Gingrich – Debater Extraordinaire, but Still a Conundrum for Floridian Primary Voters

by Hartley AtkinsHartley Atkins

Firstly, there is public record that Gingrich was charged with ethics violations and had to pay $300,000 as a penalty for legal cost, not a fine. Semantics?

Secondly, Santorum had said as much about it in the last South Carolina debate as Romney did in the Florida’s Monday night’s debate and Ron Paul corroborated that he had to leave the Speakership because he didn’t have the votes, the support of his peers.

Thirdly, when Romney accused him of being hired by the chief lobbyist at Freddie Mac and that he wasn’t paid fees as a historian, Gingrich’s recently published contract with them backed up Romney’s claim. And Gingrich himself didn’t refute Romney’s claim on that particular issue on Monday night.

Finally, when Romney accused him of lobbying Congressmen on Medicare Part D, he didn’t show righteous indignation and only said those were allegations. He was apparently, stunned under Romney’s barrage of attacks and was bailed out by the Moderator with a change of the subject.

Obviously, I am not a Gingrich supporter but I felt embarrassed for him on Monday night and that lends credence to Christie’s charge that Gingrich is an embarrassment to the GOP and to his ex-wife’s charge that he doesn’t have the moral character to be President.

I hope Floridians will feel the same.

Reprinted with Permission

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