parties can start to happen again. You know the only one who was ever able to make both parties work together was Newt. Like him or not he did what he had to in order to help the government move forward for the people’s sakes. It is why he has so many enemies on both sides of the aisle. Those ethic charges against him were bogus … 

I did the research. The wife and I spent well over a year researching hundreds of resources including Obama’s actual senate records before we saw his inexperience would really hurt America and like it or not it has. 

The old guard Dems and Republicans MUST go in order for you to start seeing your government finally start to work. It is about negotiation between parties and they do not do that. Period. 

The responsibility for this lies with you – the voters. Not the politicians. They made the mess but you put them there and allowed it all to happen. Now what are you going to do to clean it up? 

Just a view from your Northern Neighbour. 

Cam Vallee 

Your Northern Neighbour, Cam Vallee



~ The Bold Pursuit would like to pay tribute to Cam’s beloved wife and patriot, Linda, who passed away after a long illness. Linda, or CanuckGal, as we knew her, was an original member of The Bold Pursuit’s social network. Her enthusiasm, support and Northern Neighbour blogs gave us the encouragement we needed to move on to the next stage in our journey: TheBoldPursuit.com. A great lady … a true patriot … she is missed.~

Jeb Bush Endorses Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney today announced the support of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

“Jeb Bush is synonymous with good government and with conservative policies that yield results. He has long demonstrated an outstanding ability to bring people together. I therefore take tremendous pride in having earned his endorsement. This is a key moment in the presidential contest and Jeb’s counsel and support will be critical in the coming months in my effort to defeat Barack Obama and turn around our country.”


Republished from www.MittRomney.com

Gingrich, Political Guru?

by Hartley Atkins

In a speech after the Mississippi and Alabama Primaries, in which he came in second place in both, Gingrich was adamant that he will remain in the race until Tampa. And in subsequent interviews, when it was suggested that Santorum victories were a blow to his Southern Strategy and that if he continued in the race, he would only be splitting the conservative votes with Santorum and that would allow Romney an easier path to victory. By staying in the race, Gingrich explained, he would deprive Santorum a shot at winning; if he dropped out, that would be a certain victory for Romney. 

Quite a paradox, isn’t it? Not quite! I have to admit it, that Gingrich has a point. 

This is why. What Gingrich explained is true up to the end of March because all states, up to that time, will allot delegates proportionally to each candidate in the race until April, when the “winner takes all” kicks in and the delegate count will advance much faster for the winner. As for the rest of March, unless it is guaranteed that Santorum will get all of Gingrich’s potential votes and he wins the rest of the March contests by ridiculously large margins, after Gingrich gets out, Romney would have a better chance of widening his lead in delegates, especially if he wins and by good margins. At the very least, Romney’s lead is kept in check with Gingrich and Santorum gaining more votes combined thus reducing the margin of any potential victories for, and the number of delegates rewarded to, Romney until the end of March.

 But come April, it will be a different ball game and I don’t see any logical reason for Gingrich remaining in the race until Tampa, if he is not winning in the “winner takes all” states. 

Oh! And those pundits on TV urging Gingrich to get out now – Gingrich is by far savvier than them on matters such as these. 

Gingrich is really more interested in making history at this stage and engineering a brokered Convention, in my opinion. 

Barack Obama’s War Plans Against the Constitution

by Jim Mullen 

The U.S. Constitution is a fortress built by the Founders around the American people and is the country’s only defense against the internal destructive forces of evil, Barack Obama and his leftistJim Mullen comrades. To realize their dream of defeating America and having their way with its citizens, they must destroy that constitutional wall of protection. 

The constraints placed upon government by our Founding Fathers via the Constitution led to the greatest explosion of freedom and prosperity ever witnessed in the history of civilization. 

The man now occupying the Oval Office believes he has a better idea than did those freedom-loving patriots. This man sees unfairness and danger in liberty, and offers ‘hope and change’ through a massive federal government that controls commerce and constrains all personal liberty and self-determination. 

Barack Obama pompously refers to himself as a constitutional scholar. More appropriately, he is a mortal enemy of the U.S. Constitution. He studies it as a military planner studies an adversary’s defensive positions in preparation for battle. Analyzing, examining and probing points of weaknesses to the constitutional fortress, he takes adversarial positions on every concept of a free republic. Attack, overwhelm, and overcome is the battle cry for the radical leftist from Chicago. 

The condescending view with which Obama sees the Constitution and the American people is evident every time he opens his mouth. He becomes increasingly more brazen and arrogant and exhibits an unapologetic contempt for the laws of the nation and his oath of office to ‘preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.’ 

Historically, when Obama wanders off without his handlers he is prone to spout off his real Marxists’ beliefs like the ‘spread the wealth’ comment to Joe the Plumber. Seven years before that, however, he unleashed his pent-up rage from his long-held vendetta against the Constitution, telling a Chicago public station in 2001, that ‘redistributive change is needed.’ This was before he employed handlers, acting coaches, and PR specialists to keep him muzzled when not standing in front of his Teleprompter. 

Consider Obama’s opinions about the Constitution, and note the animosity: 

·         ‘The Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth.’ 

·         ‘It didn’t break free from the essential constraints that were placed by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution.’ 

·         ‘The Constitution is a charter of negative liberties. Says what the states can’t do to you. Says what the federal government can’t do to you, but doesn’t say what the federal government or state government must do on your behalf.’ 

·         ‘The civil rights movement became so court-focused I think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalition of powers through which you bring about redistributive change. In some ways, we still suffer from that.’ 

