by Robert Arvay 

I struggle to find the right words here. How do I say this without coming off as a ‘doom and gloomer’? Or is it that I have finally become one? 

Personally, my mood is upbeat and optimistic. But maybe reality, just has not yet hit me. Whoa. It just hit me. 

A recent news story revealed that just about every single member of Congress is, in one way or another, “on the take.” Sarah Palin alluded to this in a recent comment, when she remarked that politicians go to Washington DC with average means, but within a short time, they amass large amounts of wealth. 

She’s right. No, she’s only partly right, because her remarks fall far, far short of the actual truth. 

Politicians have access to literally billions upon billions of taxpayer dollars. Having access does not mean putting our money directly into their own wallets. They don’t have to embezzle the funds. Instead, they just direct the cash flow to their friends, family, and accomplices. We have all seen how Obama has rewarded his political supporters with our money. And then, in whatever form of payback they can get away with, they reward him. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

The latest allegation concerns insider trading, an illegal act that can easily make hundreds of thousands of dollars (or more) in one day for a congressman. But wait. Did I say “illegal?” Here is the sick part. It’s illegal if you or I do it. But if a Congressman does it, it is perfectly within the law. Yes, that law, the one that the congressmen themselves make for US to live by. 

In one reported case, a senator was crafting legislation that would build a highway and vast infrastructure across a plot of land, all at taxpayer expense. But before the owner could get wind of the pending project, the senator bought the land from the owner, paying far below what the owner could have gotten had he, too, had access to the insider information. The senator then resold the land at a huge profit. In short, he ripped off the taxpayers and the land owner, and got away with it, because it was all within the law. And who crafts the law? 

Again, I say, this is only the tip. Congressmen have known for many decades how the system can be abused. They have known all along about the rampant fraud against the public. But they never put a stop to it, because they were the ones profiting from the abuse. 

We are no longer a republic. We no longer govern ourselves. I know I sound like a far left wing loon, but I am not overstating the facts when I allege that the halls of Congress, and the agencies of government, are infested with thieves and scoundrels. That is not just rhetoric. It is the sad truth. 

And as bad as it is, it might all be somehow tolerable if only we were governed well. But we’re not. The thieves are so busy looting the public treasury that they barely have time to lift their heads up out of the toilet to look around and see that they are literally destroying the nation. 

They have run us into debt so deep that it can never be repaid. And it’s not just the debt. While we debate how many billions to cut from national defense, China is gearing its military for war. China has been warned to stop their cyber-attacks against our government and industry, and what has been their response? They all but sneer at our paltry protests. The whole time, they use our interest payments to buy missiles, and aim them at us. Five, four, three…. 

I must cut short my rant, because there is not enough space here to make all the accusations that should be made. 

Suffice it to say that we are beyond elections. The big labor unions on the far left have already said as much, and as much as I hate to admit it, they are right. They are threatening to break skulls if they do not get their cut of the pie. Elections mean nothing to those who can wield such power, as do those with access to the government. 

But guess what folks. While we argue over how to slice the pie, the Chinese are going to eat the whole thing. The republic is finished. Does that make me a ‘doom and gloomer’? 

No. Because I still believe that in the end, justice will prevail, and God will rule. But in the meantime, let’s not forget that Israel was sold into slavery for seventy years before God restored it. Weep for the children, America. They have been sold out. 

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad, a feature of The Bold Pursuit®

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