Two Revolutions Are At Hand

Just when we might have thought that matters could not get more confusing, here comes the “Occupy Wall Street” movement. We now have not one, but TWO revolutions going on at the same time. It’s almost as if a space-time warp had brought together the years 1776 and 1917, the American and Communist Revolutions, respectively.

Leftist reporters who stampeded to the phone booths (if you’ve seen old movies) to report that the TEA Party was a white racist mob bent on violence, when in fact there was no racism and no violence, are now stampeding to report that the Leftist mobs protesting against capitalism are just ordinary folk airing legitimate grievances against capitalism.

Some have even gone so far as to label the “occupy” movement as the left’s TEA Party!

Sanitation workers could tell you that the difference is one between parks left neat and spotless by TEA Partiers, and mountains of trash left by “Occupy” protesters. Law enforcement could compare the list of people arrested – hundreds of “Occupy” protesters, and for the TEA Party, the grand total comes to, let’s see, carry the one, rounding upward – ZERO.

I would also warrant that while TEA Partiers could tell you what major events happened in the years 1776 and 1917, a huge percentage of “Occupy” protesters would have no clue. I would wager that nearly 100 percent of TEA Partiers have voter registration cards, while most “Occupy” protesters would at best have an “Acorn” card that somebody else filled out for them.

Both sides do, in fact, have legitimate grievances. For the TEA Partiers, the national debt is seen as a direct threat to the liberty of themselves, and more so, to the liberty of their grandchildren.

For the Occupiers, the bailouts of major corporations is an outrage, and they are absolutely correct. Capitalism has been perverted over the years into pernicious socialism. In the present system, if the corporations make a profit, they keep it. If they take a loss, we pay it for them. And in either case, the corporate officers get million dollar bonuses, even if they drive their companies into the dirt.

The irony is that while the TEA Partiers have correctly identified the cause of the problem, the “Occupy” protesters are like sheep, running for protection to the wolves.

The TEA Party knows that the problem is runaway government that has gotten so big that it cannot stop growing, cannot stop its addiction to taxing, spending, and borrowing.

The Occupiers cluelessly think that the problem is that government is not doing enough, that it should spend more, tax more, and use our grandchildrens’ credit cards to make up any shortfall.

As one looks at depictions of thousands of Russian peasants rioting in Red Square in 1917, chanting things like, “Kill the Czar,” and “What a great guy that Lenin dude is,” (dudeskie?), one wonders how many of them eventually wound up in Siberia, being worked to death by the very Vlad Lenin whom they placed in power?

But it is a rare, if not singular, event in history, for two incongruent revolutions to be occurring in the same country at the same time. One might reasonably call it chaos … and social chaos on a massive scale can have but one eventual outcome – tyranny.

This is why Obama has chased after the Occupiers, trying to get in front of the parade, praising them for their anti-capitalist rant. Because he knows that once the riots begin on a nationwide scale, he will have the pretext he needs to suspend the Constitution.

The wolf will promise the sheep anything they wish to hear. And dinner will be served.


Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

TBP Publishing 2011, The Bold Pursuit®. All Rights Reserved.

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