He is a master of deceit and knows that free Americans and their institutions are his enemies, and that he must destroy their constitutional defenses before he can dictate his will. He knows Sun Tzu’s principle in ‘The Art of War,’ that ‘all warfare is based on deception.’ Obama is well equipped for the art of deception, claiming exemption from truth in the name of the ‘greater’ or ‘common good.’ 

The country is under siege. He and his administration spent the first three years in office prosecuting, judging, and sentencing America for its ‘sins’ against collectivism. He led a federal invasion into the states, and declared all-out war on the American people, business, lending institutions, religion, energy, capitalism, and every aspect of traditional society. When Congress denied his wishes, he simply created a law and dictated his will upon the country. He crowed that when Congress refuses to act according to his plans, he feels an ‘obligation as President to do what he can without them.’ 

Congress has long been complicit with chipping away at the peoples’ rights by overstepping their authority, while at the same time ceding much of its legitimate power to the Executive branch and the bureaucracy. This acquiescence of its constitutional mandates relegates the third branch of government to an insignificant position of buffoonery. They are consigned to entertaining and bowing to the whims of the King like a troupe of court jesters. 

Obama wants Americans unified around a collective culture and everyone reduced to the lowest common denominator. In other words, he wants a once proud and independent nation on its knees, begging favors and alms from an all-powerful federal government. 

Like most wannabe tyrants, he uses military analogies when trying to rally the American people. He wants everyone to unify around his idealistic, collective culture, and follow his inexorable quest to change the country into a Marxist state. It’s another way of stifling dissent by suggesting that all ‘loyal’ Americans will march to the beat of his leftist drum against his ‘enemy.’ 

To achieve the progressives’ dream they must perform revolutionary surgery to remove the healthy tissue from the body politic of America and leave a blob of freedom destroying parasites and collectivists. 

Barack Obama, the self-proclaimed ‘hope’ of the nation is an instrument of despair, a common despot, and a fraud. He is devoid of any love for our constitutional republic, and determined to still the beating heart of liberty.


The Constitution is the guardian of America and the country will surely die without its protection.


Jim Mullen 

Jim Mullen is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit® 





Happy Birthday to Mitt Romney: Wonderful Husband, Father, Grandfather

(Our thanks to the author, Jayde Wyatt, and www.MittRomneyCentral.com for permission to reprint)

by Jayde Wyatt 


There are so many reasons to wish The Gov many happy returns today. He’s a man of many accomplishments – a great American: studied hard in school to get good grades, made choices in his youth that made his parents proud, learned to value work, learned the value of serving others, developed compassion and leadership skills, served in his church, successfully helped to create many businesses and jobs for Americans, turned around a troubled Olympic Games to make America proud fresh after 9-11, governed a troubled, liberal state with conservative principles and turned a huge budget deficit into a very substantial rainy day fund, gives so generously of his time and money, and much more.

Among all of Governor Romney’s accomplishments he says his family is his greatest joy. He dearly loves his “sweetheart Ann” and she loves him. He adores his five sons and daughters-in-law and his 16 grandchildren. They, in return, adore him. He’s a devoted husband, father and grandfather who relishes time spent with family. Unsurprisingly, his ease with little ones is being noticed along the campaign trail:

Mitt the Baby Whisperer

Did you know Mitt Romney’s baby handling skills may be a big help in Mississippi? So says Gov. Phil Bryant, who endorsed Romney Thursday. Speaking to reporters in Pascagoula shortly after Romney wrapped up his stump speech here, Bryant cited the ex-Massachusetts governor’s child-rearing abilities when asked how he’s doing in his conversion to the South.
. . .
[H]e’s been here before. We’ve talked to him. We’ve seen him. But he just has a warm comfortable way about him. I like to see a man when he’s holding a baby. And he looks like he’s held a baby before,” Bryant said. “Let me tell you, this man is connecting with the people of this nation and it’s about those simple things.You’re not going vote for somebody you don’t like. You’re just not going to do it. And I think people in Mississippi like Mitt Romney.”

Today, I’m paying birthday tribute to Mitt Romney – wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. He could be at home, enjoying time with his family, but he’s chosen to run for the highest office in the land. Offering his lifetime of experience, he is dedicated to restoring the American dream. Caring deeply about about America’s children and their future, he does not want our burdensome, immoral debt to be foisted on their young shoulders. Here are a few photos that show his ease and joy in meeting little Americans…

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

March 10, 2012 – Romney spends time at Boston headquarters with Zac Moffat’s baby.
(TwitPic Zac Moffat)




Stretch time! (Photo Getty Images/Emmanuel Dunand)



From plenty of experience, Romney knows babies love to grab ears, noses, and lips!



Jan 28, 2012 – Mitt hugs a toddler at a campaign rally in Florida. (Look at her sweet little arm around his neck… She knows she is in safe arms!)



March 9, 2012 – Gov Romney kisses a baby during a campaign stop at Thomson Tractor in Pinson Valley, Alabama. (Photo The Birmingham News/Hal Yeager)



The Gov engaged in one of his favorite pastimes… reading to his grandchildren.



That best portion of a good man’s life,
His little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.

~ William Wordsworth

Happy Birthday, Governor Romney!

Birthday wishes for The Gov may be left on his Facebook page and in our comments section.

UPDATE – To see creative cartoonist Sal Velluto’s birthday card for Gov Romney, click here.

I just love those photos! What a good, good, man…


Jayde Wyatt


(This peer pressure ad is not paid for by Romney’s campaign, but we hope you do it anyway!)