In Which Form of Government Does Barack Obama Believe?

by Jim Mullen

In which philosophical form of government does Barack Obama believe? That has been one of the ongoing debates since he burst upon the national political scene a scant four years ago. Jim Mullen

Political observers noted he was the most liberal member of the United States Senate, and many believed he was a radical left-wing zealot if not an ideological revolutionary. The terms socialist, progressive, and Marxist were generally thrown about to describe the eloquent, little-known Obama as his unlikely quest for the presidency unfolded.

After three years in office, it is evident to all but his most ardent supporters that the President of the United States is a strident Marxist. His forceful policies, actions, and thunderous attacks on freedom are straight from the writings of Karl Marx. The evils of Capitalism, state control of business, redistributive change to achieve social justice, and the diminishing of personal, economic and property rights are among the daily rants from Obama and his administration.

Marx believed in socialism, and that communism would eventually follow. He argued that social theorists and underprivileged people should topple capitalism and bring about socioeconomic change. This is the heralded ‘change we can believe in’ touted by Obama.

To realize these goals a good Marxist builds a totalitarian government using his strongest pillar, class warfare. Obama spends every waking moment in and out of the Oval Office infusing doses of collectivism and government dependency. Not a day passes by and not a speech airs that the President fails to spew his poisonous hatred toward the job-creating, successful, financially secure members of American society. These are the people Marx called the Bourgeoisie; Barack Obama simply uses his favorite pejorative, ‘the rich.’

The Founders intended that every American, working under the rules of our Republic, be free to pursue their own ideas of riches, unburdened from government interference, coercion, and intimidation. Obama believes that no such right exists.

The primary difference between liberalism, progressivism, socialism, Marxism, and communism, is the measure of force, treachery, evil, and time with which they inject their poison into the people. The philosophies are as one with a belief in massive federal control over the masses and restricted or nonexistent personal, economic, and property rights. Indeed, over the years many of the leftists found the need to glide flippantly between the labels depending upon their short or long-term goals. The natural progression is, however, as Marx predicted, toward communism, the most evil and tyrannical form of government.

How then, one might ask, did a radical leftist like Obama rise to the presidency of the most powerful country on earth without proper vetting and reporting by the media? After all, they should be free-roaming, impartial referees in the political arena.

The answer lies in the second most important pillar of tyrannical government, the control of information, with the ability to indoctrinate the populace. Fortunately, for Barack Obama and most unfortunately for the country, he had compliant and corrupt media kneeling at his feet, fawning over a man who sent a thrill up their leg.

It was love at first sight for the biased, mainstream, left-wing media. Barack Obama represented everything for which their palpitating hearts could beat, and wistful minds could envision. Here was a man with whom they held a kindred ideology, a man who spoke with dynamic energy, and was politically marketable to a disappointed and restless electorate. He also had the uncanny, chameleon-like ability of blending in with his surroundings and taking on the same appearance of the group or audience to whom he was playing. Thus, he could be all things to all people.

By the way, he was African-American.

It was so perfect. It would be simple to shield Obama the man from criticism by merely claiming his opponents were racists. Equally, they could ignore or mask his leftist ideas, extremist friends, allies, political writings, and an incomplete personal history using the same ploy. The media hoisted the radical community organizer from Chicago, fitted him with a halo, and placed him triumphantly in the White House. It was a marketing coup.

In ascending order of repugnancy, he began his quest for coronation by feigning traditional, conservative, American values, then slipped into his ‘spreading the wealth,’ social justice, and racial politics. He subsequently spent three years in office hoisting the battle flag of class warfare and preaching the evils of capitalism.

He calms the squirming resistance to tyranny by using the government’s most powerful anesthetics, money, and promises of social justice. The more persistent and vocal critics, the Tea Parties, are demeaned, painted with that dreaded brush of racism, and dismissed as kooks. The more America resists; the more Obama reassures the country that freedom is a failure, and that he is working for our own good and in our best interests. 

The antidote to liberty is as it has invariably been, coax more and more people into ceding their freedom for a promise of security and comfort. It is through this deadly portal that the masses always enter on their way to complete enslavement. Barack Obama understands fully the deceit, organization, and propaganda necessary to complete the ‘transformation’ of a once proud, independent, and powerful nation into one of whining beggars subservient to a Master State.

Government and dictators grow by devouring the rights of its citizens. Either the people hold power or the government holds power, and our Constitution very clearly places supremacy in the hands of the people. Without a doubt, Barack Obama is hell-bent on usurping that authority. Given another five years, he very likely will succeed in closing an iron gate of tyranny behind a dormant and disinterested America.

Jim Mullen

Jim Mullen is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit®

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