The American Blame Game …

by Cam Vallee 

I am sure it is one that is coming soon to a station near you. It has been played so well and so often by the Obama administration that it may even become a number one hit on the television channels on ‘your side of the fence.’

Watching this game being played from my side of the border, I remember all the times Bush played the game. Remember when he stood up and blamed the Clinton Administration for 9/11? After all, it was Clinton who had the first clear shot at Bin Laden and when told this, he decided to let the fool live. Who was the fool in the end, eh?

Then there was the financial disaster. It was Clinton’s administration as well that took all the financial guards off of your lending in America which led to the huge crash in the market – with some probable help from the likes of George Soros. Remember when Bush blamed Clinton for that, as well as every hangnail he had?


That’s because none of the above EVER HAPPENED.

When Bush took office, he accepted all of the responsibility that went with it –  past and present – and blamed no one but the evil doers. Not once did he ever go out of his way, while in office, to disparage Clinton. Bush has also stayed silent while this current administration continues the onslaught of blame that is misplaced and starting to sound like a broken record. If Obama did not have the courage to take responsibility for the office of President, then why the hell did he run for the office in the first place?

To create havoc in the American political arena it would seem. To stir the pot and pit American against American. To start a race war and to try and get you to take your eye off the ball while they regulate your country to death with rules that are made by unelected officials – completely circumventing your Congress and Senate. To expand your government and strangle the dependency of the people in it which weakens the intent of your rights as free men and women of the world. To hang a socialist collar around your neck the way we did here in Canada over fifty years ago. To bring the greatest nation on earth to its knees by cutting off the independent nature that has always stood you well.

To make you like the rest of us; dependent on Government handouts instead of the ‘hands up’ they should give us when we need them. We have had enough of this in Canada and, in less than a year, organized ourselves to take control of our political arena again. 

In just over a year, your country will make a choice to either correct the Obama mistake or carry on with it. It surely goes without saying that you cannot afford another four years of this pretender. My question to you, my American neighbours, is where the hell are you? Have you stepped up to engage fellow Americans in conversation regardless of whether it is with the next door neighbor or online? Have you volunteered to help with voter registration to make sure as many as possible get the opportunity to voice their opposition to this administration or are the Obots going to walk on water again?

What have you done? 

What are you doing? 

What will you do to make sure this mistake is righted in 2012? 

It is time to take up arms with the strongest weapon those of us in the free world have – your voice and your vote. The one thing we have too little of in life is time and the clock is ticking.

Just a view from my side of the fence…

I am, as always, your Northern Neighbour,

Cam Vallee 

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