Ideological Objections to President Obama

by Roger Pol 

Recently I was asked to state my reasons why I “hated” president Obama so much. This was, of course, after I had been labeled a racist for objecting to the Federal mandate to provide contraception as part of all health insurance plans. I of course, don’t “hate” our president, I just don’t agree with his ideology and policy initiatives. 

So, I started thinking about it and with the help of my esteemed colleague Mr. Peter Ferrara, have responded as follows: 

I will provide specifics for concern about President Obama from my perspective. While I’m sure many will consider this to be either hate speech or a racist comment, it is actually all true. If you don’t agree, provide specifics of any statements which are not accurate. 

Barack Obama states throughout his two autobiographies, that at college he was drawn to and identified with the Marxist Professors and students. He identifies strongly with his father who was an openly and unbowed communist economist from Harvard in spite of the fact that he only met his father on one occasion when he was a pre-teen. His mother was a radical hippie from the 60s who rejected America — Obama’s own writings. 

This is not in the books but from other writings, we know that his grandparents were radical progressives who had him mentored in high school by a member of the US Communist Party, Franklin Marshal Davis. 

He became a long time member of the Trinity whatever Church in Chicago which is dedicated to Marxist Black Liberation Theology and whose leader, repeatedly damned America in his sermons. Of course, Obama denies that he ever heard those sermons, in spite of the fact that he sat in the front row for 17 years and was so close to the Reverend Wright that the Pastor officiated at the Obamas wedding. Truly hard to imagine that he didn’t learn anything in those 17 years and almost impossible to believe he never heard any of the “damn America” sermons. 

He was an instructor for ACORN in the social manipulation methods of Marxist radical Saul Alinsky. 

After becoming President, he in conjunction with Reid and (earlier) Pelosi, manipulated the legislative process to enable “continuing spending resolutions” without budgetary oversight which has resulted in more than 5 TRILLION dollars of increase in the debt. 

Ultraliberal doesn’t even begin to cut it. This is why I can’t support the President for reelection. 

Comments anyone? 

Roger Pol publishes AmericanCitizenBiker blog.

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