Gingrich – Debater Extraordinaire, but Still a Conundrum for Floridian Primary Voters

by Hartley AtkinsHartley Atkins

Firstly, there is public record that Gingrich was charged with ethics violations and had to pay $300,000 as a penalty for legal cost, not a fine. Semantics?

Secondly, Santorum had said as much about it in the last South Carolina debate as Romney did in the Florida’s Monday night’s debate and Ron Paul corroborated that he had to leave the Speakership because he didn’t have the votes, the support of his peers.

Thirdly, when Romney accused him of being hired by the chief lobbyist at Freddie Mac and that he wasn’t paid fees as a historian, Gingrich’s recently published contract with them backed up Romney’s claim. And Gingrich himself didn’t refute Romney’s claim on that particular issue on Monday night.

Finally, when Romney accused him of lobbying Congressmen on Medicare Part D, he didn’t show righteous indignation and only said those were allegations. He was apparently, stunned under Romney’s barrage of attacks and was bailed out by the Moderator with a change of the subject.

Obviously, I am not a Gingrich supporter but I felt embarrassed for him on Monday night and that lends credence to Christie’s charge that Gingrich is an embarrassment to the GOP and to his ex-wife’s charge that he doesn’t have the moral character to be President.

I hope Floridians will feel the same.

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The Cure for Our Deficit Ailment: Kevin Brady’s MAP Act

Recently, I was preparing to go on national television to discuss our nation’s continued expansion of government and the spending machine in Washington, D.C. The producer of the show asked me, “George, what can you recommend specifically that we can do today to make things better?” TheGeorge R. Jarkesy, Jr., Chairman, Eagles and Angels Association, CEO, Jarkesy & Co. first thought I had was the Maximizing America’s Prosperity Act, proposed by United States Representative Kevin Brady (R) from Texas. 

The root of our problems lies with a system where no one is specifically to blame, and because the culprit cannot be cornered and dealt with, the machine gets bigger. Every legislator, one way or another, becomes a part of this engine. The very job of a good legislator has evolved to bring home the money from the federal ATM to their state. 

I don’t blame the legislators as much as the system’s design. It was never intended that the states would be begging the federal government for their share of the “handout”. Incentive programs do work, and we have a system that incentivizes excessive spending – “I will back your bridge to nowhere and in return you will support my, non-economically viable, green project.” The amount of debt and future liabilities is staggering and unsustainable. It’s estimated that by the end of this decade, annual government spending will be 90% of GDP. 

If you love this country and our republic, the deconstruction of the Washington spending machine has to be our number one priority as a Nation. The MAP Act is a great start in that direction. To begin and really explain the Act, I want you to imagine a system where government agencies have to justify their existence, presenting their own analysis and data to support their argument to an independent Sunset Commission. Each agency is given a specific sunset date to ensure continued relevance to the needs of our nation. The commission researches and reviews each agency and makes a recommendation to continue, modify, merge, or abolish agency. Upon the sunset date it will be abolished unless the legislature passes legislation allowing it to continue. This may sound unrealistic – but it’s a plan that has actually served Texas well and has recently passed in Minnesota. 

Based on Texas’s experience, Brady has introduced legislation to curb the excesses of our federal government, including just mandatory smart caps on spending and an item reduction veto. I agree with Brady – the deficit itself is not the problem, but the symptom; the problem is DC’s excessive and wasteful spending. The MAP Act remedies this by automatically setting spending at 90% of the previous year’s budget when Congress fails to pass an appropriations bill, preventing shutdowns that stop the provision of essential services, or “grand bargains” that end up kicking the can down the road. This will eliminate the current process of leveraging the pending budget for legalized extortion. Additionally, the Act will allow the President to enact up to four line-item reduction bills each year, giving some much needed discretion to cut funding where needed and urging a downward trend in spending. 

We need decisive action and leadership now, not powerless “super committees” that inevitably fail. If we keep up our ongoing spending binge, the deficit will continue to rise and saddle our children with the same problems Greece has today. By capping spending and removing unnecessary or irrelevant agencies, Rep. Brady’s MAP Act will do just this. Encourage your representative to support it! If your representative doesn’t support it, then it tells you that they are addicted to the spending machine; they are not committed to solving the problem, and they need to be replaced. 

