Are Some Politicians Truly Evil?

by Robert Arvay

We all have our most and least favorite politicians and I think that most of us would tend to agree that honest differences of opinion can arise.

But sometimes the differences are so sharp, that one wonders, do our opponents sincerely believe they are right? Could they really be so stupid as to miss the obvious harm they are doing to our country or, are they truly evil?

An example should suffice. The other day I saw a liberal politician advocating that the government should borrow more money, spend more money, and raise taxes. I shook my head in disbelief. Yes, an uninformed citizen might take that position out of sheer ignorance, but these politicians know better. They have seen what has happened to every nation that has gone down that road to ruin. They should know that financial profligacy will destroy our country.

Do they know what they are doing? Are they deliberately attempting to destroy their own nation? Do they think that they themselves could survive that destruction?

In order to propose an answer to that question, allow me to bring in a side topic. At first, it may appear to be irrelevant, but bear with me. I promise – it will all make sense.

Frogs. Yes, frogs, or more precisely, frog eyes. Did you know that frogs can see only two things? That’s essentially correct, with a very few minor exceptions. Their eyes take in all the sights that human eyes do, but frog eyes do not send all that information to their brain. They send only two kinds of data to their brain: food and danger. If they see food, they go toward it. If they see danger, they hide or run away.

If what a frog’s eyes see do not relate to food or danger, the frog’s brain never becomes aware of it. Sunsets, flowers, clouds, none of that is relevant to a frog’s brain. He never gets the memo.

Okay, back to politicians. I have come to the conclusion that many politicians are like frogs, in that they see only two things and nothing else. The two things politicians see are ‘getting votes’ and ‘losing votes.’

If politicians perceive that supporting a piece of legislation will get them votes, they support it. If they see that the legislation will cause them to lose votes, they oppose it. Period.

Were you and I in their place, we would see things differently. For example, what if we were faced with the issue of whether or not we should go to war? Well, we would ask, can war be avoided? Is war the only and necessary course of action? What are the risks? How many will die? What will be the financial cost? The questions would go on and on, until we finally weighed everything in the balance and made a decision.

However, for many politicians, it’s a much simpler choice. ‘Should I support a particular resolution to go to war? Hmm. Will I get more votes for supporting it, or opposing it?’ Slam dunk, end of deliberation.

So it goes with all the situations they face, even if their actions affect the very survival of the nation. You and I would never knowingly, willingly vote to send us into national bankruptcy, never vote to destroy our own country and we would deem anyone who would vote for that to be evil, traitorous or, at the very least, abysmally stupid.

The frogs don’t see the bigger picture. They never think about the long-term consequences of their actions. They live only in the moment. For them it’s simple – go toward food, move away from danger. For politicians, winning elections is food, losing elections is danger. Nothing else exists.

There you have it; in all walks of life, some people are frogs. Whether it’s making a profit in business, publishing in academia, getting awards for acting or receiving accolades from one’s peers, there are only two issues that such people ever consider.

Food or danger, nothing else exists. If it’s not food, and it’s not danger, then the memo never comes in.

It’s a scary scenario, knowing that some politicians will vote to destroy the country because the coming election is all they ever see. For them, nothing else exists.

So the next time your hear a politician speak, listen carefully. Do you hear something that sounds like “ribbit, ribbit?”

Robert Arvay is a Contributing Writer for The Patriot’s Notepad

Cato’s Portugal Drug Study Based On False/Distorted Government Data?

by Don Hank

The libertarian Cato Institute recently ran a study of the drug situation in Portugal, which legalized drugs de facto in 2001. It published some figures showing how deaths among drug users and some other parameters went down, apparently signaling positive results for the legalization experiment. Scientific American published details on this study and now it is being quoted throughout the world in what seems to be a mammoth push for legalization of drugs everywhere.

But all is not as meets the eye.

Cato is a libertarian institute and part of its agenda is to support the counter-intuitive hypothesis that drug legalization helps reduce the ill effects of drug use.

However, Cato is not known to be a professional medical or scientific group, whose agenda is the health and welfare of their clients.

By contrast, there is an online journal called Saude in Portugal published purely by medical doctors.

Not so surprisingly, their findings differ from those of Cato, which has ignored the negatives and concludes:

“The data show that, judged by virtually every metric, the Portuguese decriminalization framework has been a resounding success.”

Below is my translation of an excerpt from the Saude article on this. The world press, always eager to follow the latest trends, has ignored the Portuguese doctors and prefers to disseminate the report of the ideologically based Cato Institute.

