Why One-World Government Will Be a Curse

by Robert Arvay

Some years ago in an online forum, I was discussing the promised One World Government with someone who advocated it. The discussion was going nowhere, and soon I realized why. We had no common definitions. So I asked my friend and opponent, “What does a good government do?” 

His answer shocked me. He replied (in more detail than I need provide here) that a good government is one that takes care of its people. 

I rebutted with this:  What you have described is not a good government, but a good parent. It is a good parent who takes care of his child, nurtures that child, protects and promotes that child. 

But are we children? And are the people in government wiser and more caring than we? Are not we the adults? 

My definition of good government is one that is controlled by the people. The words of Abraham Lincoln, that we are a government of the people, are not empty. Either we are governed by ourselves, for ourselves, or else, we are ruled by those who seek and who exercise authority over us. 

Life is scary and dangerous, and so it might be understandable that some people would revert to their childhood mode of thinking, of running to mommy and daddy for security and shelter. Life can be a struggle, and the struggle to prosper can at times become very unpleasant. 

But government is not our parent. It is our agent. Government has no authority. We do. We may lend it a portion of our authority, to exercise as we see fit, but the authority is ours, not theirs. We can recall it at our discretion, and at any time we choose. 

Government has no rights. Only individuals have rights. Government is not the source of those rights. God is. Government’s duty is not to grant us those rights which government deems appropriate. Its duty is to protect our rights as we direct it to do. 

In nearly all Western countries today, and some others, we see the end result of the philosophy that government should meet our needs. We see that the people have not loaned their authority to government, but rather squandered it to those who have been placed in power. 

We the people have voted against those who told us, you are good enough to make your own decisions, to provide for your own needs, and you are generous enough to help those in need, to help them with your own dollars, not with your neighbor’s money. We rejected them. 

Instead, we voted for those people who told us that if we trusted them, they would give us things. They would take care of us. After all, we deserve it, don’t we? 

A Canadian friend lamented to me that in his country, “We traded freedom for free things.” Supposedly, free things are expensive indeed. And freedom, once lost, is exceedingly difficult to regain. 

Now we see the beginnings of the end result. For government is not wiser than we are. Nor is it more virtuous. It cannot magically produce goods and services. Only we can. 

Western nations have become like a family who have gone on a spending binge. The people have lived well for quite some time, and have become accustomed to high wages, employment security, free health care, and retirement in their fifties. Along the way, those people developed a sense of entitlement to those things, and an expectation that it is the duty of government to provide them, and somehow, to pay for them. 

But as so many families have discovered after the Christmas holidays, those credit card bills have piled up. Repayment will be difficult. It will be necessary to forego the usual luxuries and comforts, and to scrimp and save until the debts are paid off. 

Oh, no. That will not happen. 

And so what does daddy do? He gets yet another credit card, and begins running up charges on that one. So for a time, all seems well. The bills keep piling up, but those will put off for another day. Some day. But in the meantime, it’s wine and roses. 

We are now reaching the final credit limit. Time is nearly at an end. The creditor is at the door, and he has a moving-truck with him. 

Those who have been delivering the wine and roses, those greedy insatiable capitalists, those heartless vermin, it’s all their fault. They are to blame. They used us. They tricked us. They addicted us to things for which we never had any hope of payment. It’s not our fault. And they had darn well better keep feeding us, or we will revolt. 

So what happens next? Well, the Bible has been telling us for a long time what happens next. A new leader comes along. He and he alone has the solution. If we will all but follow him, he will solve the debt crisis. He will scare away those horsemen of the apocalypse, who are poverty and famine, war and death. He offers us hope for a better future. 

One problem. He is one of the horsemen; indeed, he is their leader. He rides upon a pale horse, and he carries “…a bow; and a crown was given unto him: and he went forth conquering…” (Rev 6:2) 

Even if you disbelieve in the Bible, you surely recognize that the world is becoming more and more ripe for tyranny. And what is tyranny? We think of it as the power of a strong man such as Hitler, who forces his will upon the people. 

But Hitler was elected. He made promises, and the people were eager to hear that they “deserved” the riches which they desired. He blamed others for the economic crisis which they faced. It was all the Jews, it was the communists, it was the Poles. And so it was the people themselves who voted for Hitler. 

Now we find that the would-be tyrant advises us to “eat the rich,” to run to mommy and daddy, to believe that we are entitled to what we desire. 

The end result for Germany was the utter ruin of itself as a nation, and ruin with great slaughter and suffering. 

Pray that before that happens to us, we will come to our senses, and say to the government, “We want to see the books. We want to be in those meetings behind closed doors, nay, we want to conduct those meetings, and in the open.” 

If we just sit and wait for the government to solve the problems it has created, we are fools. For we are the government.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad, a feature of The Bold Pursuit®

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