“Debt Ceiling Crisis Manufactured by Obama”

by Jim Mullen

The Obama administration and their socialist allies in Congress have officially run out of other peoples’ money; now, they want yours.

Liberals believe that issues of income, wealth, and taxation are zero-sum games. If one keeps one’s own dollar, someone else is losing a dollar. Likewise, they conclude that for every dollar a productive American earns and selfishly keeps for one’s own benefit, it costs the government a dollar and thus wreaks havoc with an unproductive person. Therefore, it is incumbent upon a wise and benevolent government to determine how to distribute wealth and income fairly among the masses.

Destitute for marketplace ideas, President Obama’s inane pattering continues uninterrupted. Brazenly, he trumpets a call to halt the “partisan three-ring circus.” If anyone is responsible for the sawdust and manure smell in the hot Washington air it is the “Clown in Chief,” Barack Obama. He parades through the crowds tooting sour notes on his horn and screaming, “Give me your money, give me your money!” Then, standing at center ring, he gives his best performance yet; training the Elephants (sic) by beating them over the head with his big red shoes.

Obama and the Democrats brought us to this point by squandering trillions of dollars on bailouts, stimulus, hundreds of welfare programs, food-stamps and Obama care. Combine these with the fanatical give-a-ways to states and local governments for maintaining political payback jobs for government workers, teachers and union members, and we have a country left gasping for breath. Meanwhile, the President and Senate keep their boots on the throats of business and the American people by demanding more crippling, job-killing taxes and regulations.

Spending at these levels is rife with perils unimagined by our Founders and those who built this country into the greatest economic force in history. It means sanctioning an avowed socialist-Marxist and his comrades to continue their transformation of the United States into a centrally controlled, tyrannical government bereft of the freedom of self-determination so long-held dear.

Obama and the Democrats manufactured this entire debt ceiling crisis by demanding paralyzing tax increases as a condition for desperately needed spending cuts. Remembering Rahm Emanuel’s advice of never letting a serious crisis go to waste gives them a golden opportunity to create one.

The Republican led House sent a spending Bill to the Senate and it smacked against the ideological walls of Harry Reed and Obama. Likewise, every effort to raise the debt limit met the same fate.

Obama’s only plan was a budget so laughable it received nary a vote in the Democratic controlled Senate. Then, he merrily resumed his campaign of “foraging for funds” using taxpayers’ money flying about the country and jeering business use of corporate jets. He always finds time to pause and let his leftist light shine on corporations receiving the Obama stamp of approval like General Electric, a company that pays no income tax, but receives millions of taxpayers’ money while exporting jobs to China.

Obama subscribes to the premise that if one can’t play a good game, then perfect the art of talking a good game.

Lying, and blaming others are two things Obama does best, and he has been wildly successful at these games. When caught in an obvious untenable situation or challenged, his third option is reaching into his trusty quiver and launching his weapons of mass confusion; the guaranteed “poisoned-arrows of the truth,” called race baiting and class warfare.

In the battle of the deficit and the national debt, the Democrats are winning, as usual, the battle in the media. Articles by the AP come directly from the White House talking points. Likewise, television network news programs, including Fox News, hammer Republican conservatives for not “playing ball” with the “reasonable” President Obama.

The liberal media are no longer considered the fourth estate; rather a fourth branch of government charged with controlling and disseminating information that promotes any progressive administration or Congress. Control of information is a primary ingredient in every despotic government.