It looks like a new policy may again be forged on the basis of statements by political activists rather than professionals who are closest to the problem.

Heroin consumption rose 57.5% in recent years

Model for combating drugs is ‘pure disinformation’ – APLD President

At variance with what official agencies have recently disclosed, the problem of drug dependence in Portugal has never been more serious: Between 2001, the year the decriminalization law went into effect, and 2007, continued consumption of narcotics rose, in absolute terms, by 66%.  

In this period In this period consumption increased 215% for cocaine, 85% for ecstasy, 57.5%  for heroine and 37% for cannabis.. These data are from a report of the Institute of Drugs and Drug Dependence (IDT), published in 2008.

Since decriminalization there has been a 50% increase in drug use among young people between the ages of 20 and 24. On the other hand, the number of persons who have experimented with illicit drugs at least once rose from 7.8% in 2001 to 12% in 2007 (IDT Report of Activities of Nov 2008).

End of translation

Saude is an online journal published by medical doctors. Who are you going to believe? Doctors or the government that has driven its government to the brink of bankruptcy?

It is no surprise that journalists the world over would fall for the government data and conclusions. But it is sad to note that Scientific American would take the Cato study at face value without doing any further research. How hard would it have been to ask the doctors of Portugal?

Of course, after the hackers found out how scientists at the University of East Anglia falsified meteorological data for political reasons, no one should be surprised. The scientific method has been falling into disuse in academe, even among scientists.

Full Portuguese language text:

Commentary opposing decriminalization of drugs

Demise of the scientific method:


Reprinted with Permission: March 26, 2011 LAIGLESFORUM

Since 2006, he has been the owner/operator of the Christian news and views site Laigle’s Forum ( His straightforward and common-sense articles on politics, economics, science, government and culture have been published in WorldNetDaily, Canada Free Press, Christian Worldview Network, Etherzone, FedUpUSA, Renew America, Desert Conservative and Midia Sem Mascara. His extensive language background leads him to believe that the founders meant what they said in the Constitution, God meant what He said in the Scriptures and the grassroots are the true authorities on natural language, word definitions and the government that is best for them. He is also the founder of Lancaster-York Non-Custodial Parents, a volunteer organization that provided Christian counseling for non-custodial parents.

Biden Demonizes GOP – aka ‘American Voters’ While Wooing Unions

by Clio

In Chicago and Las Vegas, Vice President Joe Biden took juvenile jabs at Republicans in an attempt to lure union members’ votes and convince them that the one thing “you should not have any doubt about is that Barack Obama, he is on your side,” said Biden. “He will, and I will, and … we will fight alongside of you.”

During speeches to both groups, Biden used the GOP as a scapegoat for the country’s problems and characterized the Grand Old Party as calculating and sinister by using terms such as “organized efforts,” “scams,” “the most direct assault on labor,” “rejecting good faith efforts” and insinuating that Republicans don’t “fundamentally believe in education.”

“There is an organized effort to place blame for budget shortfalls on educators and other public workers. It is one of the biggest scams in modern American history,” said the VP in a hostile, anti-Republican tirade today at the National Education Association’s delegates assembly in Chicago.

“The new Republican Party has undertaken the most direct assault on labor, not just in my lifetime … but literally since the 1920s,” he said in the address at McCormick Place. “This is not your father’s Republican Party. This is a different breed of cat.”

Let’s define this “new Republican Party” that VP Biden is denouncing. Do you remember the November 2010 mid-term elections? These elections drove angry and dissatisfied voters to the polls, and the outcome was a devastating ouster of Democrat incumbents while electing a new Republican majority in Congress, adding new Republican seats in the Senate, new Republican Governors and Republican State Legislatures across the nation.

Without a doubt, last November one heard, loud and unequivocal, the Voice of the People … Meow.

Biden’s “new Republican Party” – it’s comprised of American voters and the officials they elected and charged with putting a stop to the Obama/Biden free-spending, anti-capitalist agenda. In other words, Mr. Biden, you’re insulting Americans in your speeches, not politicians or a political party … Americans who are unemployed, unable to buy or sell their homes, start businesses and are fearful that your administration’s future plans are not in our best interests.

Go ahead – denounce this new breed of cat, Mr. Biden; but remember that this kitty has claws – which it demonstrated on November 2, 2010 and will un-sheath again in November 2012.

