“Barack Obama’s Big Book of Fairy Tales”

by Jim Mullen

Barack Obama is either living in his own little fantasy world or trying to lull Americans to sleep by reading from his liberal-progressive, “Big Book of Fairy Tales.”

Nothing approaching reality could explain the litany of inconsistent, unimaginable policies and statements coming from this President. Unless, of course, it is a deliberate willingness to deceive theJim Mullen American people and outright lie to gain a political advantage. By diverting attention from the worst economy since the Great Depression and apparently the most inept leadership in modern times, he hopes to have four more years to complete the installation of his radical Marxist agenda.

If this President lived in the real world or had any honest intentions for the nation, he should spend the next year explaining his first three years of bizarre behavior. Routinely, he bypasses Congress and rules this country by executive order, then delegates this usurped power to government bureaucrats. One must wonder; is he truly as inept as he appears or is it part of his long-range planning to collapse the system and place himself in a position to wield powers that are even more dictatorial?

Consider the following synopsis of his reign:

The job killing, economic stifling, national healthcare plan that Obama forced upon the American people with the brazen lie that over 40 million more people will receive healthcare at fewer costs without rationing services. Additionally, he made the outlandish claims that illegal aliens and abortion would be exempt from coverage under the plan when he knew that courts had already adjudicated these issues.

The entirety of his energy policy consists of corrupt schemes to pour billions of dollars into his political donors’ solar panel businesses. Taxpayers watch hopelessly as their “investments” evaporate as quickly as sincerity from Obama’s promise.

Energy independency from the Mideast is his claim; yet, he stops virtually all domestic oil exploration, uses the EPA to declare war on coal, and admits he wants electricity costs to “skyrocket.” He compounds this idiocy by preventing the Canadian oil pipeline. As the United States grows more dependent on foreign oil and American jobs continue marching overseas, the President reads us more “fairy tales.”

Illegal immigration is another job killing, security-threatening problem in this country on which this President is still missing in action. In another power-grab from Congress and subversion of American will, he dictated a virtual amnesty to all illegal aliens after declaring all-out war on any state that dared to take any action of self-preservation. Obama courts tens of millions of prospective new voters while his policies pit 14 million unemployed and 8.8 million underemployed Americans against an estimated 13 to 20 million illegal aliens.

Obama lays claim to the title of “champion of the middle class.” Meanwhile, his new middle class is dependent upon food stamps, unemployment benefits, welfare, and hundreds of other government programs just to survive his reign of economic terror. His skewed outlook on this country reasons that those who are not part of the 12 % union workforce or engaged as government employees are not bona fide working Americans and are, therefore, unworthy of any consideration.

In a country founded upon principles of free enterprise and of the people’s right to pursue wealth and prosperity, the Leftist-in-Chief goes about his daily indoctrination tours promoting class warfare. He feels an overpowering compulsion to change the greatest system in the world to one that pulls everyone but the ruling class down to the lowest common denominator.

The debt was $10.626 trillion on the day Mr. Obama took office. He rightly scolded Bush for his debt as “unpatriotic.” The debt is now over 15.1 trillion dollars. In less than three   years, he has increased the debt more than 42%.

He surrounded himself with admitted revolutionaries, Marxists, communists, Maoists, and socialists, then injected his Marxist poison into the bloodstream of a nation. Incessantly pointing an accusatory finger at others for the national ill-health that ensued goes beyond any concept of reason and common sense.

He justifies using his handpicked National Labor Relations Board to hammer Boeing Aircraft for building a new manufacturing plant in South Carolina. Imagine a company having the audacity to create real jobs in South Carolina at a non-union plant in a right to work state.

He travels the globe apologizing for America and poking friends in the eye with his undiplomatic stick. Compounding his naïve worldview fiascos, he assuages world rogues and bitter enemies with warm embraces of appeasement.

Every week that Obama remains in office, our Military falls further into financial weakness. He made clear that he would veto any attempt by Congress to block the automatic cuts to the military. (Sequester on Defense.) This, after his own Defense Secretary said if the automatic cuts go into effect, it would devastate the Military.

Always missing in action during any budget process or deficit reduction, he spends his time campaigning and giving away more money to his political cronies. Ruling by executive tyranny, bypassing Congress and creating issues on which to run, he initiates and implements his ruinous policies, then runs from them when he hits the campaign circuit. 

Barack Obama is like the wise guy who starts a barroom quarrel, then cowardly disappears out the back door when the fists and chairs start flying. In his case, he avoids responsibility for the messes he creates by ducking into the back-allies of politics, and uses the safety of the Presidency as a political sniper’s perch to launch campaign attacks and rhetoric.

Weapons of this President are powerful and the shields that protect him from criticism and accountability virtually unlimited. Sycophantic, groveling media and race-hustling Democrats circle the ranks to provide a ring of protection. Unfortunately, the American people have no protection for the excesses and edicts of a man who wants to “fundamentally change this country” into a socialist-Marxist state.

The prevailing notion of liberalism is that if you succeed in life’s endeavors you deserve to be a target of despots. To which Obama adds, “I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.” He is the self-anointed instrument of big government’s use of taxation and regulation to punish success. He screams to the heavens the outrageous and false claim that he has lowered taxes on Americans, not raised them. Then, in the next speech, he bellows for trillions more in taxes.

Job creation for this president amounts to a mantra permanently programmed into his Teleprompter. However, every socialist policy he advocates and dictates destroys American jobs. His class warfare, tax the rich ideology fuses with his other leftist ideas to form the perfect storm of deepening economic disaster. Neither he nor the Democratic Party has put forth a budget; they have no “jobs” programs – they simply scream for trillions of dollars in tax increases on the real job creators to feed their greedy, Democratic base.

