Obama Clad in Heavyweight Demagoguery

Barack Obama came into office hoisted by a gushing mainstream media to his lofty, exalted throne formally known as the Presidency of the United States.

Jingoistic slogans, sweet words of “hope,” and chants of “yes we can,” permeated the blogosphere, filled the airways, and joyously leaped from the pages of the print media. Songs of “change we can believe in” filtered and cleansed the socialist filth from his message. The liberal world rejoiced. The Obama campaign pulled their strings, and the puppet media did the song and dance.

Flat, sour notes hit by this media darling, however, went unheard or disregarded in Obama’s political symphony. “Spread the wealth around,” “my idea of Cap and Trade,” “the Constitution is a charter of negative liberties,” and “social justice,” were just a few of his off-key screechings.

Obama found it appalling that the U.S. Constitution says what the state and federal governments cannot do to you but does not say what they must do on your behalf. This, of course, was exactly the framers’ intent; protecting the people from oppressive government like Obama’s redistributive change. Every glimpse into his leftist dogma should have been a harbinger of the looming economic and constitutional crisis on the horizon. 

Admonitions about Obama having the most liberal voting record in the Senate, and a radical left-wing economic philosophy went unheeded. Likewise, warnings of his lack of business knowledge and executive experience fell flat. However, he was the left’s candidate of a lifetime and sent a thrill up the collective legs of the media. The progressive, left-wing had their way and their messianic nominee arose to the Presidency, largely because of activist media’s complete failure to vet Barack Obama.

Obama found his soul mates in an ego-stroking, left-wing Congress joined at the ideological hip. They felt entitled to run roughshod over the American people and the fundamental transformation of the Republic was underway. Rants of racism quickly extinguished all dissent.

The poisoned fruit of today’s economic disaster comes from seasons of suffocating weeds of government interference and blocking freedom’s sunshine and nourishment from our free-enterprise system. Barack Obama’s ideology overrides every economic tenet and his failed policies leaves tens-of-millions of Americans without jobs. Long unemployment lines, welfare, and food stamps replace his promise of “hope.”

 ‘Obama the destroyer’ of jobs and middle-class America now claims the mantle as the warrior for the middle class! If there were a Nobel Prize for pure, chutzpa and arrogance, Barack Obama would be a two-time prizewinner – and deserving of the second. His unconstitutional assault upon the states and people of this country is equaled only by his affront upon their intelligence.

In the final analysis, did this country really choose a man to represent unions at the exclusion of the rest of the nation’s workers and citizens? Did we know creating government jobs would cripple the private sector?

Did we elect a President to oversee our Executive branch of government, overrun with 60’s radicals, Maoists, and far-left extremists, setting policy for the greatest nation on earth?

Did we place a man in the White House to declare war on the states and their citizenry and cause the American people to fear their own government?

Did we vote for a man who rules by executive decree when Congress and the people reject his Marxist ideas?

Did we recognize Obama the “globalist” was intent upon ceding United States power to world organizations and then would repeatedly apologize to them for America’s sins?

After promises of “Obama would be the great uniter,” did we bargain for a President, who deliberately divides the country by race, religion, social status, income, national origin, and wealth? Subsequently, did we foresee the unabashed pandering to each group and driving wedges to foment hatred and distrust?

If history teaches us anything, we should recognize that every despot, dictator, and tyrant in history employed these Obama strategies and tactics. Unfortunately, even for those with masterful knowledge of history, knowledge does not necessarily translate into learning and understanding.

Behind the veils and the facades, when finally we stripped all the trappings and flowery speeches to lay bare the real man, we as a nation were unable to recognize a lightweight man clad in heavyweight demagoguery. The warnings were all there; they all read danger!

Other presidents with illusions of grandeur and duplicitous motives have occupied the White House and each left an indelible stain on the presidency, and weakened the country.

Let us hope that our knowledge of the now unmasked, real Obama will translate into understanding by next November.

Jim Mullen



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