3 thoughts on “The Flea Party Barks!

  1. OK! Now we know everything about OWS??? This feels more like an excuse to protest anything and everything, especially if it feels like a party. With free gourmet foods catered in, the possibility of "15 minutes of fame", and ADD procrastination mentality factored in, this will spread until something drastic and horrific happens. Great uniter-in-chief Obama loves the fact the attention has shifted from the fact his policies created this scenario. God Bless America!

  2. Me, me, me and now, now, now. The progeny of the previous generations have been reared to accept selfishness and disrespect. They haven't a clue about the true meaning or significance of their protests. The consequences of their self-righteous demonstrations aren't even part of the equation. The march toward socialism is more and more obvious; but, none of the "unpaid" participants seem to be aware of it and are not concerned. Their interest lies in achieving their personal agendas – if they even know what they are. Perhaps they'll know what they have done when the New World Order is in place and the United States is in shambles. God bless this nation and its patriotic citizens.

  3. Now that Obama has thrown in with this crowd and effectively endorsed them, two other recent endorsements should prove interesting. Both the American Communist and Nazi Parties have endorsed OWS.I'm sure Obama endorsed OWS just to be at the head of the biggest parade in town. I wonder how he feels now that the twin pariahs of the Communist and Nazi parties want a piece of his spotlight.Will this cause his poll numbers to further their recent slide?

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