Obama’s Ludicrous Comparison of OWS with the Tea Party Movement

by Jim Mullen 

President Barack Obama, and his comrade, the not-so-eloquent, Joe “the Bumbler,” Biden, joined other left-wing Democrats in a ludicrous comparison between the Occupy Wall Street hoodlums and the TeaJim Mullen Party movement. One should find this an interesting and puzzling analogy for the country’s top two office holders. 

In a country founded on Constitutional principles of limited federal government this administration and the Democratic Party aligns itself with radical anarchists, Marxists, and admitted communists. Their vocal approval places them in lockstep with a lawless group espousing destruction of an economic and political system the world envied and held in awe for centuries. It is assuredly a system rewarding its people when they avail themselves of the opportunity for success. 

Incredibly, this President is advocating in the strongest terms, destruction of the nation’s deeply held beliefs in freedom to pursue happiness and wealth using the free-enterprise system. 

The American people hear their own leaders draw a parallel or real-life connection between mobs of rioters and the Tea Party movement. A movement advocating a return to constitutionally mandated limited government, reduced spending, and lower taxes. Furthermore, they demand freedom from an ever-expanding tyrannical government. Most Tea Party members believe in a stronger free-enterprise system that operates with less interference from Washington. 

Conversely, the Occupy Wall Street movement abhors the U. S. Constitution, wants federal control of all businesses, increased spending and taxes, and demands governmental control and redistribution of income and wealth, or Social Justice. To them, entrepreneurship, and capitalism are mortal enemies of “the people” and they advocate strongly for its destruction. 

In a strange twist of irony, Barack Obama and the Democrats led the staged bailouts of Wall Street and the corporations. If not invented by Obama, his Crony Capitalism certainly refined it to new purity in the last three years. It begins and ends with millions of dollars sliding between greasy palms and essentially begs government to pick winners and demean losers in the marketplace. Obama’s feigned revulsion of Wall Street belies the record contributions he collected from his Wall Street cronies – against whom the OWS groups are wailing. 

The Tea Party demonstrators marched peacefully, carrying signs clearly outlining their demands for a return to constitutional principles. They registered disgust with the unconstitutional bailouts of selected corporations and banking institutions. Additionally, they protested enslavement of our country by the huge deficit spending programs. 

The useful idiots of organized labor and the avowed Marxists and communists spout their corrupt ideas and ideals from tents pitched on private and public property. Numbers swell daily from the ranks of perverts, sex offenders and other losers drawn from the dregs of society. 

These repugnant groups highlight their class and intelligence by defecating and urinating on police cars, the U. S. flag, and on public streets. The world is their garbage can and personal toilet. Rape, pillaging, burning, and interruption of commerce are commonplace in many of the OWS groups. The rage reflected in the faces of these crowds is not sorrow for a loss of freedom, but rather, fury at freedom itself. 

Conversely, the Tea Parties return areas cleaner than they find them, and for the most part police their own ranks and disavow kooks and fringe elements. Moreover, their ranks deeply mourn the loss of liberty. 

Although the targets of the radical’s rage are against all of the successful, the producers, and the job creators; Jews are the bulls-eyes. The anti-Semitism is rampant in the midst of these protests and sounds eerily similar to the same vile, hate-filled rhetoric that swept Europe and the United States in the 1930’s. The President’s daily rants about the evil rich help feed this sentiment. 

The Tea Parties, accused by Democrats of being racist because of their opposition to Barack Obama’s policies, are big supporters of black conservative politicians and writers. Meanwhile, black Democrats like Maxine Walters disparage and manifest their contempt by calling black conservatives, Oreos. Others spout conservative blacks have “lost their identities.” Liberals expose their racist fangs every time they contemptibly accuse black conservatives of “acting white.” If “acting white” is bad in the feeble mind of Maxine Walters, how bad is “being white?” Her bellowing for the Tea Party to go to hell and calling them racists, tell us all we need to know. 

The liberal media adopts this band of no-hopers as they do every left-wing group and every Marxist idea. Each story places a positive spin by casting these mobs in the roles as victims of freedom and loveable-losers in life’s lottery, not as the losers they are. They refer to them as peaceful demonstrators instead of rioters, while Tea Partiers suffer demonization and derision with nearly every report painting them as radical extremists. 

This administration and their fellow Democrats use the OWS protests to deflect criticism and cast blame for the failure of their big-government programs. Economically unsophisticated and uneducated protesters are unaware their real enemies are in the White House and Congress. 

Obama and his “tax-paying-challenged,” Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner, demanded bailouts of Wall Street, financial institutions, and corporations. 

When Democrats took control of Congress January 4, 2007, the national debt stood at $8.67 trillion. It now stands near $15 trillion. Unemployment was 4.6%; it is now over 9%. The Republican-led House of Representatives passes jobs bills and they remain in Harry Reid’s big, ho-hum basket. The enemies to job creation are obvious. 

The rioter’s rant of “corporate and personal greed” is laughable. These losers want a seat at America’s buffet and learned from early childhood an entitlement to anything that others have earned. Their incessant whining about their own shortcomings and then clambering for the income and wealth of others is the very epitome of greed. An ideology of victimhood and small-minded bitterness drives these people, fueled and sparked by a lifetime indoctrination to place all their eggs in mega-government’s basket. 

When these OWS groups stand at the bottom of life’s ladder, looking upward at those who worked hard, made good decisions, and climbed to the height of their abilities, they feel nothing but envy and hatred. It’s easier for losers to ask Daddy Government for food, clothing, shelter, and education, and Nanny Government to kiss their booboos and tell them how wonderful they are. It is time for Daddy and Nanny to declare, “The free ride is over.” Now is the time for an attitude adjustment. Get out, get to work, and personally experience the joys and hardships of life; in other words, grow up. Wasting time standing on the street corner of life with your hand out, doesn’t make one worthy, it makes one a leech on the back of society.

Jim Mullen is a Contributing Writer to The Bold Pursuit 



2 thoughts on “Obama’s Ludicrous Comparison of OWS with the Tea Party Movement

  1. Well said, Jim. You have spoken the sentiments of the majority of Americans, even though Washington's current administration and the liberal media would have us believe otherwise.

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