Happy New Year, My American Neighbours

by Cam Vallee 

The trials and tribulations America has endured these past three years have caused the rift between citizens in your country to widen. It is of great concern to me. I have been watching and engaging with Americans for four years now in the hope of being a warning bell on to the path you are currently walking. Socialism and socialistic ideology is currently tearing European countries apart. Here in Canada, with the help of your Tea Party ideology, we are finally in full reverse, but it will take more years than I have left in my life to undo the damage that we did to our country over fifty years ago. It is my one wish for Canada this year that we continue the good fight. 

The taking back of handouts to the Canadian public will not go quietly into the night. I expect there will be an uprising of sorts. Canadians may be passive, but we have become addicts of the handouts our Government has given us in what was a veiled attempt to have us believe that they could take care of us better than we could ourselves. If OWS is any example of how effective it will be, I am not too worried.

As I have watched my American cousins struggle these past fifty years, trying to decide whether to keep or cast aside your Republic, I saw the tug of war that existed between the givers and the takers. Right now, the takers are winning and on the rise. 

On the rise … until the Tea Party stepped up. They continue to work as quiet as Christmas mice in an attempt to defend, restore, and keep the greatest Republic that the world has ever known. It is true that he who makes the most noise gets the most attention but it is NOT true that they win in the end. Canada is a perfect example of how the few can use the principles laid out in your Tea Party platform and unite across this great nation of mine – second largest land mass in the world – to defeat the progressive agenda. Canadians did that this year in our last election. We were few – the patriotic American members of your Tea Party movement are many. 

Are YOU a member and if not, why? 

One wish I have for my American cousins is that you finally come together, with a loud voice, and tell your elected officials that you have had enough! No more handouts, buy-outs, giveaways or government intervention in your private sector. It is the wheel that keeps America moving forward and all we have to do is look at our Post Offices to see the effectiveness of our governments in running things … into the ground, that is. 

I also wish for you a ‘coming together’ behind the one presidential candidate who will reverse everything this socialist administration has done to your American political arena. Someone who can and has worked across the aisle. Someone who actually has enemies in the Republican Party – that is a badge of honour because it means he or she may have done what was right for the People and not the Party. Someone who will be a strong voice on the international stage so that the enemies of America will know there is no more game-play left for them. This person must have the ability to articulate to your enemies that they mean what they say. Someone who will stand with Israel. 

There is no such thing as the perfect person and personal failings are something good Christians should leave to your God to judge when that day comes. With the record the Democrats have of their candidate’s personal baggage and background, it is clear to me that point is moot. We are nothing more than mortal men who can easily fall into sinning. In the end, people should base their decisions on the man that is before them today. The one who is not afraid to say of his mistakes that it was “one of the dumbest things I ever did.” 

Hanging out with anti-American people the likes of Wright and Ayers – that is a conscious choice on the part of the man and it was never used to fight what was being sold to the country in 2008. There are mistakes that only God can judge; the rest are left to man IF he is given all the information needed to make that judgment. 

Above all else, your leaders must have executive experience – something Obama lacked. What I see right now is Americans being manipulated to vote for people who have none of the characteristics noted above and in the end, would not beat Obama in a head-to-head debate. This election is a turning point for your country and the road that you decide to walk will either protect or destroy your Republic. You will not find the perfect candidate. He or she simply does not exist. What you must find is the RIGHT candidate. Regardless, get behind the winner and push with all your might. (I have to add with all my heart I still hold faint hope that Sarah Palin will jump in.)  

Most of all, what I wish for you is peace in your hearts where you know that, in spite of the outcome, that YOU did everything you could to fight for your great nation and all for which it stands. Using the most powerful weapon that we as free citizens were given through the precious blood, struggle and strife of our founders and our fighters: our votes and our voice. 

May you find strength in each other as this New Year is now upon us and may God Bless your America and all that is great and wonderful about it. 

Happy New Year, America. I can see November 2012 from my side of the fence and it is my sincere hopeCam Vallee that 2012 makes what happened in 2010 look like a ripple. 

May the true tsunami of freedom and justice come to you all as the sun rises on our New Year. 

I am your Northern Neighbour,

Cam Vallee

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