Operation Gun Runner – Murder and Cover-Up

by Robert Arvay 

It’s a shame that Obama was willing to help narco-terrorists kill hundreds of innocent people, just so that he could expand his power over law abiding American gun owners. But that is how tyrants operate. 

Obama’s gun control efforts needed a boost. It seems that all his efforts, to prove that American gun sales were the problem, were not working. The darn gun sellers would not sell guns to the narco-terrorists. 

So Obama came up with a plan: ask the gun dealers to sell guns to known narco-terrorists. Tell the gun dealers that it’s all part of a government operation to track the guns and find the terrorists. 

The gun dealers did not like the idea and they said so, but Obama insisted. So, despite their misgivings, the gun dealers did as their government instructed. 

However, Obama’s plan was not to foil the narco-terrorists. His plan was to blame the gun sellers for the resulting murders, and, sure enough, the murders occurred – hundreds of them. 

Then, it happened that one of the murder victims was a federal agent. Those who before had had misgivings, now realized that they had been had, and that from the very beginning, our government never tracked the guns. 

Barak Obama and Eric Holder were quick to deny any knowledge of this major operation, an operation that could not have occurred without authorization at the highest levels. 

But instead of punishing those at the higher levels, Obama chose to punish those at the lowest levels, those who had tried to stop this tragedy before it happened.  

The magnitude of evil in these two men is incomprehensible. But what can one expect of tyrants? 

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

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