Last Friday, July 1, Mr. Biden continued to vilify conservatives in an effort to gain Teamsters’ support for the Obama/Biden 2012 campaign. Citing the administration’s pro-union policies, he portrayed his political opposition as “arrogant and elitist,” continuing with this schoolyard-worthy slur:

“Your logo is the horse’s head,” he told the Teamsters. “Their [the GOP] logo should be the other end.”

Well, we’re rubber and you’re glue, Mr. Vice President.

“They [Republicans] think you don’t even know what’s in your best interests. They’ve convinced themselves they know best. You’re the only thing that stands between the barbarians at the gate and them taking over,” the vice president said. (emphasis mine)

Barbarians? While our lawmakers are taking a strong stance against driving our country into deeper debt, to the best of my knowledge, they aren’t publically bragging that doing so is a “big f-ing deal.” Apparently, only civilized officials use gloating profanities after forcing ObamaCare upon us – that unwanted, bureaucratic behemoth.

By the way, those lawmakers that you not-so-glibly insult are acting on the People’s mandate. The People made it clear to our newly-elected representatives: we voted you in, and we can vote you out. We are watching our new lawmakers and leaders as closely as we watch your administration – and they know it.

The VP was in Las Vegas on Friday speaking to thousands of members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters at their annual convention. He said his speech wasn’t supposed to be political, but, nevertheless warned, “Don’t come to me if you (vote Republican). You’re on your own, Jack.”

Don’t worry, Jack – you and Jill are welcome to join the new breed of Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party members, Independents and other unhappy Americans and help support the restoration of America in 2012.

© 2011, The Bold Pursuit®, All Rights Reserved

If Every Day Were Independence Day

by Cynthia Toney

If you could speak with your original ancestors who came to America, what do you think that they would tell you about their hopes and dreams in this new land?

Perhaps the decision to come to America was not theirs to make, as in the case of an orphaned child traveling with another family (e.g., my great-grandfather). Maybe they were prisoners or slaves.

Even if they understood one of the languages being spoken, chances are that they could not read or write. Likely, they would have had little or no money, and few, if any, valuables.

Despite the odds, they would have clung to the hope that they would be free – either free for the first time or free from captivity once again.

They may have acquired freedom within the course of their lifetimes – escaping child labor to go to school, or later, to travel freely or open a business. Remembering their previous lives, they likely thanked God each day for the opportunities and independence they now enjoyed.

If an early ancestor died, was incarcerated or enslaved, his dream was passed to the next generation which nurtured the dream for the next, if necessary, until the blessed day when his descendants were free. Imagine the joy that future generations experienced – liberated after two, 20 or 200 years of their fathers or the fathers of many previous generations living without freedom.

Regardless of your family’s history, you are the product of that earliest American ancestor’s quest for freedom. Think about your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Have you made the most of them – or would that early ancestor think that you wasted them? Even worse, would he feel that you allowed them be destroyed?

I pray that, as a nation, we will work as arduously at preserving our freedom as our ancestors dreamed about acquiring it. No one can be independent without freedom, and no one can be truly free unless he is independent.

Celebrate your sovereignty, and have a safe and happy Fourth of July.

Let Freedom Ring

by Genevieve

My advertising career was filled with many opportunities to appreciate the ingenuity inspired by the freedom of individuals to explore their own unique talents. As I travelled from city to city across this great nation, I swelled with pride as I witnessed the countless visions brought to fruition by my fellow citizens. I felt honored to live in America where my potential and that of my fellow Patriots is infinite.

With each experience, my love of country intensified as I continued to recognize the value of unlimited freedom and autonomy. During our Bicentennial in 1976, I coordinated a trade show of data processing equipment for the banking industry in Washington, DC. As I toured the city during trade show breaks, I was overwhelmed by the untarnished testament to freedom evident in the myriad of gleaming monuments. The strength of the greatest nation on Earth surrounded me as I thanked God for The United States of America.

The Pièce de Resistance of my trip to Washington occurred on The Fourth of July. While eating dinner at a restaurant in Arlington, Virginia, I was seated in front of an expansive bay window overlooking The Mall. I was mesmerized by the scintillating lights and the euphoria of the scene that was unfolded before me. The ambiance was unbelievably awesome – a moment in time that will never be forgotten. My love of country increased to an even higher level.

That experience was highlighted by the fireworks displayed in The Mall in celebration of the liberty and independence we all are fortunate to enjoy.

Fast forward 35 years. My memories of July 4, 1976 are permanently etched in my heart and mind. I am filled with the resolve to protect and defend against any intrusion that threatens to destroy the strength and determination engrained in each and every American.

Let Freedom Ring.