Reprinted with permission:

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This Must Be Our Year to Stop the Onslaught

by Jim Mullen

This could be the most decisive year in the history of the United States. The American people will determine our standing as the leader of the free world and redefine our struggle for independence from a repressive federal government now entrenched in Washington. Will we become subjects of power-hungry corrupt politicians, or regain control of our government and live our lives as the Constitution and founders intended? The answer to the November election question will determine our fate.

Our national security and the safety of our citizenry are in the hands of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats. This administration has no concept of how to achieve an honorable peace through strength. Obama, the “apologist,” is a weak, naïve, inexperienced joke in the international theater. Ceding U.S. power to the United Nations and NATO is his concept of foreign policy. Obama’s penchant for treating foreign terrorists as common criminals and a Congress that decades ago abdicated its responsibilities of war, peace and border security, leaves our country at the door of destruction. We have a country sinking into an abyss that may never again rise to world prominence or enjoy the national security that we have long taken for granted. Americans are no longer secure within our own borders, and our leaders are doing nothing to remedy the circumstances. Rather, they do everything in a reactive, politically-correct manner that causes greater damage. The President writes his own laws while Congress shrugs with indifference.

It is utterly essential that we unite, coordinate, and network with conservatives across this great land. Every group regardless of size, location, name or political party affiliation, must come together as one conservative voice at the ballot box. Whether or not you’re a member of a group of patriots, if you fervently believe in the U.S. Constitution, free enterprise, the capitalist system, and our Republic, we must unite. We must seek the truth and become millions of modern-day Paul Reveres, spreading the word.

We must create a network of millions of conservatives using social-networking sites, local meeting halls, media, telephones, computers, and person-to-person contacts so extensive as to create a tidal wave of reaction to all political chicanery and oppression by our constitutionally challenged leaders. If every conservative in our nation would lock arms and march as one, no power in Washington could stop us.

The liberal, progressive agenda will be in overdrive this year from the media, politicians, and bureaucrats. They realize this may be their last opportunity to enact their left-wing policies. Progressive extremists control the Senate and a “wannabe dictator” and his henchmen direct the White House. They must promote and justify the corrupt and unconstitutional laws and dictates that they enforce upon the American people. In addition, they must do so before the November election to energize their base. Living within the bounds of our Constitution is not an option for leftists and they will viciously attack anyone standing in the way of their dictatorial philosophies.

The massive graft, corruption, and payoffs accepted as the norm by this Congress, always trumps the wishes of the American people. Nancy Pelosi epitomized many in Congress when asked where in the Constitution does Congress get the authority to enact the Healthcare debacle, she deadpanned, “Are you kidding me?” Are you kidding me?”

Barack Obama has repeatedly shown his contempt for the Constitution and the traditional citizenry. He and Congress display their arrogance daily with the help of a compliant media. Their scheduled press conferences have degenerated into propaganda sessions of talking points and lies. Reporters who dare question the administration or Congress encounter scorn and contempt, as are voters who assemble peacefully in the streets or town-hall meetings and question their government officials. They characterize voter dissent as “just a bunch of racist, ignorant, rednecks” or “shills controlled by business.” We are obliged to stand up to these attacks and resist with the same ferocity that we see in this country’s radical left-wing.

The President is the epitome of arrogance reading his speeches from his scripted TelePrompTer. In true Hollywood style, he poses with his nose and chin in the air, camera shooting upward to portray an air of greatness and superiority. He bounces his head from side to side like a Charley McCarthy dummy. His mouth moves, but you know someone else controls the movements, writes the script, does the talking, and pulls the strings. This does not mean, however, that he is any less dangerous. He is the most dangerous politician ever to hold office in this country. When he talks off script, he often reveals his Marxist ideas and tendencies. The very fact that media hoisted him atop their liberal, progressive shoulders because he gave them a “tingle” with his charisma and Marxist principles makes him even more dangerous.

