The Solution to Illegal Immigration …

… An Editorial Board opinion from a TBP member

I strongly agree that it is time for the states to rein in the federal government. As our constitutional instructor/president should know, the U.S. Constitution is a document of limitation. The Constitution is literally an agreement between the states, creating the federal government for certain specific purposes, granting specific powers to achieve those purposes, and reserving all other powers to the states. In very broad terms, the general purpose of the Constitution is to provide for the physical security of the nation, portray a unified face to the world, and regulate the dealings between the states – not the lives of individual citizens. Over the course of time, unfortunately, the principles underlying the Constitution have been so perverted that the current federal government would likely be unrecognizable to our founding fathers. The result is the current system of selective enforcement of our nation’s laws, driven in large part by political concerns and preservation of individual power. In short, a ruling class rather than a citizenry legislature and informed electorate.

I must disagree, however, that the solution to illegal immigration can best be achieved by taking it out on the illegal immigrants. Let’s remember that with the exception of Native Americans, everyone in the country today is either an immigrant or descendent of an immigrant. The legal basis for our claim of ownership of this land is “by right of conquest.” The vast majority of immigrants, legal or illegal, are here because they want to make a better life for themselves and their families. The vast majority of illegal immigrants are law-abiding (except for being here illegally), pay taxes, and participate in their respective communities. They want to be legal. While the press may portray illegal immigrants as drunken criminals that steal American jobs, the ones that I know (and I live in Arizona) are friendly, helpful, sociable members of the community. It is the knee-jerk reaction of the press to misrepresent the true character of the majority of immigrants that is clouding the real issue.

The issue with respect to illegal immigration is not the individual, but the lack of an efficient and orderly mechanism for entering this country and the federal government’s failure to control our country’s borders. The southern border of this country is not controlled by US authorities but by the drug cartels operating on both the Mexican and US sides of the border. Without an efficient and orderly mechanism for entering this country, people seeking the benefit of freedom and the opportunities this country provides must enter illegally. Years ago, that simply meant trekking across the desert, trying not to die of dehydration. It was the custom and practice of officials along the southern border to make sure that people found in the desert were safe and had enough water to get to their destination. Now, the southern border is controlled by the drug cartels so anyone looking to cross over to the US must pay their price. Typically, this requires the illegal transportation of drugs, guns, and money, with the failure to comply often resulting in the death or harm of family members back home. Most of the people moving back and forth across the border are the “handlers” that work for the cartels. The vast majority of illegal immigrants, who are simply looking for a new life, are the victims and not the problem. Efficient and orderly access points, combined with a controlled border, would allow safe transit for legitimate traffic while preventing the drugs, guns, and ill-gotten money traffic.

Deflecting blame to the illegal immigrants is not much different than Obama blaming bush for all Obama’s failures. As usual, the real problem is the federal government’s broad and selective enforcement of our laws for political gain and to secure power.

The US is a great country. Solving our problems requires that government keep us safe, while getting out of the way so Americans can be free to be Americans, build businesses, innovate, and continue doing what made this country great: the unfettered pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness.

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