He talks in lofty, high-toned liberal-speak. His manner is most arrogant, and his prevarications come as easily as his disarming smile. Envious praise will abound from conmen everywhere, but every jaw-dropping performance will leave you clutching your wallet and gasping for the fresh air of liberty. Watch for “The Excuse and Blame President,” starring Barack Hussein Obama, coming soon to a political rally near you.

Jim Mullen

Jim Mullen is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit



Remembering Pearl Harbor

by Robert Arvay

“ Dec 7, 1941 , a date that will live in infamy…” 

Today is the 70th anniversary of that date. Yet I would warrant that if one were to ask young Americans on the street what that date means, an enormous percentage of them would have no idea. Even if they somehow managed to recognize that “Pearl Harbor” is not a woman’s name, there are too few who would know that the Japanese bombed it, or why, or what was the name and outcome of the resulting war. 

One of the surest ways to lose freedom is to take it for granted. Too many of us are doing just that. 

Most of the men who preserved our freedom in World War Two have since passed on into their eternal reward. Only a few remain among us, and daily, their number diminishes. Soon, they will all have gone the way of our heroes from all previous wars, including the Civil War, and the American Revolution. 

But those of us alive today should always bear in mind the great sacrifices that have been made for us, so that we could remain free and prosperous. 

A young man (whoever he is) who was seventeen years old while under attack at Pearl Harbor, the youngest legal age to serve in the military, will be eighty-seven years old on this December 7. Think how many of his comrades who were there, would be quite a bit older than that, were they with us still. 

So very many of them died young during that conflict, and an even greater number than that have died since the war ended. 

Thousands of gleaming white crosses form forests of memorial tribute across Europe and the Pacific, each one marked by a name, or by the words, “known but to God.” 

Thousands of widows and orphans wept tears of sorrow for their lost loved ones. 

Now they are becoming all but forgotten. The debt we owe them can never be paid. 

Thank God for them. But for their valor and sacrifice, your life, right now, would be a living hell, and the torment of slavery would fill your every waking moment. 

Instead, the joy you experience at being free is their gift to you. Enjoy it. Use it for good. And make sure that we pass it on to our descendants. I can think of no better way to pay homage to our fallen heroes. 

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad, a feature of The Bold Pursuit®

Politics Takes Precedence Over The People, Keystone XL

by George R. Jarkesy, Jr., Jarkesy & Company 

When looking for examples of Washington’s weak grasp of economic realities, you need to look no further than Nebraska, right in the middle of America’s heartland. There lies a political battle over George R. Jarkesy, Jr., Chairman, Eagles and Angels Association, CEO, Jarkesy & Co.  the Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring oil from Canada to refineries on the U.S. Gulf Coast, quickly reducing and eventually eliminating our dependence on Middle Eastern oil. Our leadership in D.C., mainly the Obama Administration, has pushed back an approval decision until 2013, an obvious political ploy to avoid election year backlash (oh yeah, and maybe pick up more money and support from green donors!). WE need the oil and the 20,000 jobs TODAY! Yet, our politicians are dragging their feet and passing the buck to next year’s crop of elected officials. This is not the kind of leadership that we need, particularly on this critical issue that not only affects our economic well-being, but also our national security interests. 

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the U.S. already imports 25% of its oil from Canada – approximately 3 million barrels of our daily imports. The rest mostly comes from unstable Middle Eastern and African countries, as well as Venezuela and Mexico, which each face their own certain set of challenges. Instead of relying on unstable, and in some cases, unfriendly suppliers of oil, we need to bring more in from Canada and refine it here in the United States. Canada has already confirmed that the oil sands will be drilled. We are left with this simple question:  do we want this long-term, stable, strategic oil supply and its multitude of economic benefits here, or do we want it to go abroad? China and other countries are hungry for Canada’s oil supplies, and salivate at the prospect of the US dropping this juicy opportunity from the table. 

But let’s take a step back from the economic aspect and look at the national security implications. The US Navy has a vital mission in patrolling the world’s sea-lanes, and our security is tied to having the resources to fuel our military. With our strained relationships in the Middle East, and with China securing long-term supplies in oil producing countries around the world, our long term energy supply is vital to our national defense. 

The environmental objections have already been overcome! Our own U.S. Department of State has released a report showing that the environmental impacts of the pipeline would be minimal, given technological improvements in pipeline safety. 25,000 miles of pipeline already run through the Ogallala Aquifer, with 2,000 of those in Nebraska, and THOUSANDS of oil wells have been drilled through the aquifer, resulting in 24 billion barrels of oil produced since 1930. Instead, the Administration has pandered to environmentalists and lawyers, despite this overwhelming evidence and crucial need. 

For better or worse, our country is dependent on oil; not just for gasoline and other fuels, but also essentials such as plastics and fertilizers. We cannot let a reliable, friendly, and logistically convenient oil source pass us by, especially with a strained economy and soaring gas prices. Ignoring a close and readily accessible long-term energy supply is reckless, and I believe if we lose this opportunity, history will judge this administration harshly. Postponing this decision for one year will affect our country negatively for many generations to come! 

George R. Jarkesy, Jr. is a Hedge Fund Manager, Entrepreneur and Chairman of the National Eagles and Angels Association 

To read more articles by George R. Jarkesy visit www.jarkesy.com 

To learn about the National Eagles and Angels Association and NEAA Venture Research visitwww.eagleandangel.com and www.neaaventure.com 

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/politics-takes-precedence-over-the-people-keystone-xl-2011-12#ixzz1fLErlEhQ