The facts are Irrefutable:

  • The nation’s debt limit has increased 70 times. Every capitulation led to political and governmental power expansion and gave Congress more money to spend. Each extension usurped our freedom. Without the power to tax, politicians lose their control over the people. Higher taxes lead directly to more control.
  • The deficit today is 10 times that of 2007 when the Democrats took control of Congress.
  • The U.S. debt is now at 70% of the economy; worst since WWII.
  • Government spending is at an all-time high of 25% of Gross Domestic Product.
  • The Treasury Department reported that the deficit was $971 billion for the first nine months of the budget year. It will likely top $1.41 trillion at the end of the budget year according to the Congressional Budget Office. This will be the third-straight year to break the $1 trillion mark. With unemployment at a dismal 9.2, Obama, nonetheless, insists on more spending and adding crippling taxes and regulations on business.
  • This House has no chance of meaningful spending cuts making it past the leftist Senate and President. Therefore, the Republicans will more than likely wilt under the intense heat and lose another fight to the back-alley, hardened Democrats.
  • The recession job-market recovery is one of the slowest in decades and every policy espoused by Obama exacerbates the national disaster called the American economy. In all of his brilliance, Obama says, “Our economy as a whole just isn’t producing nearly enough jobs for everybody who is looking.” WOW!
  • Business will not spend money to create jobs with the uncertainty of a Marxist in the White House whose stated goal is redistributing wealth in the name of social justice and mandating hundreds of thousands of new regulations a month.

Obama is a failed President holding sway over a failed economy, using economic principles proven throughout history to fail miserably. By using disgraceful scare tactics like threatening to withhold Social Security checks and not paying creditors he hopes to extract additional money from Americans to further use his destructive power. The ends always justify the means with the radical community organizers, Saul Alinsky and Barack Obama.

He makes the most ludicrous, outlandish, bizarre statements, claims, and assertions, and then proclaims he is the voice of reason in the debt crisis. Consider that five years ago, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Harry Reid voted against raising the debt limit.

Everything this President does defies common sense and credulity leaving people to believe we are in a twilight zone or Bizarro World where nothing makes sense and everything is upside-down.

It does all make sense, however, if we realize America is suffering from its worst nightmare…Barack Obama. He is a man driven by his left-wing ideology and determined to fundamentally change this country into a Marxist state. The only chance for America is to awaken on that fateful Election Day in November 2012, when the time is ripe for refreshing the tree of liberty!

Jim Mullen



One thought on ““Debt Ceiling Crisis Manufactured by Obama”

  1. Barach Hussein Obama. Who in this country that has been around since, let's say, the Kennedy Administration, could ever have predicted that a man like Obama would not only be able to run for office in the first place, considering his illegal status, could rise to the higher level of the United States Government based completely on lies. I had no idea how far he would go in making false statements until a few days ago. Barack Obama stood before the nation and said that 80% of Americans want higher taxes. What? How could a POTUS make such an obviously false statement? This is obviously not an isolated incident of a politician exaggerating to gain credibility or to bolster his base. This was such an impossible lie that it puts into perspective what the leftists in this nation are capable of and willing to carry out to give the appearance of giving what the people want.Obama did this all through his campaign in 2007-08, and he and his administration, Democratic Congress and his supporters continue to use the media's hatred of recent past GOP Presidents to perpetrate the biggest scam this nation has ever seen…..perhaps the world.His disdain and ignorance for the Constitution of the United States is now out there for all to see. The Founding Fathers intentionally established this country as a Republic because the personal rights and the right to own property would not stand in a democratic form of government. A pure Democracy is a majority rules government. This is what the Liberals in America believe they are leading. A nation that the majority decided what is good for the people. We have drifted from a representative form of Government to a mobocracy, where the people in power make all the rules.Professor Alexander Fraser Tytler, nearly two centuries ago, had this to say about Democracy: “A Democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of Government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largess out of public treasury with the result that Democracy always collapses over a loose fiscal policy, always to be followed by a Dictatorship.”I am going to let these words sink in for a while so those who understand the Constitution and The Federalist Papers can mull this around and respond. I will have more to say on this idea at a later time.I am also presenting a paper entitled "The Myth of Democracy" for my English Comp class which will go into more detail on the difference between a republic and a democracy.The Founding Fathers fought long and hard to establish this country based on the values and rule of law that would be best for all citizens far into the future. Those intentions are being eroded as we speak and we are running out of precious time to act to restore their intentions.Thanks for listening….Scott Remy

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