Neither Congress nor Obama believes the conservatives have the numbers to affect change in their extreme leftist agenda. Liberals spent generations paving the road to socialism with millions of government dependents and believe they have a system in place and most of their programs passed, to “fundamentally change” this country. They trust their base of government, subservient voters, is large enough to sweep away the annoying constitutionalists. All they must do is organize the turnout at the polls. Remember, they will accomplish this using taxpayers’ money.

The coming months of race baiting, class warfare and media blitzkrieg will set a vicious tone unseen in our country. November stands prominently as one of the most important dates in our history. If Barack Obama and liberals retain the Presidency and the Senate, it could be a death knell for our Constitution and our republic.

We will face sleight-of-hand, behind the back, and ambush techniques. Liberals’ ranting, raving, and screaming lies will sorely test conservatives’ will to continue the fight. We are obligated to continue building our informational highway locally and nationally. Let us use our connections and resources to respond instantly to the political machine’s propaganda and lies. By increasing the information flow, we can slow down their run-a-way totalitarian takeover of our country and taste victory in November! 

Jim Mullen

Jim Mullen is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit

Campaign 2012 Update: Romney Wins Iowa Caucus

Governor Mitt Romney won last night’s Iowa caucus by eight votes – the narrowest victory in its history. Former Senator Rick Santorum (PA) placed second and Congressman Ron Paul (TX) placed third in the first contest for the 2012 presidential nomination.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN) ended her bid for the nomination today after a disappointing sixth place finish in last night’s caucus, stating “I have decided to stand aside … I will not be continuing in this race for the presidency.” 

She urged Republicans to “… rally around the person that our country and our party and our people select to be that standard bearer” at a news conference in Des Moines.

Bachmann is not the first defection from the field of Republican hopefuls: businessman Herman Cain suspended his campaign on December 3, 2011 amid allegations of sexual improprieties. Cain denied all accusations, but still decided to conclude his run for the presidential nomination “… because of the continued distraction, the continued hurt caused on me and my family.”

Texas Governor Rick Perry took fifth place, after former Newt Gingrich, in yesterday’s caucus. After the late night results were announced, Perry stated that he was going “reassess” his campaign, leading many to conclude he intended to leave the Republican race for the nomination. This morning, Perry declared his intention to continue his campaign via Twitter: “And the next leg of the marathon is the Palmetto State … Here we come South Carolina!!!

The first Republican primary is set for next Tuesday, January 10, in New Hampshire. Governor Romney received an endorsement from his 2008 rival, Arizona Senator John McCain, this morning in Manchester, New Hampshire, stating “I am really here for one reason and one reason only, and that is to make sure that we make Mitt Romney the next president of the United States of America.”

Senator McCain joins other high profile politicos endorsing Romney, including Governor Chris Christie, Senator Elizabeth Dole and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. Former President George H.W. Bush announced his unofficial endorsement of the former Massachusetts governor last month.

Operation Gun Runner – Murder and Cover-Up

by Robert Arvay 

It’s a shame that Obama was willing to help narco-terrorists kill hundreds of innocent people, just so that he could expand his power over law abiding American gun owners. But that is how tyrants operate. 

Obama’s gun control efforts needed a boost. It seems that all his efforts, to prove that American gun sales were the problem, were not working. The darn gun sellers would not sell guns to the narco-terrorists. 

So Obama came up with a plan: ask the gun dealers to sell guns to known narco-terrorists. Tell the gun dealers that it’s all part of a government operation to track the guns and find the terrorists. 

The gun dealers did not like the idea and they said so, but Obama insisted. So, despite their misgivings, the gun dealers did as their government instructed. 

However, Obama’s plan was not to foil the narco-terrorists. His plan was to blame the gun sellers for the resulting murders, and, sure enough, the murders occurred – hundreds of them. 

Then, it happened that one of the murder victims was a federal agent. Those who before had had misgivings, now realized that they had been had, and that from the very beginning, our government never tracked the guns. 

Barak Obama and Eric Holder were quick to deny any knowledge of this major operation, an operation that could not have occurred without authorization at the highest levels. 

But instead of punishing those at the higher levels, Obama chose to punish those at the lowest levels, those who had tried to stop this tragedy before it happened.  

The magnitude of evil in these two men is incomprehensible. But what can one expect of tyrants? 

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad