What Happens When Government Cannot Govern?

by Robert Arvay

The debt crisis debate keeps moving and making any perceivable course of action difficult to pin down. As we go to go to publish, these are some of the facts.

1.  The president is not leading. He seems interested solely in what is good for him politically. That would explain why he has been demanding a blank check through the next election.

2.  There are reasons why the president is not leading and these become more apparent every day.

Reason (a) with zero executive experience, Obama has never in his life had to deal with anything asSec. of State Hillary Clinton detailed as a budget. Budgeting requires skills and discipline that Obama clearly lacks. The only thing he sent to Congress that even remotely resembled a budget was unanimously voted down – by his own party.

Reason (b) Obama is – there is no kinder word for it – lazy. Contrast his time in office with another far left liberal with whom I disagree on nearly everything, Hillary Clinton. Clinton is one of the hardest working people in Washington DC. She is fully informed and involved with every aspect of her demanding job. Obama gives speeches, campaigns for re-election and plays golf. Those activities do not define leadership in any dictionary I’ve consulted.

Reason (c) Obama is a far-left ideologue. As such, he has not the slightest clue as to how a free market economy works. Indeed, he really has no idea how a socialist economy fails to work. Getting back to Clinton again, she at least has worked in the American system, and understands the concept of making a profit, and meeting budgetary deadlines. Obama has never so much as run a lemonade stand.

3.  If the Congress cannot agree on spending reforms that actually work, one of two things must, inevitably, happen and both of them are bad.

(a)  The country will go bankrupt. This happened to the Weimar Republic in the 1930s. The German government attempted (as has the United States) to use “quantitative easing,” that is, printing more money until money became worthless. It only made conditions fatally worse for Germany, and it will do the same for the U.S.

(b)  If the U.S. government cannot govern, there will be a solid pretext for a coup d’état, a forcible take-over of the government by a consortium of powerful officials. They will feel that their hand has been forced – and they will sincerely believe that they are saving the nation from itself. Again, that is similar to what happened in Germany in 1933 with the rise of Adolph Hitler, who led his nation into devastation and utter collapse.

4.  I have said before, and I will say again, that no one is better positioned to lead a coup than Hillary Clinton. Of course, she cannot do it herself. Indeed, she will not even initiate such a catastrophe. But if there is a coup, she will be the natural choice as the public face of a new, “provisional” government. To back up this bold prediction, consider the following:

5.  More than one warning has come from very highly placed individuals in the government, in the military, and in national security – that an economic collapse in America threatens the very survival of the nation.

6.  The predictions above are accurate. Communist China is building up its military to unprecedented scales. For the first time in its five thousand year history, China has a world class navy, capable of projecting its power anywhere in the world.

7.  Iran is forging ahead with its plans to build nuclear warheads that can be launched not only against Israel, but also against Europe and the U.S. In the face of all this, Obama occupies himself by inserting U.S. forces and assets in Libya, while enabling the installation of a rebel regime with ties to Iran.

8.  North Korea is producing nuclear weapons technology and exporting it to terrorist nations. For decades, North Korea has demonstrated a willingness to undertake violent military attacks without provocation. As its own economy collapses, there is literally nothing from which the sociopaths in Pyong Yang will refrain from doing to maintain their grip on power.

9.  The U.S. military, while it remains the strongest in the world, relies for its continued strength upon our precarious economy, which Obama’s policies have systematically undermined. Obama has no domestic energy policy, even as he exports energy jobs to Brazil and other foreign countries. Obama has openly said that he intends to bankrupt our coal industry. After giving away literally trillions of dollars to his cronies, including labor unions and General Motors, his results have added not one solitary job to our economy; on the contrary, his economic recovery agenda has put millions more people on the government dole.

10.  Those now in power in the U.S. – not elected officials, but those deep inside the power structure, the people with their hands on the weapons and those who know intimately how raw power works – will have every reason, every provocation, to refuse to stand by as Obama wrecks the nation. Whether they see him as incompetent, lazy or as deliberately sabotaging the nation, their incentive to act precipitously and decisively will overwhelm any qualms they may feel about “striking the king.” Remember the ancient admonition, that if you choose to strike the king, you get but one opportunity. If you fail, you die.

11.  I am, by no means, advocating a violent overthrow of the U.S. government – especially, by another statist such as Clinton. I am not advocating it. I am predicting it.

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer to The Patriot’s Notepad

The Bold Pursuit® 

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