Hallelujah is a Hebrew word meaning “Praise God”

by Genevieve

Listening to the Hallelujah Chorus always stirs the essence of Thanksgiving. Although the importance of this holiday may have become muted by the crimes against humanity and catastrophes that have become almost predictable in our everyday lives, the sanctity and spirit of celebration for our blessings are resilient and durable. The magnitude and consequence are validated by the humble recognition and acknowledgement in our daily lives.

I have selected several quotations that highlight the fundamental spirit of Thanksgiving.

“We are so taken up with the affairs of the present that we don’t have time to give thanks for blessings of the past.” John A. Broadus

“Thanksgiving comes to us out of the prehistoric dimness, universal to all ages and all faiths.  At whatever straws we must grasp, there is always a time for gratitude and new beginnings.”  J. Robert Moski

“Thanksgiving Day comes, by statute, once a year; to the honest man it comes as frequently as the heart of gratitude will allow.”  Edward Sandford Martin



 “An optimist is a person who starts a new diet on Thanksgiving Day.” Irv Kupcinet


“Thanksgiving is America’s national chow-down feast, the one occasion each year when gluttony becomes a patriotic duty.”  Michael Dresser

“Thanksgiving is an emotional holiday.  People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year.  And then discover once a year is way too often.”  Johnny Carson

“On Thanksgiving Day, all over America, families sit down to dinner at the same moment – halftime.”  Author Unknown

“Hem your blessings with thankfulness so they don’t unravel.”  Author Unknown


The Quote Garden: A Harvest of Quotes for Word Lovers – http://www.quotegarden.com

Copyright © 1998-2011

The Silent Monks wish you a Happy Thanksgiving….





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