How to Find a President? The Road Map from the Founders

by Hartley Atkins

It is possible that in second-guessing the Founding Fathers, that offers insights into their imagination,Hartley Atkins thinking, their common sense and their intent which is really, their wisdom.

Our Founders envisioned America as a political unity, with a Federal Government presiding over all of the separate States. Each state retains control of its own internal affairs. America is a Republic – our President is the Executive of the Federal Government and Governors, the Executives of States. Our State Governments are fashioned as replicas of the Federal Government. Ergo, the Governors of the States are technically, potential Presidents in training.

With such a fantastic road map from our Founders, why are Americans allowing themselves to be led off course by Liberals and Libertarians who would want us to elect substandard candidates, even community organizers and people who never held political office, etc. as President?

It is not too late to restore America, my countrymen! How do we find our next president? Let’s go to the road map from our Founders, come to our senses and pick the Governor to lead us and carry out the duties of office.

Call me an ol’ troglodyte, if you want, that is my opinion.

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