Remembering Pearl Harbor

by Robert Arvay

“ Dec 7, 1941 , a date that will live in infamy…” 

Today is the 70th anniversary of that date. Yet I would warrant that if one were to ask young Americans on the street what that date means, an enormous percentage of them would have no idea. Even if they somehow managed to recognize that “Pearl Harbor” is not a woman’s name, there are too few who would know that the Japanese bombed it, or why, or what was the name and outcome of the resulting war. 

One of the surest ways to lose freedom is to take it for granted. Too many of us are doing just that. 

Most of the men who preserved our freedom in World War Two have since passed on into their eternal reward. Only a few remain among us, and daily, their number diminishes. Soon, they will all have gone the way of our heroes from all previous wars, including the Civil War, and the American Revolution. 

But those of us alive today should always bear in mind the great sacrifices that have been made for us, so that we could remain free and prosperous. 

A young man (whoever he is) who was seventeen years old while under attack at Pearl Harbor, the youngest legal age to serve in the military, will be eighty-seven years old on this December 7. Think how many of his comrades who were there, would be quite a bit older than that, were they with us still. 

So very many of them died young during that conflict, and an even greater number than that have died since the war ended. 

Thousands of gleaming white crosses form forests of memorial tribute across Europe and the Pacific, each one marked by a name, or by the words, “known but to God.” 

Thousands of widows and orphans wept tears of sorrow for their lost loved ones. 

Now they are becoming all but forgotten. The debt we owe them can never be paid. 

Thank God for them. But for their valor and sacrifice, your life, right now, would be a living hell, and the torment of slavery would fill your every waking moment. 

Instead, the joy you experience at being free is their gift to you. Enjoy it. Use it for good. And make sure that we pass it on to our descendants. I can think of no better way to pay homage to our fallen heroes. 

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad, a feature of The Bold Pursuit®

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