Obama Jobs Speech Was Another Political Stunt

by Jim Mullen

In another Barack Obama bizarre performance, he left a joint session of Congress and the American people stunned by his empty, unimportant triviality. His jobs speech ended as it began, an eloquent oratory to economic nowhere.

This latest political stunt diminishes another long-held tradition of using a joint session of Congress for vital American interests. He brings time-honored national traditions and the office of the Presidency down to his level of classless Chicago, street politics.

Once again, the President used his tax-and-spend monotone, replete with words of class warfare. His code words and phraseology always crowd the message anytime he opens his mouth. “Paying their fair share”, “investment,” and “winning the future,” are favorites. He tried to disguise his economic sameness by changing the inflections of his words but presented nothing new.

There is nothing new to an ideologue who believes all job creation begins and ends with big-government financing and regulatory control.

This entire dramatic exercise was political grandstanding at its worse, intent on distracting American voters from the sheer folly and dismal failure of his policies. What’s more, the plan pumps stimulus money into his base to coincide with next year’s election. It is a plan to buy an election, pure and simple, by using bailouts and payoffs.

If it wasn’t bad enough for the country to suffer through another vintage Obama speech of artful dodging of the truth, more deception and rope-a-dope, he followed that performance with another Rose Garden ceremony staged with life-like Democratic mannequins and puppets, praising the genius of their benefactor.

All of Barack Obama’s speeches follow a script feeding his own self-importance. What better way to stroke his giant ego, than with feigned applause and fawning, adoration of a Congress held captive to his whimsical fantasies. We should take this exercise as seriously as a comedian should take canned laughter to a monologue of jokes.

Seeing his approval numbers spiraling down the economic drain, he knew he must quickly shift his Marxist-mobile into a higher gear and press the accelerator on his class warfare, anti-capitalist rhetoric.

In one of his best theatrical performances, he delivered a clear warning to Republicans for all Americans to hear; get in step and follow him into his Marxist abyss, or you stand in the way of job creation.

Hanging like a pall through the capitol and over the airways, we heard the dreaded words to which Obama is infamously attached – the snake-oil salesman’s favorite – “You must act now!” Precisely, the words he used to foist the Obama-care disaster, the first stimulus, the banking debacle, and all the bailouts upon an unwilling country. All of which resulted in the massive unemployment and miniscule growth of the economy we are experiencing nearly three years into his administration.

The American people and their Republic are in mortal danger from Obama’s unbounded arrogance and ineptitude. For the first time in American history, we hear an American President deny American exceptionalism to the world, repudiate free enterprise and then glorify Marxism.

Brazenly, he tries hammering another stimulus program through Congress and steamrolling a populace long tired of his trillions of dollars of debt piled on future generations of Americans.

Obama’s Stimulus-2 proposal is a mirror image of Stimulus-1. However, instead of one trillion dollars for two years, this nightmare is a half-trillion dollars for one year. As with all of this President’s proposals and policies, there is nothing to diminish the burden on the real job creators, the private sector, or to mitigate the cost to taxpaying Americans and their families.

When Obama speechifies about jobs, he invariably means increasing the size and scope of government. In other words, he means public-sector, union jobs. One must always remember that Obama and unions represent unions, not American workers. The only way to create permanent, private-sector jobs is to create a business-friendly environment by reducing taxes and regulations; the exact antithesis of the Marxist philosophy espoused by this President.

President Barack Obama has one chance for reelection. He must ask the voters a simple question, “Are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?” He must then go into a full attack mode by telling the most outlandish lies, defending the indefensible and demonizing Republicans.

This speech and his new jobs plan are just chapters in the Obama reelection saga. Prepare for the onslaught of nonsense, hyperbole, and brazen lies by the administration, leftist Democrats, and the Obama mainstream-media machine. We will never again witness such extremes in the art of blaming others and making excuses for utter incompetence.

Jim Mullen



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